Today`s been a great day – I believe it`s because I went to this library to do some studying today, before the lecture, because of the sun and how the weather was nice today. We`re in the middle of October and Norway`s weather isn`t the most stable one, so it was quite nice to leave the house with a milkshake and my sunglasses. The sun mixes very well with the autumn colours, as well. I really like autumn, especially when it`s  not too cold.

IMG_1491IMG_1513Also, I could live in a library. Each time I visit one, I wish I stayed there on my own. Some libraries here are available from 7 AM to 11 PM, if you upgrade your library card. I find that opportunity were handy, especially where I live. The library, which it takes about 10 minutes to get to by the train, is pretty much empty on Sundays and is therefore good to use then, if you`re me, haha. Speaking of libraries – I`m going to do a little book haul here, where I`ll show you my previous and current readings, along with some other books. Hope anyone of you is up for that! 🙂 IMG_1569

I hope you`re having a great day, wherever you are. Now I need to do a short assignment, have a lovely day. 

PS: When you publish a post without a title, you realise how not-so-focused your mind is, haha. Better late than never, though.



Yesterday wasn`t the best day, especially the afternoon wasn`t as good as I had hoped for. Sometimes the “reality” hits me and let`s just say I get a little too scared. It doesn`t take much for me to sometimes think I`m going to die, haha… My mind gets carried away easily those times, which is very annoying for me, but I guess it is what it is.

Coming home usually does me good, which was the case yesterday too. I`m not really enjoying my time at school these days, as in I can`t wait to get home, wear a comfy hoodie and do what I want to do. Also, recently I`ve been reading quite great books! I finished the first two books of Zoe Sugg`s series, and while I`m waiting for the third one to arrive at the library, I`ve been reading Souad`s “burned alive” and right now I`m reading a Norwegian book called “I morgen vi ler.” I`m going to try and finish it tonight, there are so many great books waiting for me and I can`t wait to read them.


But before that, I need to clean up a little. Meanwhile, do you guys have any book recommendations? I like everything but action, horror and thriller!


On Sunday I celebrated my birthday with Sara and Thea. Unfortunately Sara wasn`t feeling that well, but we still had a good day. ♥ I`m so glad I got to know them in the psychology glasses in high-school and that we`ve been in touch ever since. They gave me a card they had made on their own and cinema tickets. There`s this movie I`ve been wanting to watch for a while now, so we`re going to the cinema in some weeks, hopefully. Thea also made some cookies (she`s going to be a great housewife one day, haha) and in the evening we played this fun game. I wish I and my family did more of that, board games are so fun!



I`m grateful for having two friends that care about me and wanted to celebrate my birthday. It`s weird to think of where I used to be some years ago and where I am now.. Don`t worry too much if you`re reading this, are lonely and don`t have any friends. One day you`ll find amazing people and you`ll call them friends, just like I did. 🙂


On my birthday I went out with my family. ♥ We went to an Italian restaurant and the food tasted really good there. It`s fun to eat outside, especially when you don`t do it that often. I also received some nice gifts. ♥ I`m excited about using my new boots when it`s colder! Speaking of the weather – it gets so cold here sometimes. I really can`t get used to it, I`m still all into tights/leggings and dresses. Pants aren`t comfortable enough. I just hope I`ll get used to the cold soon. After all, this is Norway, haha…

I can`t get used to the fact that I`m 20, by the way. Was about to write 19, but NOPE. Unfortunately. I don`t think I changed “about me” when I turned 19, and I bet it`ll takes ages for me to change it now. People might think I skiped one year, haha. Who am I kidding, nobody will think that.

IMG_1434IMG_1423IMG_1422 (1)IMG_1426.jpg

I`ve been going to bed early recently, the latest I`m allowing myself is 11 PM. I`ve been doing good so far and since I don`t want to ruin it all already now, I`m off to bed now. It`s Friday tomorrow. Thank God.




Thursday, which means I usually have to get up 6 o clock. Today morning my mum woke me up 20 minutes before I had to leave the house, haha. I can`t seem to get in bed by time, but when I`m in bed and actually sleeping, I love sleeping. Am I the only one like that?

IMG_1335.jpgFetsund, which is where I live, is quite beautiful. Especially if you live close to the water. 🙂

Today`s been a great day. My aunt and my grandfather came back from “Hajj” today, so I went to the airport to meet them. Now I`m going to watch a drama serial, clean up my room and then I better be bed. It`s about time I change my routines.


I`m a little mad at myself right now, as I forgot to hand in a book I borrowed at the library and therefore have to pay a fine. Well done to me. I never seem to learn. I seriously need to borrow less and actually read every book I take with me home from the library. I`m currently trying to find a way to not have to pay the amount…

I`m doing a course called “economic anthropology” and let me be honest: it`s boring. Even politics are more interesting. I wish I could exchange the course with something else, but unfortunately it`s a course I have to do, as it`s obligatory. So far I`ve been enjoying the other courses I`m doing. 🙂

Some days ago I forgot my travel card at home without even knowing. I realised that the next day and was so relieved about not coming home poorer, haha. If they had caught me without a travel card, I would`ve got a fine on 1100 NOK. I`m also so glad I didn`t know I forgot it at home, or else my heart would`ve kept sinking on the train.

The parliamentary election here in Norway was last night and oh, my. I feel like most people were excited about the result.  I don`t think I should start talking about the political situation here, because to be honest – it`s been way too much these past weeks. For now I`ll only say this: a siviliced debate shouldn`t consist of hate and personal attacks. Many people need to learn how to talk nicely to other human beings.

The scabies have given me more peace the past week, but I don`t understand why they just can`t leave me alone? Don`t tell me I have to do another cure.

I`m still missing the international students, haha. I don`t know when I`ll finally get over them. Despite this, I`m thinking of being a buddy next year too.

♥ Yesterday I started thinking I should`ve joined a private school instead. Less people in an auditorium and more attention from the teacher is the thing. I miss Østmarka and how we only were 14 students in my class. Can`t believe that`s so long ago.

I`ve been posting poems recently, as poems describe best how I feel and then especially these days. Hopefully I`ll post something about it tonight.. Image result for quotes about poetry



A (late) Eid Mubarik from me. Here are some pictures of the outfit I wore on Eid, which was this Friday! What do you think? Also, I`m loving my hands right now!! I had a great day with my family. Very cool to have a day off, while most people are at school or work. 😉 At Thursday I went to Mortensrud to get some henna done, which is about ten minutes away from where I lived in Oslo for fifteen years. It was weird to be there again after such a long time. S and J (one of the “buddy kids”) went along with me. For some time now I`ve been going along to these pre-Eid events, so it was nice to have someone coming with me for once.

Eid Mubarik to everyone who celebrate the festival. Hope you had an amazing celebration with family and friends if you celebrated (and still are celebrating) Eid. ♥