I don`t want to think too much about it, but the past day has kind of forced me to think about it. Or it`s just me. Two of the girls I`ve gotten to know here, are leaving this week. One has already left, actually, and we said bye last night. She might come back on time before I leave; I really hope so. The other girl is leaving this Saturday and even though I still have time, I`m being reminded of that “damn, my time here is about to come to an end.” Today the guy from the housing corporation who welcomed me when I arrived at my place here in Maastricht came for the first inspection of my room. It was weird to see him again this time because I`m soon moving out, like what. Someone please explain to me how the past four months just flied by.

OKAY, enough about that for now. I`m pretty sure I`ll be more than sad in a few weeks. For now I`m going to try my best to enjoy the time I have here. I`ve already had my first seminar and lecture. This course is going to be intense, but I`m sure I`ll be fine. I just need to read the readings, attend every seminar and lecture and be productive. Yes! I`ve been working every day so far this week, which has also been nice. I like doing a short shift in the morning or early in the afternoon – that way I`ve worked a bit and still have the rest of the day.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetYesterday after work I went and got myself some fries, which were delicious. Almost got late for my lecture, though. Which was held by an anthropologist, by the way. She talked about ethnography, her research and how to do interviewing. Quite interesting, but since I`ve “been in” this field for some time, I felt like most of it was not breaking news for me, but it`s great to gain some good tips for my bachelor thesis which I`ll be writing… not next semester, haha. THIS semester. We`re in 2019 now, Iqra.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Last night I hung out with my friends from here. It`s been so nice to see them again. One of the girls was leaving a bit after midnight, so we spent time talking, playing a and just chilling. It was weird to say bye to A last night (I`ll call her that), but oh, I appreciate those experiences and meetings so much. Hopefully we`ll see each other again very soon and if not that, then one day in the future. 🖤

I`ve been up since about 05.30 because of work, and I just looked at the clock and was like “is it only 12.39 now???” Now I`m off to an office at the university and then to the city centre so see if I can find anything I want among the sales. Have an amazing day y`all.



💖 I`m going back to the Netherlands on Sunday!! Goes without saying that I`m happy about that. I can`t explain how happy I am that my exchange semester hasn`t come to an end yet and that I have so much to look forward to.

💖 Right now I`m motivated to forreal give 101 % when it comes to my studies and I hope it stays that way. I have a good feeling about the next few weeks in the Netherlands and I hope I can bring those good vibes back with me in the suitcase(s).

💖 Coming home for the holidays has really done me good. It`s been nice to “come back” and relax here. It`s nicer to be at home when you haven`t been home for quite some time.

💖 This whole month is going to be amazing and I have positive feelings about January in general. I have a few chill days here where I can do whatever I feel like before I`m off to the Netherlands.


About three days left  and I`m leaving. I feel like those who haven`t done an exchange semester or something similar can`t fully understand how I feel. I`m glad that I don`t have to go back to the university in Oslo next week to attend a lecture regarding the bachelor thesis. I`m going to fully enjoy the next few weeks and I already have some fun planned out. AH, what a way to start 2019.




Hola people! Hope you`re all doing well and not freaking out because we`ve got less than three days left of this year. At this time of the year I feel like I feel more down for some reason. It`s soon the end of another year, which reminds me of how quickly time has passed by and that scares me. I really wish time will slow down, because with time it`s as if life`s passing by too.

I spent about a day off the internet, which is something I should do more often. When I went online I found myself thinking five minutes later “there`s not anything that interesting going on online”. Many of us scroll through our Facebook feed or Instagram feed just as a time-pass, just in case we might find something interesting. Sometimes the internet world can be exciting, interesting, inspiring, but life is not inside the screen. Just a reminder. 🙂

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Yesterday I went to Oslo with my mum to try to find some good winter shoes for me, her and my brother. I can`t be the only one who doesn`t find shoe-shopping that exciting; especially when you have to find a pair which is suitable for a Norwegian winter. That reminds me: Two days ago I was supposed to meet my mum at the station, and to get there we have to walk down a hill since we live on a hill. I took my high-heel boots with me from Holland, but wearing them was not that much of a good idea that day because of the ice. So it was about time I found some shoes I liked yesterday, that are not too tall and not too short either and that are better to use now, when it`s this much snow and ice outside. Afterwards we met my brother and went to an Indian restaurant to have some food. If you haven`t tasted Indian/Pakistani food; do it!! And I`m not saying that just because I have roots from Pakistan; if it`s made in the right way it tastes amazing!

