This is my favourite in tonight`s grand final. Yep, it`s already tonight. This song, a powerful dark ballad is something I believe you should listen to, whether you`re going to watch the final tonight or not. It deals with the wars and terror attacks in Europe and the Middle East and holds in my opinion a beautiful and strong meesage.

Click on play and turn on the subtitles by clicking the CC or settings button in the bottom of the video. That way you`ll understand what they`re saying if you don`t understand Italian.

"Non mi avete fatto niente
Non mi avete tolto niente"


Yesterday evening I watched the documentary about Avicii and it was worth spending two hours on it.

Honestly, I have more questions now than I had before I watched the documentary. I feel different now about his journey, now that he`s dead. Now that I know he`s dead and that he`s never going to sit in the studio and produce some good vibes. In 2016 he had his last show and actually took the time to rest and do what he loved, which was making music.

The documentary shows Tim`s career – how it all started, what happened on the way to success and why he retired. It also shows you how some of his most famous songs were made and you get to know more about the branch and music industry in general. Very interesting to see how a young guy gets more and more successful and it was even more interesting due to the fact that the scene wasn`t really for him. It didn`t make him happy, but he kept pushing himself. The stress of the life on road led to multiple hospitalizations and eventually to retiring. It`s also sad to see how he wasn`t getting as much support from the people around him as he thought he was going to, when it came to how he was feeling and his decision about cancelling several shows.

Bilderesultat for avicii true storiesAt one point in the documentary, Avicii said to an interviewer: “People’s perception of who Avicii is isn’t who Tim is. I don’t really like being the centre of attention.” The interviewer said “but you are!”, while laughing a little. Hearing that made me sad, because there`s so much to that, that`s true. People saw Avicii – not Tim. He was in the centre of attention, but didn`t really like it. He had a 8 months long break in 2014 and 2015, came back, it got too much and then retired. I find it inspiring how the movie shows that Tim ended up making a decision for his own good, even though not everyone around him was happy about that.

The questions I`m now sitting with, are… didn`t things get better for him, in the long run? How was he doing after deciding to retire? It`d be interesting to get some answers, but I don`t think that I need to get some answers. I just hope he`s doing better up there and that this never happens to someone again. The music industry needs to see humans for what they are and not think of them as money making machines. Mental health comes first, no matter who you are.

I hope you watch the documentary – if you do, let me know what you think! If you don`t have Netflix, you can watch it HERE (link). What an amazing artist and a humble person. I hope this can be a wake-up call for more people out there. We need to take care of each other and listen to each other more. And most importantly; we need to understand that at the end of the day, we`re all human beings looking for happiness. Relatert bilde

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I found a post yesterday on Facebook (link HERE) which is written by Charlie Eriksson and I thought it`s is too important to not be shared. We talk more about mental ilness now, but it`s still not good enough. Especially when it comes to men. It breaks my heart that some people find the only way out to be suicide. Be there for others the way you wish they were there for you. Talk. Listen. Try to understand. Give a hug or hold a hand. Be kind. I`m sure someone around you needs your kindness. PS: Do like and share this, so as many people as possible will read this.

When your life extinguished, a new star was lit in the sky.

Everywhere, the tributes are written to the late world star Tim “Avicii” Bergling who has passed away. How impressive it is that his songs have hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify, all the great scenes he stood on, powerful collaborations with other worldfamous artists like Madonna and Coldplay, the huge sums of money he was turning, how closest the team acted against him, the breakthrough with the song ” Levels ” and more. It’s all about amazing achievements, no one questions the psychic illness and dares to lift it.

In 2016, there were 1478 people who took their life. Of these, 1015 people were men. Men are over-represented in the suicide statistics. It’s a big problem nobody’s talking about. Above all, we guys / men find it hard to talk to each other about mental illness and suicide.

Avicii worked hard, at high speed, for a long time and fought with both his physical and mental health. In 2016, he wrote an open letter to his fans that the tour he was out on would be the last one. Excerpt from the letter:

” my path has been full of success, but it has not come without its adversity. I’ve grown up as an artist. I’ve gotten to know myself better and realized there’s very much I want to do with my life. I have great interests in different areas, but no time to devote them. My choices and career have never been driven by material things, although I am grateful for all the possibilities and amenities that my success has given me. I know I’m blessed who gets to travel around the world and play, but I have too little time left for the real person that I’m behind artistry “.

I sank into the couch, in front of me stood a plate full of pills. A fist full of medicine, elderberry juice, a fist full of medicine, elderberry juice, a fist full of medicine, edlerberry juice, until I wasn`t able to have one more tablet. When I was sitting there with all the medicine in my body, I thought only one thing:”I’m lonely”. the police found me, drove me to the hospital. My body was kept alive on a ventilator. The doctors didn’t think I’d survive. My life was over. The psychic illness had defeated me.

