Okay, guys. GUESS WHAT? I can`t find my passport. And I`m off to Amsterdam tomorrow. Don`t you think I`m stressed now? Stupid of me to think of something this important one day before. dI need to start packing and we need to plan some other things, but I won`t be able to relax until I find that passport of mine. I can`t remember where it was the last time? Last time I traveled, was last summer and I believe I might have used it once since then, but I can`t remember what for and I can`t remember where I put it. Beside this, I`ll tell you guys that I`ve missed my flight three times – twice along with my family and once all alone. But I`m fun to travel with! I promise. At least almost.14596645_1764617713859078_5995672850843828224_n.jpg

I need to keep looking for it – I`m so close to my dream, so I HAVE TO find it! Wish me luck, guys. Hope everyone`s enjoying summer and having a good time. šŸ™‚

Edit: I was in that much “panic”, that I wrote “panick” instead. I bet that says it. šŸ˜‰


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