Something I read recently, which got me thinking.
It might not seem like it, but it is worth it.


Image result for every time you were convincedAnd sometimes you think you won`t be able to go on anymore. You tell yourself you`re way too exhausted, you need to sleep, you can`t take one more step. Suddenly you`re ten steps ahead, without even realising it. You thought you were broken and therefore couldn`t walk anymore, but maybe the broken pieces inside you made you even more desperate to walk. Or maybe you know deep inside know it`s not the end of everything, it`s just a voice inside your head. You`re not as lost as you think you are, friend. You`re not that hopeless. Maybe you`re tired, maybe you do need to rest, but don`t you ever think you can`t go on anymore because maybe it`s when you`ve almost convinced yourself you can`t, that you actually can.



Maybe it`s because we are afraid of pouring out our entire soul, maybe it`s because we don`t want anyone to find and study our skeletons. Maybe it`s because our backs are full of explainable wounds. All of go around with untold stories, untold impressions and secrets. Maybe they`re too heavy for books to carry. 


Today`s World Mental Health Day, so I thought I`d share some advices which should be helpful when life gets tough and your head gets too much. I know very well that sometimes, your own mind can be “overwhelming”. It`s not always easy to “control” your own head and neither can you control life, but it`s possible, especially if you learn how to deal with your own emotions and obstacles coming your way, in a positive and prosperous way.

💘 Talk about what you`re facing, about the difficult thoughts and feelings you`re dealing with, with someone you trust. It could be a friend, someone in your family or your doctor. For some people it`s easier to rely on a stranger, who know nothing about you and might not judge you. In most cases you necessarily don`t have to meet that person ever again.

💘 Plan positive activites and accomplish them. Do something nice every day, it doesn`t have to be anything huge. Go out for a walk, read the book you`ve been so excited about,  bake a cake or some lovely croissants, have a coffee with a friend, paint or write something, visit a library, have a pamper evening – be creative!

💘 Divide the problems into smaller bits, if they start getting too heavy to carry. Focus on one thing at a time and try to find a way to deal with them.

💘 Think of everything you`re good at and everything you can do, instead of everything you`re not good at or everything you`re not able to accomplish. Be positive!

💘You`re most likely the only person in the park who`s thinking of how your hair looks like or how your jacket`s not matching your shoes. WHO CARES? Other people barely notice these things and what so if they find you weird? You can`t please everyone. No, but really – other people don`t really care if your hair`s not exactly on point (I bet it is, it`s just your mind). Most people don`t even notice the flaws and mistakes we notice when it comes to ourselves. Go out with your head high and be proud of who you are. Don`t overthink. We tend to criticize and judge ourselves too much. I remember reading about this girl once, who thought her nose was too big. It was only after pointing that out to her friends, that they realised her nose was “big”, but even then they told her she looks completely fine. Whenever you start criticizing or judging yourself, ask yourself: would I say the same to someone else? To my best friend? To my mum, or my brother?

💘 Always remember you`re never alone, the lady sitting next to you on the bus is most likely facing some obstacles too. Someone before you has been through pretty much the same as you, and they did okay.

💘 Healthy eating habits, enough sleep and physical activity are important elements, when it comes to mental health.

💘Be your own best friend. Treat yourself the way you`d treat a friend.

💘 Everything will be alright.

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What do you do, to take care of yourself and your own mind? Do you believe having a day like this, is important?