If you`ve already stalked my “about me” page, you perhaps already know who I am. But, if you don`t, let me introduce myself! I call myself Katie on here, I`m 18 years old and are currently finishing my last year of high-school. I`m from Norway, but my parents are from Pakistan. I`m a girl who`s been through a lot and have a lot of questions. As a result of that, I`ve been wanting to investigate a lot of topics, but for now I`m going to stick to bullying. My passion question is “How does bullying affect us?

I was bullied for about ten years. It`s weird, because during those years I felt awful so many times. I was fed up, I was sick of the humiliation and like so many people out there I felt like it was an never-ending-cycle. Today I believe I`m a lucky one. The bullying made me stronger and I don`t struggle with my physical health. I believe it has a lot to do with my mindset and my way of coping with it. I know many people whom have been bullied and are still struggling. I`m interested in their stories and what made them become the person they are today or what happened to them that made them change.

That`s why I want to know more of those stories.

So if you want to share your experiences with me, drop me a comment! My investigating will be interesting in itself, but my findings aren`t going to be my final product, in the end. What`s important, is to reflect upon the progress! So, don`t worry about me using any information against you – I`ll keep you safe. 🙂

On this page I`ll be posting my sources and post updates on my project.