You`re sitting almost right forward me, to the right. I notice your hair, I notice your eyes and I notice how you`re not really looking at anybody. Most of all I notice how you`re sitting alone.

I don`t know if you`re lonely or not, but like usual I start asking myself a thousand of questions: Who is she? Where is she from? Why`s she alone? Is she lonely? How come I`ve never really seen her? Do people notice too that she`s sitting alone? Maybe I`ve seen her before, but I can`t remember. The teacher`s saying something. I try to focuse, but I can`t help, but think about someone else.

A while later we`re sitting next to each other. But you don`t say hello or smile at me. While reading, it`s like you`re nervous. Extremely nervous. It`s as if your lips are shaking. You`re almost whispering, while you`re looking down. And maybe it`s just silly me, but I`m thinking about someone else.

There used to be this girl at high-school. She used to sit alone too. And I could never really tell if she was lonely or not, but I asked myself: Why wouldn`t anyone in her position feel lonely? She was alone pretty much 90 % of the time. I was her for more than a year and I was so fed up. Why wouldn`t she be fed up? Her classmates didn`t do much to spend time with her or involve her in their groups.

Anyways, this girl reminds me of you. She didn`t really look at people, and she never really talked loudly. She spent time with herself, mainly. Sometimes she used to look at her mobile phone for quite a long while, even though there was nothing interesting going on inside it. And I must say I tried to reach out to her, but I failed. It hurts.

The teacher`s saying something and I wish she would shut up for two minutes, but she won`t so I have to listen to her. But girl, I hope you`re alright and that you`re not lonely. I hope you were just having a bad day. I hope you don`t feel like the girl I met in high-school and I hope you`re not in the same situation as her. From the bottom of my heart – I really do hope so. large-44


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