Let me start this post by telling you my grandmother has cancer.

That`s pretty much why I haven`t been blogging. There have been so many times where I`ve wanted to, but I`ve had no idea what to say. Visits at the hospital, studies, taking care of yourself at the same time.. I don`t even know anymore. The situation sucks, to be honest. There are so many complications and I just can`t wait for the treatment so start. I`d like to keep her condition and treatment plans private, but I just wanted you to

I think some in my family, including me, kind of feels like it`s all happening all over again. Exactly this month, two years ago my uncle told us he has cancer. The process was different, though. But he had cancer too. And now again? I guess history repeats itself.

My mum told me yesterday how my uncle called her and said “Hey, I`m ill, I`ll call you when I`m fine again.” He never really were fine again. He left us.

I don`t think that`s what`s going to happen this time – I believe my grandmother is most likely to be fine again one day, but she needs to face a lot of obstacles meanwhile. And those obstacles scare me.

I`m going to end this post now – I really don`t know what to say. I mean, what`s life and what is a human being? At times like these so much becomes meaningless and superficial for me. Hopefully I`ll be back tomorrow. Or the day after. Or who knows.


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