So, let`s go through yesterday, which turned out to be a loooong day. At least it felt like that. I got up seven o clock, got ready and took the train eight o clock. Of course I forgot to bring with me lunch, but I realised there was going to be a free lunch at the university, for students studying social anthropology. So I went to school, joined the lunch which was great and then went to Østmarka (for those of who you don`t know, that`s the secondary school I went to. I just call it “Østmarka”, haha). They`re collecting money for a school trip they`re going on next year. My class went to back in 2012 and it was an amazing trip! We were asked if we wanted to help collecting by giving an amount in exchange for a magazine, so I went there to grab a copy and give them the money. Of course I`m going to support such a great trip, we went to three countries (Poland, Czech Republic and Germany) and learned so much. It was more of a history trip, but we spent hours inside a bus and visited three big European cities so of course it was cultural and social too. Ah, great memories. 🙂 On my way to the metro station I also met someone who also used to be my teacher there. She`s such a sweet lady and she`s always so kind to me. More of that, please.

Afterwards I went to Majorstua to pick up a charger my mum had bought online from someone. I was going to meet him at the station, but suddenly I had to find out where he lived and meet him there. I spent half an hour on that, went to a shop to buy something my mum needs for her job and then finally went to the station to catch the train. I also managed to jump into someone I know, this time it was a student who studies with me. She was on her way to her father, and it was nice to catch up with her.

I was happy about finally getting home, but… I had forgot my keys at home. No one was home, so I went to the neighbour and stayed there for a while. Haha, that is so me. But I can`t complain, yesterday was quite a social and great day. 💓


Today I studied at Sørumsand and tomorrow I`m going to the city to meet my study group. Can`t wait to finish the last exam on Tuesday and finally enjoy my holidays. Can`t wait to sleep as much as I want to without thinking I have to study, haha.



There and then it perhaps didn`t feel like it was ever going to happen, but I`m done with 3 of 4 exams. How`d it go? I don`t really know, my experience so far is pretty much that what professors tell us that they want to do, isn`t good enough. Economic anthropology was the exam I was most nervous for – I just hope I pass, because I`m scared I won`t. They said they didn`t expect us to know the details, so I hope what I wrote is enough. Kind of nervous about having to check my result some days later, but let`s not talk about that, haha.

How are you guys doing? It`s already December! On Friday I met Sandra, a girl I met more than 5 years ago, today. It`s crazy how destiny made us meet each other again. She`s moved to Oslo, and we`ve met each other a few times since she contacted me many months ago. I`m so glad she did that and that she actually wants to spend time with me. ♥


I opened my chocolate calendar last week and t`s something I look forward to every morning. In one week`s time I`ll be enjoying my christmas vacation, I can`t wait. Feels like I haven`t had vacation for a loooong time!


I`m currently in Sørumsand library. The plan is to stay here for a while and start writing my home exam.  We have three days to write it, so it`s not really that of a big deal, but I`m also writing two school exams next week. I don`t understand why they have to put the anthropology exams that close to each other during the autumn/winter semester, it`s almost as if they`re desperated to begin the christmas holidays as fast as possible, haha.

IMG_1696Last week the brown boots I had been using for 2-3 years, had a physical breakdown. The back of the shoe was tore apart, so rain and snow got inside my boot. My mum gave me a new pair of boots on my birthday, but since they were too small, we had to deliver them back. Took us two months to order some  new ones, haha. We ended up with some new, but because they didn`t fit me that well either we had to deliver them back too and order a size bigger. I like my new boots, they`re quite tall, I like the colour and they were also cheap. IMG_1694IMG_1699

They just opened the exam, and well.. I`m a little shocked and nervous about how this is going to go. Hopefully it`s going to go very well! Wish me luck guys, and good luck to all of you who`re revising for test of terms or exams. We can do this! 💕


