Today`s actually been a good day – I can`t even remember the last time I felt like this. I slept about two hours tonight and I`m still doing just fine. I`m telling myself to do the same tonight, but hehe, my body was all like “SLEEP, ANNE!” last night so the plan is to be in bed way earlier tonight. 🙂

Well, why was today good? I don`t really know. Maybe because I worked so hard with my semester assignment last night and the teacher liked it? I`m not done yet, but we had a short meeting today where he read through it and gave me feedback. I felt like I was kind of back in secondary school, where JK used to read through our drafts sometimes and give us feedback. Do I need to mention I miss those days? Apart from that.. nothing special happened. I went to school, worked with my assignment, had a lecture, worked some more, had the meeting and then went home. Pretty much the same old, so I don`t know what exactly it is, but you know what? I`m just glad I`m finally feeling alright for once. Feels good to actually end the day with a smile 🙂


NOW I`m going to sleep – can`t wait to get in my comfy bed. I know I haven`t really been blogging much lately, but I`m going to try to update you more from today of. Good night!


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