All the looks. All the whispers. All the rumors you have to deal with. The words that taste so painful. Being pushed here and there. You`re walking through the hall, for once you`ve built yourself up a little and at least you`re smiling a little. But the bullies are already on their way towards, maybe they`ve already planned what they`re going to do with you. You want to run away, but it`s too late. They grab your arm, tell you how ugly you are and laugh together. While silent tears run down your cheeks.

Bullying has become a part of many people`s lives. My heart aches for everyone out there that has to go through something out there. You could be 7 or you could be 17, you could be the weakest or strongest person on earth and it`d still hurt to be told pretty much every day you`re ugly. It`d hurt to be treated like you`re not really worth anything.

I didn`t get treated the same way as the girl in the music video does, but I could relate so much to it. I relate to the frustration and pain. For me it was more about the things I was told, the way people treated me, how I some few times couldn`t find my things, how there were made songs to make fun of me and my name. Something so innocent like my name. I know it sounds silly and it is silly, but when a little kid is made fun of because of her name it does hurt. I`m only a human, I have feelings too and I do believe that some of the people who bullied me didn`t know what they were doing. If they did, they wouldn`t have said all the things they said to me.

NO ONE deserves to be bullied. My heart aches, thinking of what it made this body, which once used to be so little, feel. All the sleepless nights, all the tears, all the times everything around me was silent and all I could hear was me asking myself “why?” I hope one day, I can help especially young people who`re being bullied. I hope I can listen to them, give them a big hug and tell them that it`s okay to feel hurt, but it`s going to be okay. We`re only humans, anyways.

Such a powerful video, with a strong message.


The 30th of September, almost a month ago, “Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka?” stopped airing. It was Star Plus` decision, and I must say I was very disappointed about that. They decided to pull off a very relevant and important show way too early, which could`ve inspired more people out there. It aired for almost six months, and was about a rape victim and her road to justice, in the Indian society. Veeeeery interesting – if you`re from Pakistan/India, or for some reason understand Hindi/Urdu, I absolutely recommend you to watch the show.

Amla gained justice in the very last episode, and I was (and am) so touched by what she said, that I have to share it here. I hope you gain inspiration from it and I hope more and more people realise that it`s never a rape-victim`s fault, they shouldn`t be ashamed for something awful someone else did! Do like & share this, the more people that read this, the better. 

I, Amla, am like many other girls in this country (India) an ordinary girl who had her dreams. Dreams that meant getting married to the person she loves, establishing a family and living a peaceful life. But none of my dreams came true. One night a storm occured and destroyed everything. It ruined my dreams. And I couldn`t do anything. Everything got destroyed, but the world pointed fingers towards me. Rape. Perhaps it`s the only criminal act in the world, in which the victim is to be blamed.

What was my fault? Was it going out late in the evening, to meet the person I loved? Or am I at fault, because I`m a girl? “You`re a woman, you can`t go out on your own! How can you go outside on your own? And why? You`re a woman, behave yourself. You`ll be punished, if you as a woman don`t live according to the norms the society has made for you!” Who have made these rules and these norms? And why do they apply only for girls and woman? Why don`t they apply to men? They start thinking they own a girl, that they can use her, if they see a girl outside, walking on her own. Yet, the girls are being stopped. Why don`t we explain to them that using girls isn`t right, they`re not objects.

After a rape, when a girl needs love from her own, they`re the ones who end up turning their backs toward her, they`re the ones who say darn things to her and leave her near death. They humilate her.

Rape isn`t only about the body, it`s about the soul too, aswell. Rape doesn`t only make your body dirty, it tears the soul up into pieces. It ruins the confidence. And at the same time, the world tries to make the girl believe there`s no point anymore with she living. It doesn`t matter if she lives or dies. I wonder why a person, who`s been raped, can`t live again? Why can`t she be happy again? Why can`t she once again be respected?

Those of you, who`re sitting here today, most likely know quite some things about me, Some have even talked to me in a rude way, but many of you have prayed for me too. I`m not alone, there are many girls out there, who`re hiding in the darkness. Neither do they live or die, they don`t say anything, they don`t hear anything. And nobody sees them. I was lucky to find Abeer (husband), who taught me how to live, who gave me courage, hope and love, who respected me. But not everyone`s as lucky as me and not all men are like Abeer. 

My wish is that girls who fit my shoe, raise their voices and fight for justice. Help them, please. Give them hope and courage, so that they`re able to raise their voices. Other men might start thinking a houndred times before taking a step like that, if one culprit gets his punishment. And if the court starts treating girls on a fair basis, more girls will gain the strength to use their voice and fight for themselves!


Last weekend I got to know Salvador Sobral is admitted at the hospital. Several newspapers have been reporting that he was rushed to intensive care. He awaits an emergency heart transplantion.

All I want to say (or scream) now to the all the people who accused him for “advertising” his bad health condition to win Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is: are you happy now? I want to ask everyone who said he`s mentally sick, he`s a joke and called him bad names: would you say the same to him if you went to visit him at the hospital? Does everyone who said he bribed his place, still believe so?

