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When I look back at my time in high-school, I can`t believe that time is “long gone”. More than two years already, when did that happen? It was a turbulent time for me in one way, if I can put it that way. Now that I look back at it, it sort of seems like those three years were a challenge to me. A challenge about being true to myself and not saying “yeah, you`re right” to everyone else. When high-school didn`t turn out to be that much of a fresh start for me, it was hard. I was lonely and on top of it I didn`t get the help that I knew I deserved. These experiences have only made me stronger and taught me a lot, which I think is something positive.

Some things I`d like to tell you if you`re in high-school or about to join high-school:

🌹 Learning can be fun, but you have to take part in the fun too. You have to make it fun for yourself. Find some topics in each subject that interests you or try to acknowledge that to be able to learn something new every day is amazing.

🌹It`s okay to say no sometimes. Don`t want to go to the party tonight? Well, don`t go then.

🌹 Listen to your own voice, even if you`re standing alone.It`ll stay with you for the rest of your life.

🌹 High-school can be a negative place for many – don`t add to that. Be kind. Always. Two wrongs don`t make one right. Help someone with their homework or say hey to the girl who always sits alone. One act of kindness can get you somewhere beautiful.

🌹 The teachers are only humans too. I feel like many students out there tend to “beat the teachers up”, because they don`t fit their idea of what a perfect teacher should be like. There are some teachers that sure need to do a better job, but no matter what; treat them with respect. It`ll get you more far. Being a not so good teacher doesn`t mean you can`t be a good human being.

Bilderesultat for high school tumblr

🌹If you`re being bullied, feel lonely or are struggling with something else: you deserve better! And you definitely deserve that people see you and try to be there and help you. You deserve to be taken seriously. Don`t let the system or people make you believe something else.

🌹You`ll get through it. Trust me, you will. High-school isn`t going to last forever and I know you can do it. Believe in yourself.

Good luck! Those three years can be tough, but also eye-opening and educational. Remember that you`ll have to find peace within yourself. 



  1. I can totally relate to this, even though it hasn’t been that long since I left high school. And if there’s any high schoolers reading this right now, please understand this! It is more important that you realize right now.

    A good job as always, buddy🌸


  2. Well-stated. I had a fairly good high school experience, though I was a floater, who spent time with people in various cliques. I was not run off or ridiculed, though I was also hardly Mr. Stylish or King Jock.


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