Haha, first of all: That title, though. But it`s true! I feel like I`m having a heart break and it`s going to last for a long time, considering that the next Eurovision Song Contest is next year. I`ll have to wait veeery long, but thank God their official Youtube channel still post videos! And I`ve been stalking some of the participants Instagram account, haha. 🙂  My life has been revolving around Eurovision lately (as you hopefully can tell) and at this very moment exactly one week ago, the grand final was going on. I can`t believe it`s already over – can`t wait for next year`s competition.

This girl`s mind has been trying to revise for her next exam (which is also the last one this semester), but Eurovision is occupying her mind and it`s hard for her to focus. Wish me luck guys – I`ve got about two weeks left now and then I`m on summer vacation.

PS: If you haven`t already, you can read my thoughts on Portugal`s victory HERE. Do let me know what you think. ♥



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