Some of the things people wrote:


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I felt so bad when I read the news. He posted a video on Youtube, saying he`s saying bye to his career for now and needs to focus on his health. That made me so sad and I hope he gets well very soon. I hope all the haters stop and realise whatever they said about his health condition was wrong. Why would someone, who`s waiting for someone to donate their heart, fake it?

Relatert bilde


I remember hearing some people talk about a book called “Girl Online” several months ago. I wondered what they were talking about, as I had no idea the Youtuber and blogger Zoe Sugg had just got her debut novel publised. I didn`t even know who she was, but some months ago I started watching some of her videos and learned about the three books she`s written. I finished reading the first one, “Girl Online”, two days and I must say I`m impressed.  If you want to know more about the plot, click HERE. It doesn`t matter whether you like the book or not, or if you consider Penny to be a girl who`s way too desperate or clumsy. Doesn`t matter if you believe Zoe overdid some of the issues in the book, such as anxiety. Doesn`t matter if you believe the book is one big mess or too perfect – talking about online hate and bashing (which Zoe does in her book), is very important.

ferdig (2).png

I can personally relate, so I thought I`d write down everything my mind`s thinking of when it comes to this. Bullying is not a new issue we as a society are facing – it`s been existing for years and people have been bullied for various reasons. I see how people misuse the word all the time – it`s not bullying if someone called you something mean once or twice. The behaviour is repeted. There`s a difference between being teased and being bullied, after all. Some people should seriously stop making the words loose their meanings. I`ve been bullied for years and I know what it`s like. I also know what it`s like to have people online act like they know your life and everything there is to know about you. As if it`s possible to know a person 100 % through social media or blogs. It`s sad, it`s irritating and it`s frustrating, Especially when people let themselves say nasty things about your family and your life that leave you shocked and crushed. It`s easier to be bullied today, thanks to internet and especially social media. It`s become so easy for people to say whatever they want to, as they can hide behind a screen and let their fingers do the job. It`s easier to say something online than in real life, because you don`t have to face the person or the people you`re talking to.

Reading everything that Penny (the main character in the book) had to go through, made me sad. I can recognise the fear, the sadness and the frustration. Why do strangers online act like they know you? And how can people be so mean? I have to say I don`t have all the answers, because these things don`t make sense to me. I don`t know if some people have that much jealousy or hate inside themselves, or if that`s the way their parents taught them to talk to other humans. All I know is that no matter what, everyone should be nice to everyone. It`s not hard at all. If you can`t say anything nice or positive about or to someone, simply don`t say anything. It`s not fun to be called a whore or to be told you`re the next one into the gas chamber. It`s not fun for anyone to sit behind a screen and read comments about how ugly they are or how pathetic their personality is. To some people it might be all letters, but words can be used as weapons and words do hurt. So be careful what you say. I was about to say there`s a difference between the internet and “real life”, but to be honest: kind behaviour shouldn`t depend on where you are. Be nice to everyone you meet, whether it`s online or offline. Being a bully online doesn`t make you less of a bully offline.

Phew, I think that was it for now… I really know what it feels like to be treated this way, so talking about this is really important for me. ❤ No one deserves to be treated this way and if someone is mean to you, remember to kill them with kindness.


large (47)

For as long as I can remember, I`ve been told not to interfere in the discussions, conversations and matters grown ups are having. I understand that to some point – when I was little, I was a kid and grown ups are grown ups. Some of their business wasn`t my business. But now as I`m 19, I`m seriously starting to get fed up by sentences such as “young people these days know nothing about life” and “you`re a kid, act like one too”.

I`m turning 20 in about one month – I`m not a kid anymore. Of course there are things grown ups can keep to themselves – that goes for everyone out there. Us who`re young too. But way too many times I`ve been treated like a kid by people I know. Let`s say a person`s being unfair to someone else. I`m not the kind of person to watch other be treated in an unfair and bad way. I just can`t bear it and have to speak up. This has lead to me being called a “rude chatterbox”. In the eyes of many, I talk too much, I interfere too much and I babble too much. Why? Mostly because I`m not afraid to let people know when they`re doing something wrong. I don`t care if a kid or a grown-up is standing in front of me – what`s wrong is wrong. Me standing up for someone is “babble” too now. Isn`t that sad? People should be proud of me, for trying to be a good person. Way too many times I`ve found myself in a position where I`ve had no idea what to do, because some people are never satisfied. If you do something good, it`s nevertheless not anything to clap for. If you do something bad, some start complaining and try to make you feel like you`re the biggest loser on earth.

