I`ve met so many people in my life, whom have backstabbed me. I`ve trusted them, I`ve told them things and then they`re boom gone. And then I hate the fact that I trusted them, let them in just for them to leave me alone with my scars. This has been happening since I joined school, yet I never seem to learn. I feel like I`m way too nice, I`m way too humble and care way too much – although you never can care “too much”. No later than three days ago someone I thought I knew, said something horrible to me and I sat there, all shocked. A little shattered. I had no idea what to say, because nothing was good enough. Let`s just say this some people have two faces and speaks with two toungues. You think you know them, but you don`t, until they prove what kind of people they are. Until they open up new doors for you and you step in, just to realise what kind of awful opinions and thoughts they have. You don`t know what to believe anymore – maybe you`d like to believe they`re good people, but then you`ve got the other side which reminds you that you can`t really trust them. I don`t know whether I can trust this world. This society or humans. I try to, but realise that sometimes it takes years to know what kind of people you`re dealing with. Some people can`t wait to use your secrets against you. It`s scary how even people you`ve known for years, can backstab you. I want to trust people, but life has taught me too many times not to do so. Despite everything, I still believe in the good in people, but at the same time I don`t want to get hurt.

Why do humans have to be so complicated?


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