Okay, what about a little rant, guys?

Why are so many of us act so ignorant towards other people`s feelings? Why do we act like we know everything about what`s going on in our neighbour`s life? Why can`t we be more understanding towards each other?

When my uncle died, this girl said to me “people die every day” and she wanted me to realise that it`s no big deal. There and then I was so furious at her, but now I just think WHAT EVEN? How can you say something like that to someone? Would you say that to the wife who just lost her husband in war? Or kid? Would you say that to your sister? Brother? Grandfather? Friend? Then why to someone you don`t really know? I wish people were nicer and more understanding towards other – think before you speak. Ask yourself “would I want someone else to say this to me?”

Another thing that`s bothering me, is how some people act like they know what`s going on in someone else`s life and everything about a person. Some people simply assume that my life`s perfect, or that I always must be doing good. We watch girls and boys on Instagram and automatically believe the perfectness we see. I thought we knew better by now. I`m a blogger and even though I tell you about my life, you only know max. 10 % of my life. Perhaps not even that much. You don`t know what that lonely girl at school goes through at home. I don`t know what kind of lives the students in my class live at home – I can only imagine, but I don`t actually know. I don`t know whether someone`s going through a heartbreak, bullying or have lost someone dear to them. I don`t know whether my neighbour is suffering from depression or not and even my lecturers might be going through something very difficult, even though they put on a smile during each lecture. And not to be harsh or anything, but you might not even always know what your friends or family members are going through or how life`s treating them. If there`s something I`ve learned in life, it`s that everybody acts the way they do for a reason and most human beings have become experts on keeping secrets from their lives, inside themselves. Therefore I try my best not to act like I know everything about people around me, because I`ve been taken by surprise way too many times and everything`s not as it seems. I try my best not to judge someone, because there`s so much about me people don`t know and I`m very sure that`s everybody else`s story too. It`s about time more people understand this. Let`s try to be kind to each other, let`s try to look at each other`s hearts instead of being so ignorant and blunt towards each other. God, it`s crazy and sad and funny how we`ve been living together on this Earth for hundreds of years and yet too many of us haven`t exactly learned how to live peacefully with each other and have failed to understand what human beings can be like.

I remember back in 9th grade, when we were asked by JK (my teacher in secondary school),  to write our  very own auto-biography. I know that after reading many of the auto-biographies, JK was taken by surprise. Why? There were so many experiences, thoughts, emotions, events and moments several of us had kept deep inside us. Those of us, who wrote more than we were supposed to and shared a lot, became like “open books”. There were so much he didn`t know, but now learned.


There`s so much more to a person than the eyes can see. We`ve all got our baggage, we`ve all seen and heard things that have shaped our backs and made us who we are. I don`t think you can ever know someone completely. That`s exciting, but scary.



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