Posting yesterday did me so good – I love writing, but I find yesterday`s post a little unique. Trying to understand something so complex is not easy and personally I just think that post is one of my best ones so far.

School started today and I could notice everyone`s waking up after a long Easter break, when I was on my way to the university. During Easter the trains were so empty and I miss that, haha. I enjoy it when libraries are empty, when buses are empty and when cafes are empty – it`s just me, my books and my thoughts then. I love humans, but I also love the silence that surrounds empty places sometimes. Maybe because usually there`s noise everywhere. People are always in motion and usually, the city`s restless. So whenever it`s quiet and peaceful during daylight, I can`t help, but love it. And then I miss it when we`re back to the same old routines.

Anywho, I`m revising for my exams these days, so there will be less posts up during the next weeks. Too bad there are so many feelings and thoughts inside my head, which I don`t know what to do about.



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