8 MAY 1945

Victory was announced in May 1945 – Norway got independent after five years of war and occupation, at this very day, 72 years ago. Imagining the happiness and relief so many people must have felt at this day so many years ago, is surreal and hard. Why? I`m so lucky. My body has never been surrounded by war or hunger. It`s crazy to think of that I would most likely have been sent to one of the consentration camps, because I don`t look “Aryan” in any way. That`s so insane to think of and every day I`m thankful for my life here in Norway and the opportuinities my life here has given me, but at days like these, I`m even more thankful.

We tend to take our independence and freedom for granted, and we forget the long nights soldiers and other brave people had to go through, in order to rescue our country and win the war. We tend to forget the people who brought us here and fought for the freedom many of us take for granted. So today? Today I going to celebrate life a little more, and thank God for giving me a life here in Norway.

My country`s free, I`m free and I`m aware that`s a right, but I still believe I should be thankful because at this time, 74 years ago, there were people in Norway whom were dying. Whom were afraid of their own future. Whom were being killed for who they are and whom were sent to horrible places, in order to silent them forever.

Bilderesultat for poem on freedom

Thanks to all the soldies, whom were away from the people the loved, just to serve their own country and fight for what was right. Thanks to everyone who made an effort to make the world a better place to live in, for their own children and their children`s children. Just: Thank you.


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