It`s weird how life just goes on and how a person slowly learns to accept certain things. How a person moves on and gets on with life. Take my grandmother`s death, for instance. She died almost four months ago and life went on. It didn`t stop for anyone – not for me either, even though it felt like nothing was ever going to be the same again in December.

In one way, I`ve gotten used to not have her around. I know very well every time I visit her house, that she`ll never sit on the couch and watch Pakistani news. I know it sounds brutal, but you could also say I`m never really going to get used to it because it`s so weird to have life treat you like that. Each time I visited my grandmother, I just knew she was there because I knew she was alive. And now, as I know she`s no more, I don`t expect to see her in the livingroom in her house anymore. She`s just not here with us. That`s just how life changes – I wonder if I`m the only one who think this way?

My mum`s mum died when I was in eight grade – in the beginning it was hard and I thought “how am I going to live without her?” The truth is – I`ve lived without her for so many years now. I still miss her and wish she was here, but I`ve gotten used to the fact that she`s dead. Life makes it that way – it goes on, you have your duties, your routines and your own life and you really have no choice, but to accept the circumstances in order to move on. Life`s weird, I know. And to be honest, I`ll never be able to completely wrap my head around the concept of life and how life works, but I know that with time you learn to live with your wounds and scars.

Okay, enough of philosopher Anne for now. I`m off to bed now – take care and appreciate life. 🙂
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