Here`s my final product! I can`t remember why, but I decided to make a video. Perhaps for everyone to see, as bullying`s an important issue in our society and we need to prevent it from happening. I`m veeeeery nervous (and a little excited, but let`s forget that..) about your guys thoughts and opinions. This is my first time and talking to a camera isn`t exactly what I do every day. But, there`s always a first time! Hope you guys will enjoy my video. 🙂 Remember to check out the other information I`ve put out below the page called “Genius Hour”!

PS: I`m already thinking of writing a post about my foundings, as this was a school project so there were certain criterias and guidelines that I had to follow. But in a blogpost I can write down whatever in my own style, so stay tuned for that. 😉