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Some time ago I read a post which got me thinking. It was about climate changes (which I think is such an interesting topic to discuss, but I won`t be touching upon it in this post) and the struggles of deciding what to study at the university. Eve (who wrote the post) is yet to join university or college, whereas I`ve completed three years (which is crazy, by the way) and it got me thinking because even I, who`re almost done with my bachelor degree, am not sure if I`m studying the right thing or not.

I think some people just know what they want to study for quite an early phase. I was one of those who didn`t know. I`ve known for several years that I want to become a writer, but that doesn`t necessarly requires an education (unless you write academic books or books for schools, of course). It was in high-school I really had to think through what I wanted to study. I knew I wasn`t going to go for natural sciences since that has never been my cup of tea and in high-school I was doing social sciences, such as sociology, politics and social anthropology. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Here in Norway, when you apply for university or college, you`re allowed to apply for multiply study programmes. I think I had 9 of them, and among them were sociology, psychology, religion and society and social anthropology. Till the very end I kept changing my mind about which programme I wanted to put on the top of my list. I ended up with social anthropology, but it could have just been something else, like religion and society. And here I am today, three years later and am I very certain about what I`m doing? Nope.

It does kind of suck, to be honest. I haven`t completed my bachelor yet, because I somehow managed to forget to sign up for the two other courses of last semester, but that`s another story I`ve already told too many times. However, I`ve been studying social anthropology for three years and I`m quite sure I`m going to applty for the master programme, even though it`s not something I enjoy 100 % all the time and I`ve had teachers I haven`t been satisfied with. Especially the first year I wasn`t super motivated to just sit down and do revision, and back then I would keep reassuring myself that I had said yes to the right study programme. I was unsure, but sure at the same time and just kept going because of that. For some reason I think that`s how it just is for some people? You like what you`re doing, even though it does lack something but then doesn`t most study programmes lack something?

Now it of course depends on the bachelor programme, but I`m going to talk about mine: The courses are quite different. I had one course about religion and cosmologies (it wasn`t really much about religion, which was weird, in my opinion), which I found quite interesting, compared to another course called economic anthropology, which I would have avoided if I could. I think it`s normal to not enjoy everything equally and find everything super interesting. Also, having written the bachelor dissertation, I think that project and the master programme give you a lot more freedom than the rest of the bachelor programme in general does, because that`s when you can choose what exactly you want to focus on and later on specialize within. Something to bear in mind. Another thing that is important to mention is that work-life won`t be what it`s like at the university. It might not be that academic and there will most likely be more freedom. Economic anthropology might be boring to me, but it`s a course I have to do and later on it`s up to me if I want to study something within economics.

It can be hard to know if you`re walking down the right road or not. If you`re doing exactly what you want to. I know I want to help people, but it goes without saying that can be done in so many ways. I don`t have any fixed answers, but I hope those of you who currently are in a situation where you have to choose what you want to study but don`t know, aren`t alone. And there are quite a lot of students who aren`t 100 % sure about what they`re doing or don`t know what they`ll be doing in the future, just like me. I`m sure you`ll figure it all out.

Joining university can seem scary. New things can seem scary. For me it was all new three years ago and I didn`t know much about the system, but then time flies by and you`re the one explaining the new students where their classroom is. I`m so used to it now. I tend to look at university as just a much higher level of school. Sure, there are new people and a new system, but try to look at it as an exciting beginning of something new. Good luck, I believe in you. No matter what, you`ll end up where you`re meant to be. Stay true to yourself. You`ll do just fine. ✨


  1. It’s so interesting to hear from someone who is almost at the end of their degree… It sounds like the system in Norway is a bit different but of course there’s so much overlap of the experiences with working at a higher level of study, going to a new place and everything. Thank you, this post has brought me some comfort about my decision making because whilst I’m not 100% sure about my choices and about where they might lead me, I do think that I have found subjects which I am enthusiastic about and will be able to enjoy when I’m there. (If that makes any sense). Best of luck to you for the future ❤

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    1. the system here is different than many other countries, but as students we do go through several of the same things. I`m so glad I could help you a bit, something I would like to add is: there`s no shame in re-thinking and changing your mind. I`m wishing you all the luck and happiness. I`m sure at the end you`ll end up where you were supposed to end up. 💕

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  2. You say you love helping people. Where can your degree or masters lead you so that you can help people? If you can find that answer, you have made the right choice. Helpful post for so many students who struggle with choices!

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    1. thank you. 🙂 my degree can lead me to so many places, I don`t know where exactly to begin, haha. that is obviously a good thing, but it also makes me so unsure about what I would like to do and where I would like to end up.

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