I`VE GOT MY PASSPORT! Haha, Thank God. I was so worried, but my mum found it when she came home, as she kind of knew where it was. I could`ve got an emergency passport, but that wouldn`t have been fun. Anywho – I found the passport and everything`s alright, because I`m off to Amsterdam tomorrow. A dream come true, really. Those who really know me, know how fascinated I am of Anne Frank and how I`ve been wanting to visit the country and the city for such a long time. My time has finally come and I`m so happy. 🙂 I hope everyone out there gets the chance to fulfill their dreams, because it really is an amazing feeling. Doesn`t matter what it is – the feeling of being able to do and encounter something you`ve dreamt about, is pure amazing. It boosts your confidence and makes your life better. Never give up, guys. Dreams do come true and this is proof enough. 🙂

passs.jpgI`ve started packing, but haven`t finish as our flight is in the evening. The plan is to wake up early in the morning, finish the packing, do some things I need to do and spend some time getting ready. At this time tomorrow I`ll be on Dutch earth! That`s crazy and kind of unbelieveable, but it`s about time.



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