9TH APRIL 1940

This post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but time passed away quickly and 9th became 10th. 

9th april 1940.

It`s 77 years ago since Norway was attacked by the Germans. It was day which, for many Norwegians, consisted of fears, sorrows, pessimism and insecurity. Many had no idea what was coming their way. It took four years for our country to be free and independent.

Today I`m happy about being able to live in a country where I can be me, where I can be free. I`m glad I live in a time and country, where I don`t have to worry about bombs and shooting, but instead can sleep peacefully at night. I`m glad I`m living this life. I`m glad I live in a country where I have rights. I`m happy I can study and become something and perhaps most of all – I`m glad I`m able to see a future. At that time, there was a war going on in my country. Today, I can be sorry about what happened, but I can also be relieved because it belongs to the past.

I`m thankful for this life. Today I`m thinking of all these people whom lost their lives and lost people who were close to their hearts. I`m sorry that some human beings find it appropriate and necessary to kill so many. Especially the Jews barely had any rights and my heart cries every time I hear stories from the camps.

I`m sorry to say that all we can do now is to never forget and remember what happened, but I hope that`s enough.

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Yesterday I went out with my aunt and cousin. We went to Frankfurt to do a lot of shopping. In the end we went to this huge shopping mall, where we didn`t buy much. I also went to shops like Primark, Zara and H&M. On our way home my aunt told me there`s been an attack in Munich. She didn`t know much more than that, so when we got home we read the news. There had been a massacre in a shopping mall. An 18-year-old German-Iranian boy killed 9 people along with himself. I`ve seen the video that has went viral, which shows people running around like crazy while he`s trying to shoot them. I`m speechless and I can`t believe someone would ever do something like that. Not to mention ever think of something like that.

I was in a shopping mall too yesterday. I went out with my family to have fun too. It could`ve been me. Guys, you have no idea how thankful I am for still being alive. It`s also insane how this boy was 18 – I`m 18 too. According to him, he was bullied for several years. I don`t agree with his actions, but I feel sorry for him. I`ve been there too as I`ve been bullied half of my life, but I`ve never thought of killing several people. I would never kill someone “just because” I feel lonely. large (86)

I don`t know where I even want to get with this. Just wanted to let out some thoughts I`ve had the past hours. I wonder when this is going to end. We hear about an attack pretty much every day now and it`s scary how it seems to happen everywhere. This time it happened at Munich shopping mall. I was at a shopping mall too. Happily I was far away from Munich. 9 people weren`t. They were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

But it could`ve been me. Or you.


Yesterday evening someone sent me a link, which talked about a new attack in Nice. I remember reading it and not thinking too much about it, until I realised some minutes later the reality.

There`s been a new attack in France. This time it was Nice`s turn.13690626_1048791248544621_6624051628236483458_n

I`m devastated and shocked. To me it doesn`t matter much who it was – Muslim or Christian, this isn`t okay at all. My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone affected. I watched that awful video which shows the dead bodies in the street and all the blood. I understand that a person shouldn`t post a video like that online, plus who the hell even thinks of documenting something like that when there are people dying around him? With that being said, I think videoes like these make more understand the consequences of terrorism and how brutal it actually is.

I don`t know what else to say right now. I`ll most likely share more of my thoughts and opinions later today. Right now I`m only thinking about the more than 80 people whom died the 14th of July 2016. People were celebrating liberty, equality and fraternity. It ended with terror, mourning and pain.