Yesterday evening I watched the documentary about Avicii and it was worth spending two hours on it.

Honestly, I have more questions now than I had before I watched the documentary. I feel different now about his journey, now that he`s dead. Now that I know he`s dead and that he`s never going to sit in the studio and produce some good vibes. In 2016 he had his last show and actually took the time to rest and do what he loved, which was making music.

The documentary shows Tim`s career – how it all started, what happened on the way to success and why he retired. It also shows you how some of his most famous songs were made and you get to know more about the branch and music industry in general. Very interesting to see how a young guy gets more and more successful and it was even more interesting due to the fact that the scene wasn`t really for him. It didn`t make him happy, but he kept pushing himself. The stress of the life on road led to multiple hospitalizations and eventually to retiring. It`s also sad to see how he wasn`t getting as much support from the people around him as he thought he was going to, when it came to how he was feeling and his decision about cancelling several shows.

Bilderesultat for avicii true storiesAt one point in the documentary, Avicii said to an interviewer: “People’s perception of who Avicii is isn’t who Tim is. I don’t really like being the centre of attention.” The interviewer said “but you are!”, while laughing a little. Hearing that made me sad, because there`s so much to that, that`s true. People saw Avicii – not Tim. He was in the centre of attention, but didn`t really like it. He had a 8 months long break in 2014 and 2015, came back, it got too much and then retired. I find it inspiring how the movie shows that Tim ended up making a decision for his own good, even though not everyone around him was happy about that.

The questions I`m now sitting with, are… didn`t things get better for him, in the long run? How was he doing after deciding to retire? It`d be interesting to get some answers, but I don`t think that I need to get some answers. I just hope he`s doing better up there and that this never happens to someone again. The music industry needs to see humans for what they are and not think of them as money making machines. Mental health comes first, no matter who you are.

I hope you watch the documentary – if you do, let me know what you think! If you don`t have Netflix, you can watch it HERE (link). What an amazing artist and a humble person. I hope this can be a wake-up call for more people out there. We need to take care of each other and listen to each other more. And most importantly; we need to understand that at the end of the day, we`re all human beings looking for happiness. Relatert bilde

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I was earlier thinking about what to blog about today, till I read the sad news about Avicii`s death… Nothing`s 100 % confirmed, but still; I started crying and just felt so sorry. This once and for all confirmes how little we sometimes know about each other. You never really know what`s going on in someone`s head or heart, unless they tell you. You never really know what someone`s been through, unless they let you know. If a picture can describe more than a thousand words, a smile can tell a thousand lies. According to what we know now, it`s clear Avicii was struggling. You never know what someone might be thinking, feeling or going through. We`ve been so good at hiding our secrets and pain, we can`t really see each other anymore. Be kind to one another, guys. You might save someone`s day and life.

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I feel way too devastated right now. This world is crazy, it`s sad how many awful things there must be going on now, now and now. Yet another star to full up the sky. Rest in peace. ❤


“It`s as if a person gets more attention when he`s dead”.

I was about to tweet this the other day, but didn`t because it was perhaps too “dark” and I thought it`s better to keep it to myself. But here I am, sharing.

I`ve been thinking about Avicii and how he`s just… not anymore. It happens quite a lot when someone famous dies and it was worse when my uncle and grandmother died. No one doesn`t really know what kind of thoughts I have, which I`m happy about. Like I said the other day; I`m glad nobody has access to my mind. It`s just… I can`t understand how people just fall asleep forever. People are sad about Avicii`s death, but what`s made it all worse, is how he was so young. Nobody expected this to happen. The guy made the soundtrack of so many people`s lives and him just not being anymore, is a weird thought. My mind doesn`t understand.

People on social media have been sending him more love and thoughts than ever. Isn`t that a little crazy? Crazy and sad. Don`t get me wrong, it`s great that people have a place to share their thoughts and condolences, and remember him, but it`s as if he`s getting more love now than ever because he`s not anymore. Because people realise now what he actually was. Because people are going to miss him now. Why? Where was everyone before all this? I know his fans loved him and appreciated what he did, but you can see the difference.

It`s like Anne Frank wrote: “Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.” It sounds too honest. It`s something I`ve experienced too. Once someone is near death or is dead, many of us come running and “suddenly” have so many regrets. Some of us show more love than ever and I just wonder where they were before.

Ah, these thoughts are a little too complex and thinking about death is both confusing and scary, because I`m not going to get all of the answers anytime soon. I hope I won`t, but I guess I just wish more people showed this much love, sympathy and understanding every single day and not only when people die.

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