Yesterday was a great day. We went to Eidsvoll, which is where our Norwegian Constitution was written in 1814. We listened to a presentation about the background and what happened during that year. Afterwards we went into the building where the men forreal wrote the Constitution more than 200 years ago. Imagine sitting where they were so many years ago? It`s crazy. I just wish they wouldn`t re-construct museums, buildings and places like these – why can`t they just clean them up and make sure they remain the same? I don`t know, I just find it a little too sad, haha… I want to see it the way it used to be. Nevertheless, it was nice to have a short student trip for once and visit a place which is relevant for what we`re learning now. Yes to more of that. 🙂

IMG_1669.jpgIt snowed quite a lot yesterday, but the rain has washed most of it away. Therefore (as you perhaps can tell), this picture is not from today. 

I studied with some girls today for 6 hours, and I think all of us thought we aren`t really that prepared, haha. Especially not for economic anthropology. Tomorrow it`s time for my first exam – I`m so glad it`s a home exam. Not as though as a school exam.


Today I had my last lecture in social anthropology for this semester. I`m a little of nervous about the exam in economic anthropology, as economics isn`t a strength of mine. But, I`m trying my best to understand the syllabus. I`m doing three exams in one week, guys. How crazy isn`t that? I`m re-doing one course so that should be okay, but still. Can`t wait till I`ve handed in my last anthropology exam for this semester on Thursday next week. I`m excited about tomorrow, as we`re going to Eidsvoll. It`s a part of the history course, and I`m glad we`re for once doing something social and different. Hint hint social anthropology.

Since I don`t know what other pictures to post, here are some from my trip in Amsterdam this summer. I wonder what it looks like there during winter. This reminds me: part 2 about Amsterdam will be up either on Thursday or Friday. Finally!

IMG_1018IMG_0989IMG_0954IMG_1096IMG_1175 (1)

Before I end this post, I want to thank everyone who reads my blog. I`ve got more than 100 followers now. What matters to me is being able to be honest and inspire other people, and it feels good to know you guys like that.


I love looking at pictures from when I was younger. I looked SO CUTE, haha. Thought I`d have a throwback and show you some old pictures.

No automatic alt text available.Here I was between 1-2 years old and most likely looking for something. I feel like I would do a lot just to give little me a hug and tell her everything`s going to be alright.

Image may contain: 1 personThis one`s from 2005/2006. At this time I was sort of being bullied at school. That`s so weird to think of, considering where I am now 12 years later.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupImage may contain: 1 person, selfie and closeup

If I`m not wrong, I was 5/6 here. I adore these pictures, especially the last one. Maybe because I sort of wish I looked like that today? Or maybe because I wish I could meet this little girl today. We have put this picture on a shelf in the hallway, so everyone who walks in knows who this house belongs to. Haha, just kidding, but I do hope people see it and go “aww, how cute”. 😉



Yesterday I went to a book launch, and met a friend of mine –  she used to be the principle at Østmarka (the secondary school I went to). You might be thinking she`s very old, but that`s not the case, haha – she`s in her thities. After the book launch, we talked for a little while and updated each other on what`s been going on. The book launch was my first one ever, it was quite a nice experience. This morning I went to another two book events about Muslims in Norway and negative social control and shame culture, which were quite interesting. I ended up talking to some nice people on both of the events. On my way to the second event I started talking to an old lady. We exchanged thoughts and opinions on the book and the debate the book is about. One of the writers of “Shameless” (which I told you about in the little book haul) was going to talk about the book. Very interesting, she knows how to explain the different terms and express her thoughts and opinions.


I skipped a lecture so I could join this event, which I`m happy I did. I got to be more social, which is so important! I like meeting new people and doing different things- staying inside the school for several hours without actually being social isn`t really my thing. IMG_1680IMG_1682

This is the university I go to – the University of Oslo. The building on the last picture is the one I usually have lectures and seminars in. Aaaaand as you perhaps can tell, the winter`s arrived Norway. The first snow showed up on Thursday and it looks like it`s here to stay. The days keep getting shorter and it`s okay, actually. Each season has its charm. After the darkness comes the light anyways. Or something like that.