Michelle did a tag on her blog some days ago and I thought I`d steal some of the questions and answer them myself on here. Many of the questions were about book blogging, but I`ve of course changed them. 🙂

Where do you typically write your blog posts?

In my room. Usually at my desk, but sometimes in my bed too or sometimes in the living room too.

How long does it take for you to write a post?

It usually doesn`t take that long, perhaps between 15-30 minutes. Depends on what kind of post we`re talking about, though. Personal posts are longer, but it sometimes takes me less time to write a regular update.

When did you start your blog?

I started this blog in August 2015. Soon three years ago.

What is the worst thing about having a blog in your opinion?

Honestly, for me there`s not really anything negative that I experience. Maybe because barely anyone I know “in real” read my blog, but to those who experience it; the “worst thing” must be negative comments and people who believe they know everything about you or deserve to know what`s going on in your life.


What is the best thing about having a blog in your opinion?

Having a voice and having a space on the internet that`s only mine. That and being able to touch people with my words.

What blog posts have you had the most fun writing so far? 

Hard to pick between so many, but I think I`ll say the posts about my trip to Amsterdam. It was a dream come true and it felt amazing to finally visit a country I haven`t been to and to be able to share some of the great memories I have from there.

What is your favorite type of blog post to write?

Travel posts. I also really like writing about important topics and hearing your thoughts and opinions, as well.

When do you write?

Sometimes in the morning, sometimes during the afternoon, sometimes in the evening. There`s no fixed timings, but sometimes it depends on when I have time. Also, I can be a night owl sometimes and like to write after 9-10 PM, because the nights can be so peaceful.

How often do you post?

I try to blog once every day most of the time, but life happens, you know.



Thought I`d write a little about my latest thoughts when it comes to the vegetarian and vegan world. For several months I`ve been trying to eat less meat. I started reading about the meat industry and how it`s become destructive for not only our earth and environment, but also for our health. I haven`t stopped eating meat completely (it can be difficult when you`ve eaten meat for years, but it gets more difficult when you get served dishes with meat at home), but the more I got into this so called journey, the more I`ve thought that my goal is to try to eat less meat.

When I was in Pakistan and my family got to know that I`ve stopped eating meat, I always thought “I don`t know how to explain” because I know my family – they eat a lot of meat and won`t really get my decision. Also, it wasn`t true that I`ve completely stopped eating meat, but they made it seem like I completely had stopped eating it. But, them asking me why made me think quite a lot about it. I don`t know if I`m ever going to stop eating meat and chicken 100 %, but I think we should eat less, at least for our own sake. I`ve also tried out a few vegan products. I don`t think I`m ever going to become a vegan, because cutting out cheese, butter AND milk sound like too much ( at least right now), but I definitely want to keep trying out new vegetarian and vegan products. I think it`s fun to explore what`s out there and just a few days ago I bought soya milk and a packet with “vegetarian burgers” because they were on sale and because I thought it`s great to try out new things.2018-07-20 09.52.23 1.jpgI feel like my thoughts on vegetarianism and veganism have changed a little, because I haven`t cut out meat 100 %. It`s as if you have to cut everything out completely in order to be a good vegetarian or vegan, but I think doing something great about your lifestyle is better. I still don`t know, though. I can`t watch animals being killed, then why should I eat them? That question has been bothering me, and makes me think I`m not doing it properly since I haven`t stopped eating meat completely. 2018-07-20 08.10.11 1.jpg

The question is: Do I have to stop eating meat and chicken in order to be a “good” pescatarian? Or do I have to start a vegan life and do everything perfectly? I`m curious, because it seems like almost nothing is good enough anymore. So, vegetarians and vegans out there! Why did you end up on that road? Do you do everything perfectly? 


