When you look up the words “Indian serials are”, what followes next are words such as “worst” and “boring.” And for someone who followers perhaps 6-7 Indian serials these days, I understand. I mean, they are full of melo-drama, they`re endless, there`s no such thing as certain death as the characters die and return so many times. There are maaany marriages, there are mostly large families and we can`t forget the dramatical music and the drum-rolls. It can be too much sometimes, but lately there have been some serials, such as “Dehleez” and “Tamanna”, which have showed us new perspectives.cdhw-akw0aapcdo

From “Dehleez”


From “Tamanna

Some time ago I read some comments which said “Indian serials lie”, “Indian serials are the worst”, “Why do they make shit, they`re ruining the reputation of India”, “this isn`t even reality.” I was shocked, because either people are blind or..they`re trying to ignore the obvious?

Yeah, they drag the serials too much and the mothers can be too much. Yeah, they might be unrealistic sometimes. Not to forget it`s stupid how they bring back people from death and act like they never died to create new twists.But please forget about that for a while. Indian serials show us what the Indian society is like. I`m not generalizing, but this goes for a lot of its population.

In “Jaana na dil se door”, Vivida, which is the main female lead,  get married against her will. She loves Atharv, but her dad didn`t accept him because according to him, he`s good for nothing. So he gets her married to a guy she has never seen. He also almost kills the guy to end their love-story. In the very same drama, the dad tells his son how useless he is and that he can`t even protect the family`s honour. In “Naamkarann”, which started airing almost a month ago, the guy and the woman have a kid. But they`re not married. Both of their mothers completely dislike their relationship and according to some sites, the viewers have also reacted because of this. “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain” tried to focus on another problem this summer. Yash wanted to marry Rose, a girl from a foreign country who wasn`t a Hindu. Especially his grandmother didn`t find this appropiate. Girls from foreign countries are nasty, they don`t know anything about family, honour and shame, they don`t know cooking etc. They ended up getting married, after several arguments. The grandmother was happy and tried to learn some English too. But, this is a drama. Not real life. In real life, some Muslim girls are killed for marrying a non-Muslim. And believe it or not, but even cheesy and unrealistic serials can represent the reality sometimes.


From “Jaana Na Dil Se Door”

In many dramas, the girls are socially controlled. They are told to dress in a specific way, they can`t hang out with boys because that`ll destroy the family`s reputation. Some aren`t allowed to continue working after marriage. And in most dramas, the girls are expected to get married while they`re still young. In “Beintehaa” Aaliya was told by her mum that since her wedding was called off, the society would start gossiping and they wouldn`t be able to go out with a head high so she had to get married to a guy called Zayn as soon as possible. At least her parents wouldn`t have to feel shameful on the behalf of their daughter.befunky-collage1

From “Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain” and “Ishqbaaz”

I could mention many more examples, as I`ve watched quite many serials. They`re entertaining, yeah, but not long ago I realised that these serials actually do represent the Indian society in one way or another. Forget the dramatic music, forget the stupid acting and forget how long some of the serials can be – honour, shame and social control and important words here. In many of those serials, girls encounter these kind of things. Some are married against their will, some aren`t allowed to wear whatever they want to, while some girls are only allowed to have one dream – to get married and have 80 kids. Are these kind of things lies? Don`t these things happen in India? If not – why was more than 34.000 cases of rape reported last year in India?

I KNOW very well such things don`t happen in the life of every Indian girl. Many Indian girls are allowed to wear whatever they want, they are allowed to hang out with the other gender and not everyone is expected to get married by the time they turn 25. But Indian serials do show several aspects of what life is like for many Indian girls, not to forget Indian boys. And we can`t forget that. Just because it doesn`t happen to you, doesn`t mean it has never happened and isn`t happening to anyone else out there. And just because it happened to you, doesn`t mean it happened or happens to everyone else.

Stop saying Indian serials are ruining India`s reputation, because mostly the producers know what`s “in” in India or not, they know what people act like and because of that, they create such content that many can`t stand. And if you`re one of those who watch and follow Indian serials like me? Next time watch out fot dialogues that ask a girl to be careful or else she`ll destroy the family`s honour. Listen when these “desi aunties” advice their daughters-in-laws to not go outside in the evening. These might be small things, but these are little things that matter and you know what they say? Sometimes the smallest things matter the most and change our lives the most. No girl should be controlled that way and no girl is responsible for a family`s “honour”. That goes for the boys too.


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