The 16th of December

Thursday, 15th of December

My mum tells me I have to meet a lady, who`s going to hand me something she needs. Since I have the day off, I decide to meet her between two and three o clock.


Friday, 16th of December

It`s not a cold day at all. I`m sitting on my laptop, completely unaware of everything. Some minutes later I have to get ready, to meet this lady. I realise I have to buy a new ticket for a new month. I`ll need it, even though I`m on my holidays, to meet my grandmother in the hospital the next four weeks. 2.30 PM I`m on my way to the train station. I catch the train and go off two stations later, where I`m going to meet this woman.

She messages me. She`s 10 mins late. Alright, I text back. Another message. She`s 20 mins late. Okay, I reply. 30 mins late. 40 mins late. I don`t reply. She`ll come when she comes, I think.

I`m sitting on this bench inside the train station. People pass by every minute. They all seem busy and they`re all going somewhere. It`s just another Friday. Kids are on their way home – they must be glad. It`s weekend. My mum calls me and I pick up the phone, just like usual.

“Hey, where are you?”

“Hey, I`m here, waiting for that lady”.

“Oh, okay”. Silence. An uncomfortable, torturing silence follows. “Why are you asking?”, I say.

“Just like that”.

The torturing silence is there, once again. Since it`s so wearisome, I ask her one more time what it is.

“Grandmother died.”

I heard her, but I didn`t understand what she was saying. I`m shocked and I can`t believe it.


“Grandmother died”, she repeates. She keeps talking, but I have no idea what she`s saying and frankly it doesn`t matter.


That`s all I had to say. I cut the call, put the phone back in my pocket. I start crying. In front of people. I don`t know what to do, I don`t know what to say, I don`t know how to react. I want to run to the hospital as fast as I can.

It`s not “ok” at all.

The woman sends me another message. “I`m so sorry I`m late, I`m just not really having a good day”.

I don`t reply. We`re both not having good days, I think to myself. There`s something about this Friday. I thank God when she finally arrives, I act like nothing and rush to the bus station. I`m on my way to see her. This is the last day, the last time I`m ever going to see her.

Maybe I bought that new travel card just to see her dead.



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