Why do some grown-ups treat young people this way? Why don`t they allow us to have our own opinions, thoughts and feelings? And why don`t what we think and feel, matter? We matter just as much as they do. Why do some expect us to follow the path they`ve made? And why can`t I stand up for someone, without it being called “interfering” and “wasted time”? Why can`t I be smart too, why isn`t it possible for me to know what I`m talking about? Why am I still being treated like a kid by some grown-ups? And why is it that some grown-ups expect us young people to mind our own business, but if there`s anything going on in our lives, they`ll be there on time to scold us and give us a long speech? I`m 19, for God`s sake. Soon 20. But pointing that out is pointless, because in some people`s eyes I`ll still be a kid when I`m 25.

We`re young and of course we need our parents, we need a community around us that can make us feel safe and sound, that can give us advices. That`s right, we`re young. As time passes by, we try to find ourselves, we try to find our identities and where we want to go in life. Many of us know a lot more about life than some grown-ups ever can imagine. Of course we don`t know everything and many of us teenagers haven`t really claimed so either, but we know a lot and we`re still on our way to somewhere. Some days we struggle a lot – some days are joyful all the way. Also, let`s be honest: We don`t know everything and grown-ups don`t either.

We might be young and they might be older than us, but at the end of the day we`re all humans. And to be honest, I believe that`s where our main focus should be.


OKAY, so I`ve been thinking about this for a while and I think it`s about time I write this.


I`m a buddy this week. For those who don`t know what a buddy is, it`s an experienced students, who help new students. I`m a buddy for some of the international students. We have a schedule pretty much every day this week and I LOVE meeting and getting to know new people. It`s even more fun when they`re from different countries and have been living their lives there.

At evenings there are parties and I`m not saying that`s necessarily a bad thing. I`m not a party-person at all – I prefer a “cleaner” party, if that makes any sense? Alcohol-free parties. Therefore I feel like many people expect you to have a drink or two, whenever there`s a party. I don`t know about other countries, but here in Norway it`s so normal to grab a beer or two from the shops and bring them with you to the party and even to the park, if that`s where it`s all happening. Of course I`m going to let other people drink (even though I`m not any fond of alcohol), but why these expectations? I don`t feel pressurized, it`s just these expectations that are annoying. I`ve also encountered that some think of people who prefer to socialize without alcohol, as silly and weird. Or if you say no to a party, you`re a “party-bumper”. You`re not a fun person to hang out with. WHY`S THAT? Why these social norms and rules? I might be wrong and to be honest, I hope I am, but I experienced the same last year. I just wish these norms and expectations didn`t exist, and that it was completely okay to not be a party-person and to not drink alcohol. So many believe that we have to expect questions about why we choose to stay away from alcohol – why isn`t it the opposite?

Thank God there`s not going to be a party tonight – as far as I know, at least. We`re actually going on a Norwegian hike today, which I`m excited about. Norwegian nature is so beautiful and does me so good. I know today`s going to be a better day.


Writing this post is very hard for me, as this is something I`m very “passionate” about. I need to write this. I care very much about people and I know what it`s like to be called things on the internet. Nevertheless I`ve barely been through any of that, compared to the Norwegian blogger Sophie Elise and many other people. At Friday she released a new song called “All your friends” and on Sunday the music video was released. (You can watch it HERE.) You can dislike her music, the language and you can dislike the music video. After all everyone has their own sense of music, but what happened afterwards was way too tragic. People commented a lot of rasistic and dehumanizing comments, and if you believe it`s “no big deal”, then read these comments. These are only some of many hundreds. (Youtube has deactivated the comment section. It got that bad).

“race mixers will be the first in line in the day of the rope”
“f*** your degenerate race mixing propaganda”
“why would you touch a monkey”
“Why are Scandi women so intent on throwing away and destroying their genes? No more blonde hair, no more blue eyes. Just brown skinned, brown haired, brown eyed mixed African children, is this what these women want?”
“You’re a filthy slut, and your jew producer trying to support race mixing, it’s clearly racist, many such cases!”
“Norwegian women are next into the gas chamber. Hitler was right. Himmler was right. Everyone was right. We need to end Western civilisation and start again.”
“Don’t touch the untermensch!”
“you did not like to touch this nigger but you got paid for it so YOU ARE A WHORE and it’s your fucking right to be one but it is also my right to not even piss on you when you’re literally burning …. so girls out there if you only once touch a nigger make sure nobody knows because many good white man think like me actually all good white man! Once you go black you never go back BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT YOU anymore monkey f*****”
“Traitors will hange first on the day of the rope!”


Posting them here is hard enough, and I wonder what the people who wrote this and so much more, were thinking. What on earth makes people write something like this? And all this because Sophie Elise is with a guy with darker skin in a music video which is supposed to be about love. It`s crazy – this world is crazy and people are crazy. It`s sad how people even allow themselves to write such disgusting things. It`s sad because history`s repeating itself – we`ve seen where dehumanizing other human beings can lead us, and yet it feels like many of us haven`t learned anything. It`s such a shame and this isn`t what things should be like.

I mean, in the very end we`re all human beings. We feel the same things, we go through many of the same things and it`s very sad that our skin colours get in the way of love. All I can say for now is: Throw some love everywhere you go. We all need love. ♥♥