1st May. Exams. Writing. Reading Concentration.

I tell myself I`ll do just fine, but then I remember how huge the syllabus is.

God knows who had the time to put it together.


So many events are coming up, but I can`t and don`t want to go because of exams.

Oh, right. Concentration. For another 30 minutes.

“I wonder if grandmother knew she was dying”. 

“Focus, Anne. Focus!” Another 30 minutes pass by.

Old Dusty Book

Maybe I should check the news. Maybe there`s something interesting happening on the other side of the world.

Or maybe I should clean my room.

Or maybe I should enjoy this time, enjoy revision and enjoy learning.

I am, but I also can`t wait for summer and vacation.

Why do we always seem to be waiting for something?


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