Okay, so the day is finally here! I CAN`T WAIT for the grand final tonight and find out who the winner will be. 🙂 Australia, Belgium, Norway and Bulgaria have (according to me) good chances, but Eurovision has taken us by surprise many times, so I`m not sure. Australia, Belgium and Bulgaria are my favourites, though! (Their official videos can be seen below) I watched the second semi-final yesterday and was stunned by the 17-year-old Bulgarian guy. What a great song and what a voice? He`s so young and so talented! The Australian guy is also 17, and Belgium`s Blanche is 18. There are so many talented people out there and I`m glad this contest can give them the opportunity to let other discover their talents.

Is there anyone else who can`t wait for the final tonight? I`ve been watching ESC for such a long time, that it`s become a “tradition” for me. Unfortunately my family`s not that enthusiastic, so if any of my readers want to watch the final “with me”, do share your thoughts and optinions below. If you for some reasons can`t watch it on TV, you can watch it live on Eurovision Song Contest`s Youtube channel live. 🙂


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