I don`t think I`ve mentioned this before, but after my grandmother died, I needed a change. And I found out that I wanted to have short hair. I`ve never really had that short hair, I`ve always had long hair and ever since I learned braiding last year, I`ve been obsessed about trying new hairstyles all the time. But, I cut my hair exactly one month after my grandmother died and on the day school started – and I love my hair! I was taken by surprise first time I ran my fingers – it was so short and my hair came to “an end” too fast, if that makes any sense. But, I love my short hair and I`m glad I`ve tried this out too! It`s so easy to wash, take care of and some hairstyles are easier and more practical now.

What`s up, this Friday? So far I`ve been way too lazy, but I guess it`s alright. It`s Easter, after all. I`m going to be a little more productive now, though. By the way – thank you so much for 60 follows, guys. I really appreciate it. 🙂 Happy Easter! Hope you`re having a great weekend. (And vacation, if you`re that lucky)



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