Good morning, guys! I woke up almost an hour ago and got ready, listening to this year`s Eurovision songs. I`ve got a thing for Italia`s song – it`s a fun and joyful song, haha. Anywho – I`m having my exam in one week and I feel a little prepared, which is not a good sign. There`s way too much syllabus, plus this is perhaps one of the most boring subjects in this degree. It`s about the history of anthropology as a subject and I like history, but not this kind of history. I`m also more excited about next semester than this one, and I haven`t finished my exams.. that`s how it goes, haha.


Now I need to catch the train – can`t miss it like I did yesterday. Hope everyone has an amazing day! Be thankful for life. 🙂 Blog ya later!


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