Michelle did a tag on her blog some days ago and I thought I`d steal some of the questions and answer them myself on here. Many of the questions were about book blogging, but I`ve of course changed them. 🙂

Where do you typically write your blog posts?

In my room. Usually at my desk, but sometimes in my bed too or sometimes in the living room too.

How long does it take for you to write a post?

It usually doesn`t take that long, perhaps between 15-30 minutes. Depends on what kind of post we`re talking about, though. Personal posts are longer, but it sometimes takes me less time to write a regular update.

When did you start your blog?

I started this blog in August 2015. Soon three years ago.

What is the worst thing about having a blog in your opinion?

Honestly, for me there`s not really anything negative that I experience. Maybe because barely anyone I know “in real” read my blog, but to those who experience it; the “worst thing” must be negative comments and people who believe they know everything about you or deserve to know what`s going on in your life.


What is the best thing about having a blog in your opinion?

Having a voice and having a space on the internet that`s only mine. That and being able to touch people with my words.

What blog posts have you had the most fun writing so far? 

Hard to pick between so many, but I think I`ll say the posts about my trip to Amsterdam. It was a dream come true and it felt amazing to finally visit a country I haven`t been to and to be able to share some of the great memories I have from there.

What is your favorite type of blog post to write?

Travel posts. I also really like writing about important topics and hearing your thoughts and opinions, as well.

When do you write?

Sometimes in the morning, sometimes during the afternoon, sometimes in the evening. There`s no fixed timings, but sometimes it depends on when I have time. Also, I can be a night owl sometimes and like to write after 9-10 PM, because the nights can be so peaceful.

How often do you post?

I try to blog once every day most of the time, but life happens, you know.



God, where do I even begin. Who knew I was going to spend a month in Pakistan with my family? And who knew my grandfather was going to die?

The past month has been sad, weird, nice, tragic, beautiful, strange, pleasant, heartbreaking. I can`t tell you enough how happy and relieved I am that I went to Pakistan just on time and got to meet my grandfather. I can`t express how relieved I am. I still wish I had went earlier, but God had a plan and at least I got to meet him one last time. Oh, I was so lucky. I`m sitting in my room as I`m writing this and it`s as if I can feel the relief in my bones.

In the middle of May my mum came home and was worried about my grandfather. I never wrote about this, nor did I really tell much to anyone, but he had cancer and was getting treatment. Despite his age and the fact that he travelled back and forth from Mandi to Islamabad for a couple of weeks for his treatment, he was doing fine. My mum was in Pakistan in March and when I said “I wish I could go too”, I was talking about my grandfather. But he was doing fine, until his condition got worse in the middle of May. I was ready to visit him during summer, but then the awful news came. To me they were enough – I got scared and started thinking “I should go. I have to go”. I was in the middle of my exams and meanwhile my mum decided to leave for Pakistan. I wanted to go too, but didn`t say much until the day before her flight. With tears in my eyes I told her I want to go too, and my ticket was booked. I`ve already told you guys this, but I can`t say it enough times: My flight was on the 28th of May. On the 26th we noticed that my Pakistani passport had expired and I had to get an urgent visa. Thanks to my dad I got it fixed, but meanwhile my mum changed the departure date to the 31st of May. My visa got fixed and I got worried – “isn`t 31st of May too late?” I changed it again, because I wasn`t capable of waiting anymore. I packed my suitcase and went.

I landed in Pakistan 29th of May.

My grandfather died the 30th of May.


My grandfather recognised me, even though he was in so much pain. He put his hand on my head and hugged me. I don`t know if he knew, but I think he knew. He was in so much pain. The craziest part for me is that he died in front of me. I was right there when it happened, he took his last breathe in front of me. I still think I`m in shock, it makes me very sad to think about everything that happened. How everyone was crying and how it felt like time stopped for a few moments. It was… weird to see him dead. Tragic. Unbelieveable. One minute he was there, the next he wasn`t. His empty room, the silence, the emptiness. Nobody will be able to fit his shoes.

DSC_1837 (1)DSC_1820 (1)

I was there during all the religious ceremonies. My flight home was on the 10th of June, but thinking about it brought tears to my eyes. My uncle paid quite a high amount to change the date, which I`m very thankful about. I got to spend more time with my uncles, aunts, cousins, other family members and other people there that I spent time with. I`m very grateful about that. We went out a few times, to eat ice cream. I did a little shopping and got to visit some family members. There were 9 kids living in the house at most and all of my mum`s siblings. It was nice to be together again, eat Iftari together and be together on Eid, even though the atmosphere was different. I got to meet four cousins for the first time, which was amazing. I miss everyone so much, I wish I had woken up in Pakistan today.


I`m back in Norway. Right now I`m sitting in my room, which is weird. I say this after each trip, but really – yesterday I was there, now I`m here. Life`s so weird, I can`t get over it. I had other plans for this summer, but life happened. Who thought all that would happen? On top of it one decision I made has so much to say. It`s shocking to think about it, but everyone`s on their way back home now and the world doesn`t stop for anyone. This chapter is already over and all we can do now is look forward to another one. After all, my grandfather want us all to be happy and to always stay together.


It`s so interesting to hear your thoughts about this year`s Eurovision Song Contest! I get so engaged when people talk about Eurovision – it`s a show I have quite a lot of opinions about. 😃 Right now I`m even listening to the Eurovision radio, that`s what you got to do when the contest is over for now. I`m still in love with Italy`s song, it`s so beautiful! I still like “forever”, which was Belarus´ entry, but I liked the vibes the music video gave me better.

