What do I already know and what do I want to know and learn more about?

Bullying does a lot to people, both in positive and negative ways. While the experiences make one person stronger, it might make another person lack self-confident.

I think for me, it`s important to know and understand not everyone can get out of it the way I did. Many suffer from depression, anxiety, eating-disorders and suicidal thoughts. Many find it hard to trust people and socialize. Isolation and anxiety are very common. I also think it`s common to start believing the world`s an evil and cold place, which makes it harder to live a peaceful life. The bullying makes you cry yourself to sleep pretty much every night and break down either at school or home. It gets harder if you don`t tell anyone about it or nobody takes you seriously.

The memories are with you all the time and haunt you. While the bullying makes some people stronger, it makes other people weaker. We all react differently to bullying and we have our ways to deal with things. I want to find more out about what those “ways” are. I want to learn more about personal experiences, I want to talk to people personally and know how bullying affected them individually. I want to learn more about the causes and the thinking patterns that follow. I want to learn more about how horrible things trigger the human mind and human life.