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One day away from this blog quickly became a few days, but I guess I needed that. I`ve been working, which has been quite a great experience, to be honest. I thought about it on the train the other day. I`ve avoided these kind of jobs because they didn`t seem that appealing to me, but now I`m glad I`m working as a phone seller, because at least I`m making more memories in life and learning quite a lot. The atmosphere is quite nice at work. Also, I made two sales on Tuesday! Very happy about that. Hopefully I`ll get more sales.

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetwhere I work. 

Something else that`s been occupying my mind lately, has been where I`m going to live in Maastricht. Hopefully I`ll get some help this week or next Monday and I`ve suscribed to a studio in the centrum. I hope I get it, but I`m not sure. Ah, I know I`ll sort it all out, but the question is when.

Hope you`re all doing fine and that you`re able to enjoy summer.




To be honest, it feels a little pointless to take pictures of what I`m wearing or doing, so I hope my words are enough. When I read a blog, I`m more interested in the text than pictures. But, people are different and prefer different things. You`ll have to deal with pictures of the beautiful atmosphere here for now though, because pictures like that pretty much always suit.

blog7So, what`s up? I`ve started working. I`m a phone seller, and if I had to describe the job with one word, it`d be: annoying. I`m bound to feel annoying when I call random numbers just to sell them something that isn`t that amazing. Pure honesty! But, my first working experience has so far been very interested and I`m learning. That`s the most important thing. Everyone`s young at work and I sort of feel like I`m back in school. Have to remind myself everyday that it`s July and not September. If it was September I wouldn`t have been here anyways.blog6

Hope everyone`s doing great! Also, if you have any tips on what to blog about or if you`d like me to write about something, let me know.


❤️ The young generation that`s growing up now has become so used to stress about almost everything – school, social life, work, exercise, relations, how they look. I can get that people worry sometimes, but my generation is full of too much… tension? I talked to a girl yesterday who hasn`t joined university yet and is already stressing about her exams and grades, like why. Learn how to chill. This is coming from someone who failed on an exam during the first semester and is still doing completelyyyyy fine.

❤️ Everything works out well. Even if it doesn`t work out the way you wanted it too.

❤️ I read this on Twitter yesterday: “I could never cheat on anyone. Knowing that you destroyed someone`s trust is bad, but destroying their perspective on love is far too worse.”

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❤️ Be kind to others, even if they aren`t kind to you. It can be difficult; not necessarily because you don`t want to be kind to people, but because you wish others were kind to you. Still, be kind. It`ll do you and others well.

❤️ People will always keep talking, doesn`t matter what you do, really.

❤️ Negative things do happen in life when you don`t expect it, BUT amazing things will happen too when you expect it the least. My dream was to visit the Netherlands once and the Anne Frank Museum, and now I`m also going to live in the country for more than five months. Great things take time, but they do happen!



My camera is being a little weird, so for now phone photos will have to do. And yeah, I`ve got a smart phone now.  My uncle gave me one which wasn`t being used when I was in Pakistan. I believe I need one since I`m going to the Netherlands soon. It`s nice to stay in touch with my family through it and Google Maps will also be handy later on, but apart from that? I still like my old phone.blog5.jpgThis afternoon we discovered that there were plants full of berries outside the house, so I picking a bowl full of them. I remember I used to do that sometimes when I visited my grandmother some years ago. In front of the house there were some plants and during summer I used to pick raspberries. Ah, summer memories. That`s one of the books I borrowed from the library the other day, by the way. It`s called “Home fire” on English, for those of you who`re interested.

In the end I`d like to ask you a few questions about the Netherlands and Maastricht:

1. Do you know how I can find a place to live in Maastricht? I need to find a place that suits for an exchange student and that`s not that expensive.

2. What`s the public transport like in Maastricht?

3. Is there anything you think I should be aware of when it comes to the system there/the country, since I`m going to live there for about five months? Let me know!

Hope you guys can help me. If you`ve been an exchange student (doesn`t matter where), do share your experiences. I`d love to hear them.



It`s been a while since I`ve taken some pictures and gave you a “normal” update. Feels like my whole life have been about the past month. I think I`m going to say that a thousand times the next weeks. I already talk quite a lot about Pakistan with my mum – as if she wasn`t there tooo. Don`t know what`s going to happen when I come back from the Netherlands after staying there for five months. Maybe I have a lot to tell because I spent time with my family there.

blog3Speaking of my family – I video called one of my aunts who lives in Pakistan and has four kids. It was so nice to “see” my aunt and two of my cousins again. Everyone`s younger than me, so I feel like an older sister to them. They`re going to call me again tomorrow, because two of my cousins were sleeping. Looking very much forward to that. I still can`t believe I`m in Norway. Like when was I even in Pakistan? Relaxing here seems so weird.blog1

My first day at work is on Monday and till then, I`m going to enjoy my vacation as much as possible.



❤️ Try to let everything that`s been happing in May and June sink in. The summer vacation began in a way I never had imagined, but then there`s so much with life that we`ve never imagined.

❤️ Begin my first job ever. Yep, this girl is going to work for the first time this summer! I`ve got a job as a phone-seller. Not the best job, I know, but it`s a start. I`m glad I`m going to gain some experience. Hopefully it`ll make it easier for me to get a job when I`m back from the Netherlands next year.

❤️ Get everything fixed when it comes to the exchange process. I still need to find out where I`m going to live, which is the biggest “worry” for me right now. I also need to sort out the learning agreement and renunciate my Pakistani nationality. AND of course book the plane tickets!

❤️ Try to sell the clothes I don`t need/use. I`m going to give the clothes that don`t get sold away to Fretex, which is a thrift shop. I`ve already sorted out 50 % of my wardrobe and it makes me happy to it much cleaner now. I think I`m going to put them on sale on an international page, but not sure yet. If you`re interested in buying cheap clothes, let me know!

❤️ Meet up with some fellow students. Well, two of them used to study social anthropology, but dropped out and joined psychology after the first year. I`m not sure if I even want to meet people during the holidays, I sort of wish I could just pack my stuff and go to the Netherlands pretty much right away. But perhaps meeting others will be good for me, even though my mind is somewhere else.

❤️ Read at least 5 books. I went to the library the other day and had told myself not to go, but how could I resist… I borrowed quite a lot of books during April/May, because I thought I`d start reading them when the holidays began. So, I borrowed three books and I can`t wait to start reading them after I finish the one I`m reading now.

❤️ Try to learn some basic Dutch. That was also another plan I had for this summer vacation. If you know about any online courses that are free and that teach basic Dutch, let me know!

❤️ Try to reply to all of your comments. I`ve been replying to comments here and there the past months, but I haven`t replied to everything and I want to. So I`ve told myself that by the end of the holidays I should of have had replied to all of you.

❤️ Wear Pakistani clothes. I wore them all the time in Pakistan and right now I feel like I`ve got a “thing” for them, so why not. It`s also summer now, so definitely appropriate too!