Speaking about Eurovision… what`s up with people jumping to conclusions when it comes to Netta, her performance and her song? It`s as if people all of a sudden know her and have an opinion about her because she won. Throwing the conflict between Israel and Palestine on her, as if it`s her fault. Netta represented Israel, just like Alexander Rybak represented Norway. Celebrate that she won and if you can`t, at least don`t be mean. And don`t bring politics into her victory, “just because”. What the Israel as a state does isn`t really in her hands, anyways. This makes me sad and also disappointed on behalf of the other participants. I`ve been following this year`s contest for several weeks. I`ve watched videos of pre-parties and meet and greets, in which the contestants had fun, made amazing memories and celebrated music together. That`s what Eurovision was and is about for them and now people are fighting and calling each other ugly names because Israel won (and because the contest might be held in Jerusalem).

As if that`s going to change everything.IMG_2409IMG_2405

Enough about that for now. I went to school this morning and spent some time there reading about the Cold War and Middle East. Curious about what assignments we`ll get to choose between on the exam next week, but I`m also worried because I have two exams straight after each other. More nervous about anthropology, to be honest. Wish me luck!! I for sure need it.


OH MY GOD. Can someone explain to me what happened last night? And how can it already be over? I woke up this morning thinking about Czech Republic and Italy (real Eurovision fan, I`m telling you). Like I`ve said a few times, the voting system has put the Eurovision Song Contest`s excitement to a completely new level. You don`t know who`s going to win the whole thing until the last moment. I was literally sitting there with my eyes wide open, waiting for them to announce the last points.

Like every year, I have opinions about this year`s Eurovision Song Contest too. I really wanted Italy to win, voted for them three times (my mum was like “why?” and I was just like “Eurovision is only once a year, so why not”…) and I was disappointed when the jury didn`t give them that much votes. The jury gave the most points to Austria, Israel, Cyprus and Sweden, which is understandable. (Cyprus wasn`t that great in my eyes, but I can in one way get why so many liked it). What made me disappointed, is that other artists and songs didn`t get the points they deserved. They didn`t get the attention they deserved. I know that`s bound to happen in a contest, but some countries really didn`t get what they deserved, like Spain, Italy, France, Australia and Czech Republic. Australia got the least amount of points from the televotes – that`s weird??  I wonder what made the jury give so little points to France and Czech Republic? And let`s not forget Ukraine – he received only 11 points from the jury. Some of the result from the semi-finals also make it a little more weird. What`s up, Europe?

I`m glad Italy ended up in top 3 among the televotes and ended up on a 5th place. I really wonder what the jury focuses on when they judge the performances and share the different points. And I wonder what people focuse on when they vote.

Israel won, which I`m not 100 % happy about. They had an original song and did very well, but it wasn`t my favourite. I still want to congratulate the winnner, though. It`s sad that politics get in the way for some people and that people are throwing the conflict between Israel and Palestine on her as if she`s the one to blame. It`s a music contest, not a politics contest.

Until next year. ❤️ ✌️Relatert bilde


I don`t think people realise how the things you go through, can make you strong and also get inside your bones and remind you forever of what you went through.

I`m not a person to stay mad forever, nor do I have the need to forgive others. But I can`t help being affected by what people do to me. I wonder if they`ve realised that the things they`ve said and done to others have affected them. Do they know that actions can hurt and do they know that words can hurt even more? I wonder if they`re okay, if they`ve all moved on, if they ever think of the pain they threw at me and then claimed it was “just a joke”. I wonder if they regret.

It`d be easy for me to sit here, be angry and think “why me?” And maybe I`m angry on the inside, because even though the storm is over, I`m dealing with the pain they threw at me. I remember a while ago I thought the bullying hadn`t really affected me that badly, all it pretty much did was make me stronger. Now I`m thinking that`s entirely not true – the bullying, along with other things, made it harder for me to trust people, rely on them. It`s become difficult for me to not be sceptical to what others are saying. The words “I care about you” mean something else now.

And just now I thought “oh, life`s weird, I`m off to another country, I`m going to stay there for some months and most likely be sceptical to others there too”. But I tell myself the next adventure is going to be different. Yeah, I`m going to another country, but that`s the whole point. No drama, I won`t know anyone and even better: nobody will know who I am.  even though the pain will be inside my suitcases and remind me of my story, it`ll be nice to get away from everything and everyone for a while,

Something inside me is telling me that`s what I need.

Bilderesultat for girl in a knitted sweater tumblr


The first semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest is tonight and my favourite this year is one of 19 songs. I like his voice, I like how deep and sad the song is. Something a little different. The song`s that going to be performed tonight is a little different though, but I quite like this video so I thought I`d share it.

Are you going to watch the first semi-final tonight? Who`s your favourite? 


The sky right now. It`s so beautiful, when it`s about to get dark. Honestly, sharing other pictures seem so pointless right now. Maybe because the blue sky can describe at least a little of how I`m feeling. I went to the university today and was relived when I got home. I`m glad I have a day off tomorrow. Right now books can comfort me more.


The end of April is here and as if there aren`t enough problems already in this world, people are now shaming Avicii`s girlfriend… God, it makes me frustrated and so so sad. Someone has died and some people (most of them claim to be Avicii`s fans, but I`m pretty sure he wouldn`t be proud to call them that) are calling her “shameless”, because she posted a video in which her son was crying for Tim and because she posted a (very sentimental) letter in which she describes her relationship with Tim. Whether that was a good decision or not, is another discussion – but WHY can`t people be respectful, especially during a time like this and be kind to each other? Why can`t we pray for Tim, instead of calling others bad things? People are saying she`s doing it for fame and “poor Tim” because all she is is a “gold digger”. She never loved Tim and she should “die in the most horrible way”. They`re also literally shouting at her because she went to a concert a week after his death, instead of sitting at home, mourning. Very nice things to say to someone when they`ve just lost someone they loved and still love. This is why we`re not doing any better today.


When are we going to learn? When.