Yesterday was a great day. Spending time with people you just know care about you, is amazing. On my way home yesterday, I was sitting with this girl in the tube, who`re also studying social anthropology with me, and we talked about life, studies and of course the weather. Maybe I`m the kind of person who prefers to talk to people on my own – I get to know the other person better if it`s just me and her/him. I love hanging out with more people at the same time, but I`ve realised that it`s easier to actually get to know a person, if you`re  two. It`s a conversation between the both of you and you don`t have to “deal with anyone else”. Anyone else who feel the same way? Anyways, it was a great Friday – the sun was shining, I could finally wear my sandals (that I missed during the winter, haha) and summer`s here.

I`m going to spend the weekend revising for my next week, which is in political anthropology. It`s quite interesting and I`m not as nervous for this one as I am for the one I`m having at the end of this month. Ah, wish me good Luck. Have a great weekend, everyone!Bilderesultat for have a great weekend tumblr



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