Eilert_Sundts_hus_UiO.jpg         This is my faculty.  //Source:  Wikimedia   

Hey guys!

God, my second week has passed by and I actually am a student now. I find it weird and insane how I used to spend every day at school with the same people and now I just don`t see them anymore? I`ve gotten to know some students and I must say many of them are so kind and helpful! Ah, hopefully everybody will keep it up the next months too!

I`ve been so busy this week, I`m not used to leave the house in the morning and be back in the evening. So I`m sorry about not blogging so much, but that`ll change from now on.

Since I haven`t really told you guys that much about university, here are some “fun facts”:

  • I have lectures/seminars three days a week. Sometimes even less, so I have Wednesdays and Fridays off. Wohooo!!
  • In high-school we never had to buy our books. Now we have to do that and our syllabus is very huge. We have to get everything on our own and be independent. I wish someone had prepared us for this!! Or at least had given us more information during the vacation, so we could`ve fixed certain things.. But, I`m sure I`ll manage. I just need to get used to it. 🙂
  • This week we did several things too – we learned about the different unions through different stands, we went to pubs, we had lectures, we went to this island, we switched groups and spent a good time at someone`s place, we had lunch with some of our professors, we had an “initiation-ritual” (I have no idea if that`s what they call it in English) and a tour in the museum. As you perhaps can tell, we did a lot!! And no, pubs aren`t my thing and will never be either. I decided to join the event as I thought we`d go from place to place and not stay there for about an hour each. I prefer socializing in a park! The starter`s week is over now, so I think our lives as students actually begin now..
  • I`m studying in Oslo, it takes about 40-45 minutes to get there. Not much at all!

I think there`s more, but I can`t remember it right away, haha! Hope everyone`s had a good week – tomorrow I`ll be back with something I`ve wanted to write for quite a while now.


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