Bilderesultat for in my head tumblr

Tim bergling talked openly about his problems with mental illness. Panic attacks and the negative stress that lay like a wet blanket over him because of the increased demands and constantly high expectations. He’d be there for everything, all the time. The person Tim was handled as the product and brand “Avicii”. It became a company, where they forgot that their moneymaker was a human being, not a robot. That he had feelings and tried to talk to people around him about his mental illness.

” It’s not going to work. I told you I can’t play anymore. I’m gonna die. I’ve told you so many times. Don’t want to play another gig.”

He has millions of fans around the world that everyone listens to the music he produced, but when he asked for help, it didn’t seem like anyone listened to what he had to say. A lot of people in the environment made money on what he created, but probably none reached out a hand when he asked for help. When he tried to make a stop. The money was like gravel in the eyes, they couldn’t see how incredibly bad condition Tim was in. Many who have seen the documentary on SVT have reacted the same way, what machinery it was. It’s not human.

If you think someone in your vicinity has suicidal thoughts:

– Reach out a hand, offer support
– Be available and listen
– Dare to ask if the person has thoughts of taking his life
– Never leave an acute suicidal person alone
– Do you assess the situation as emergency, call 112 or go to an emergency room.

The doctors managed to save my life, I got a second chance and have chosen to devote all my time to talking openly about my experiences of mental illness to highlight the subject and get more people to dare to talk about their feelings, but also seek professional care. You are not among us, but your music will inspire and motivate people in all future. You live on through your music. People will keep dancing, laughing, crying, training, loving and mourning to your songs. When your life extinguished, a new star was lit in the sky. Sleep well, Tim.

All love and caring for his relatives 


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I`m 20, but sometimes feel like I`m at least 30 years old. I`ve been told that as a young person I impossibly can`t have been through much in life, but what do people know. We can learn from older people, and older people can learn from us youngsters. So, here are some things I want to share that I on a general basis find helpful in life:

🌟 Pick your fights carefully. You don`t need to argue with people on little things that at the end of the day don`t really matter. It sucks the energy out of you and it`s also a waste of time. 

🌟 You can control yourself, but not others. Perhaps I should add the word “unfortunately”. Other people will do what they believe is right and many times you will find yourself in a situation where you don`t like what others are doing, but make sure you have control over yourself and make sure you do what believe is right. 

🌟 You don`t need to act like an idiot just because the person in front of you is behaving like one. “He started it/she was being mean to me”. You`ve most likely heard that or something along the lines of that when people for example argue about something. It`s perhaps the lamest “arguments” I`ve ever heard. I can kind of get that people want revenge and that hurt people hurt people, but when you say “she/he was being mean, so I`m being mean back” you`re basically saying “she/he was being mean to me and I didn`t like that, but I`m doing the same to her/him because she/he did it first and therefore it`s fair”. Don`t even get me started… The thing is: be kind no matter what! Being mean to someone who was mean to you doesn`t justify your actions. Be the bigger person; show love and be understanding. Trust me, I know it can be hard, but it`ll give you a lot more.

🌟 If there are downs in life, there are definitely some ups too. Just look around you. I`m very sure there`s someone around the corner who loves you. Also, I believe one of the most important things in lives is seeing and appreciating the small things. The sun shining, the blue sky, the birds singing, a smile. 

🌟 I know what it`s like to go through something that hurts you a lot and I know what it`s like to experience negative things in life, but try to make the best out of what happened. For example: I was bullied. It taught me a lot about life and humans. It took me some time, but now I talk about bullying and what I went through because I want to tell people that things do get better and that they`re not alone. Try to find something positive in a negative situation and you`ll feel at least a little better about what happened. Also remember; what you`ve been through or are going through right now is most likely something others also have been through or are going through right now. You`re not alone and you`ll never be alone either. 


Thought I`d update the blog, with a challenge. Talking positively about yourself has mostly became a “no-no” in our society. To many it`s considered “bragging”, which in my opinion says a lot. But these rules are made by us and therefore we have to break them too. There`s a difference between being over-confident and ignorant, and confident and proud. It`s so easy for us to put ourselves down by being critical towards ourselves. We tend to focus way too much our weight, our face, body or things we consider annoying/negative with ourselves. I believe self-love is important, SO I`m going to share two things I like with myself and challenge you to do the same, in the comment section below. ❤️

❤️ My kindness. It can be hard when you don`t get the same kindness back from people, but I should be proud that I`m a kind person.

❤️ My thoughtfulness. I still remember when my teacher said to me: “you might be 15, but you think like an old person”. An old soul in a young body, really. DSC_2604

Now it`s your turn to share two (or more) things that you love about yourself. Remember that we`ve all got something we should be proud and happy about. 😎