Today on the train I was on my phone (no, I don`t want to be one of those who looks like she`s always on her phone) and I checked out this app called “beauty filter” that I had downloaded some time ago. I enjoy editing photos, therefore I downloaded it. But, suddenly I saw a few features which can make your face look more “beautiful”. A little surprised I checked two of them out a little and apparently, you could make your face look more thin. That just made me sad and I deleted the app instantly.

Relatert bilde

Because WHY do we even need filters like that? I know some are going to say it`s for fun, but isn`t it more fun to appreciate how you look and accept it? The worst thing about apps like these ones, is that people use them and upload their photos on social media, like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We know it`s not reality, but yet many of us compare ourselves with others and think “I want to look more like that!”. Think about it: If you have to take photos of yourself and for example edit them by making your skin look more white and by making your face look smaller and put them online, doesn`t it usually mean you think you look prettier that way or doesn`t that mean that`s how you want to “present” yourself to the world? Still, I didn`t feel so annoyed on behalf of the users when I deleted it, I felt more annoyed because something like this even exists.

We don`t need “beauty” filters like that, we need more love, confidence and acceptance. We need to start loving ourselves, instead of putting on 7 filters. 


Processed with VSCO with m3 presetProcessed with VSCO with g3 preset

One day away from this blog quickly became a few days, but I guess I needed that. I`ve been working, which has been quite a great experience, to be honest. I thought about it on the train the other day. I`ve avoided these kind of jobs because they didn`t seem that appealing to me, but now I`m glad I`m working as a phone seller, because at least I`m making more memories in life and learning quite a lot. The atmosphere is quite nice at work. Also, I made two sales on Tuesday! Very happy about that. Hopefully I`ll get more sales.

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetwhere I work. 

Something else that`s been occupying my mind lately, has been where I`m going to live in Maastricht. Hopefully I`ll get some help this week or next Monday and I`ve suscribed to a studio in the centrum. I hope I get it, but I`m not sure. Ah, I know I`ll sort it all out, but the question is when.

Hope you`re all doing fine and that you`re able to enjoy summer.



To be honest, it feels a little pointless to take pictures of what I`m wearing or doing, so I hope my words are enough. When I read a blog, I`m more interested in the text than pictures. But, people are different and prefer different things. You`ll have to deal with pictures of the beautiful atmosphere here for now though, because pictures like that pretty much always suit.

blog7So, what`s up? I`ve started working. I`m a phone seller, and if I had to describe the job with one word, it`d be: annoying. I`m bound to feel annoying when I call random numbers just to sell them something that isn`t that amazing. Pure honesty! But, my first working experience has so far been very interested and I`m learning. That`s the most important thing. Everyone`s young at work and I sort of feel like I`m back in school. Have to remind myself everyday that it`s July and not September. If it was September I wouldn`t have been here anyways.blog6

Hope everyone`s doing great! Also, if you have any tips on what to blog about or if you`d like me to write about something, let me know.


❤️ The young generation that`s growing up now has become so used to stress about almost everything – school, social life, work, exercise, relations, how they look. I can get that people worry sometimes, but my generation is full of too much… tension? I talked to a girl yesterday who hasn`t joined university yet and is already stressing about her exams and grades, like why. Learn how to chill. This is coming from someone who failed on an exam during the first semester and is still doing completelyyyyy fine.

❤️ Everything works out well. Even if it doesn`t work out the way you wanted it too.

❤️ I read this on Twitter yesterday: “I could never cheat on anyone. Knowing that you destroyed someone`s trust is bad, but destroying their perspective on love is far too worse.”

large (58).jpg

❤️ Be kind to others, even if they aren`t kind to you. It can be difficult; not necessarily because you don`t want to be kind to people, but because you wish others were kind to you. Still, be kind. It`ll do you and others well.

❤️ People will always keep talking, doesn`t matter what you do, really.

❤️ Negative things do happen in life when you don`t expect it, BUT amazing things will happen too when you expect it the least. My dream was to visit the Netherlands once and the Anne Frank Museum, and now I`m also going to live in the country for more than five months. Great things take time, but they do happen!