So, I received an e-mail today and it turns out that I`ve been accepted into…

Bilderesultat for maastricht streetsBilderesultat for maastricht viewBilderesultat for maastricht streets…the University of Maastricht, which is in the Netherlands. A year ago it was a dream to pretty much only visit Amsterdam and the Anne Frank Museum. Now I have the opportunity to live in another city for a couple months. That`s weird to think about, to be honest. Life definetely happens and who thought I`d be here today. Well well, looks like I got into The Netherlands (Maastricht), which I`m happy about. I need some time to let this sink in, even though it`s now that the real stuff begins.

But AAAAH, GUYS!! All hope really wasn`t lost and I actually got in. Very happy about that. 💖 This is going to be craaaaazy!




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Hey folks.

So, I`ve been waiting and waiting to get a reply from the university and the exchange studies. I wasn`t expecting to get any feedback before Thursday, but… I checked my mail a while ago and it turns out they`ve said no.

It goes without saying that I`m disappointed, sad and yeah.. God, I was so excited about this and was almost sure I`d get in somewhere. The reason I didn`t get in is pretty much that my grades aren`t good enough and I guess I can only scold myself for that, but but. What`s done, is done and I can only look forward.

I`m still not going to give up – I`m going to complain and I`m off to the office tomorrow to get my answers. I want to thank everyone who`s been so supportive, please keep me in your thoughts/prayers, because I really really really want this. 

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Hey you.

you`re still a little kid and maybe you already think you`re mature, way more mature than kids your age. that is true, but there`s still so much you have to learn, understand and see for yourself. there`s so much that you still need to know.

this letter isn`t going to be another “this-is-what-you-have-to-be-aware-of”, because I trust you know to know that you`ll know when the time`s right. everything will happen when it`s meant to happen. what I want to tell you, is that a lot is going to happen to you, but don`t you dare give up. you`ll hurt. a lot. it`ll feel like your blood has run dry, but don`t you ever stop fighting for yourself. you`ll realise that love isn`t the same for everyone. you`ll learn that not everyone has the same heart but don`t stop believing in the good in people, because what would be the point to do great things in the world then? you`ll learn that not everyone will appreciate the things you do or notice the things you do for them, but that doesn`t necessarily mean there`s something wrong with you. keep standing up for yourself and other people that are treated in a way that`s not acceptable. keep raising your voice, stay engaged and know that someone out there is being inspired by you. there will be people in your life who will tell you to be a little more quiet, to not take so much space but let them know you deserve to do what you want to do and let them especially know who you really are. it might feel like being kind and sensible isn`t the right thing to do, but consider them your strengths because these are the two characteristics that will get you far in life. and remember to use them especially when you understand how life can be, when you understand more of what`s going in your life and how unfair humans can be. it`ll raise you up and make it easier for you to carry the heavy baggage. 

people will come and go, but do always stay kind and lovely and I know you`re not really worried about it now, but I still want you to know that one day you`ll meet someone who`ll truly appreciate you and everything you have in that beautiful heart of yours. and please; you`re carrying so much love in your heart, do not forget to give some to yourself. 

kind regards,

grown-up Iqra 


Relatert bildeThe deadline for exchange studies was yesterday and of course I applied.  I`ve applied different faculties, as I don`t really need to study social anthropology while I study abroad. I also ended up adding some more countries to my list, like the USA and France. But, of course there are some places I prefer more than others… Nevertheless, I`ll be happy to just get the opportunity to get out there. Imagine that? Packing your life in a suitcase and “moving” to another country for 3-4 months? How thrilling and nerve-wrecking isn`t that?

I`ll get a mail from the university in a couple of days, which I`m both excited and nervous about. I`m glad we don`t have to wait so long!



When I was on my way to the train station yesterday morning, I saw the sunrise. It was so beautiful, I could see the sun rising. It`s amazing that no matter what happens, the sun will always rise up and we`ll all witness the same sun.

I`m sitting here in my favourite red jumper, ready for school. I decided to go a little later today, since I have only one lecture today. Very happy about that! I also need to finish my application for exchange studies. We`ll get a response already next week, which I`m very excited but also nervous about. Wishing everyone an amazing day! IMG_2101IMG_2106


She was one of those “bad girls” or whatever they call them

because she chose the blue jeans and not the pink dress.

Because her skirt was too short.

Because she spoke too loudly and insisted on taking a lot of space.

Because her opinions were too many.

Because she didn`t fit perfectly into the box the society had picked out for her.

But people forgot that

even “bad girls” have hearts to take care of.


written by me & photo from here  


Thank you so much for the nice comments on my last post. I`m lucky to have such lovely friends. I want to show people that you might not have friends today or maybe you`re lonely, but have patience and great things will happen to you. Just hang in there. Years ago, when I was being bullied and people tried to make me feel bad, it was easy for me to think “things are never going to get good again”, BUT things happened and here I am, stronger than I`ve ever been and I have some people in my life that accept me for who I am. 💞

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Today`s been okay – I had a great breakfast and then video called with Sara. So nice to see her have a good time down there. 🙂 We just had dinner now, it was pizza like usually. Now I`m going to blog a little and then I better sit down and tackle the history book. Hope everyone`s having a great weekend!