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with g3 preset2018-12-29 03.08.49 1.jpg

Yesterday I had a two hours long study session and I`m intending on doing another two hours tonight. Feeling motivated and knowing that I can be productive makes me even more motivated. So, after dinner (which is going to be pizza!!) I`ll sit down and get some reading done. ✌️


🌧 People who have lip fillers or botox in their face tend to get called “plastic” and “fake” by people who`re apparently “natural”. But have people ever thought about why people feel like they need those things? I mean, nobody gets born thinking “in 25 years I`ll get botox injected into my forehead”. People do the things they do for reasons – reasons that might be “stupid to us”. Aaaalso, ever thought about how “natural” people in the eyes of the so called beauty world we are a part of now, are pretty but not pretty enough? Nothing is good enough.

🌧 I wonder what`s up with my sleeping habits. It takes me more than an hour to fall asleep, even when I go to bed after midnight. Last night I decided to go to bed 10.30 PM, and fell asleep around 1 AM. I did get up early, though, and I want to be in bed before 11 o clock tonight. Maybe this is happening because my sleeping schedule is a bit different now because of the holidays, but I miss sleeping the whole night without waking up every third hour for no reasons.

🌧 I think quite a lot about what it`s going to be like to come back to Norway in February. It`s going to be too hard. One of the my fellow students, who`s also doing a bachelor in social anthropology, messaged me some days ago. She just finished her exchange semester and wants to meet up. It`s not that I don`t appreciate that she messaged me, it`s just… I feel a bit “disconnected” from so much here and I`m not exactly that excited about going back to my home university in February. Whenever I`m out of Norway, I get “so into” wherever I am. I sort of felt this way after a month in Pakistan, so just imagine what I must be feeling like now.

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Two pictures that have nothing to do with the post, but they show the beautiful nature I witnessed the other day so I thought I`d share them. Now I`m going to go offline and enjoy some noodles and a good book. See you. 🖤


Found a few photos that I haven`t shared with you, which in a some ways sum up the days I`m spending here in Norway. Here`s a little summary of some of the things that have been happening. I was about to say that those days have been some of the most memorable this year. Maybe there`s some truth in that.

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetWhen I was on my way to Oslo! I actually checked the screen with the arrivals first and ended up going to Burger King because I couldn`t find my flight information. Of course I couldn`t, haha… Processed with VSCO with  preset

Daal roti! If you know, you know. It was nice to have this meal again. When I was in Maastricht, my mum told me about how my brother came home and did not want meat, but “daal roti”. I laughed so much because I could totally relate and here I am:)Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I brought with me three suitcases, and put all the souvenirs in the smallest one while unpacking. So many amazing memories, can`t wait to have a proper look at them when I get back in February.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I went to the library in Oslo twice last week and spent most of the time there, chilling. It`s weird to come back to a place after some time and find that so much is still the same. Everything was pretty much the same while I wasn`t here, people go to the same shops as always and the train still departures once every hour. At the bus station the other day I saw this man whom I`ve seen before and I couldn`t help but think “he`s still here.”Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Gifts under a christmas tree in a shop. People could put gifts under the tree, which were going to be given to people who need them by an organisation. I think that`s a great way to give happiness to people who need some.

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And at the end: this beautiful country. I went out for a walk today and the sky was even more beautiful today. It almost looked like a winter wonderland; almost because they seriously should not build more houses here. Let the nature be.





2018-12-24 11.16.52 1.jpg

✌️ Read at least three books. I`ve already started reading book nr.1, which is one I have started twice before and now I`ve started it a third time to actually read the entire thing.

✌️ Start reading the syllabus for next period. Yep, I couldn`t help thinking that must be a good idea after seeing how hectic the next one is going to be… We`ll have less than 4 weeks, and we have to write a short interview, do a presentation and write a paper.

✌️ Watch a few movies and some TV. I haven`t watched TV for quite some time, which makes doing it during the holidays even more enjoyable. I know that I want to watch some episodes of Catfish (that programme is so interesting, seriously) and I`ve already watched a documentary that I think I`ve seen before.

✌️ Take a day completely off the internet, because that`s much needed. Finito.

✌️ Think more about my bachelor essay. I have an idea of what I want to write about, but it`s difficult to settle down with something (which I`m not that surprised about, but it`s annoying).

✌️ Write.

✌️ Plan the next period. I already know that I`m working some days and doing some more travelling, but I need to figure out the details.

Apart from that I want to spend time with my family, enjoy my mum`s food, blog and mainly just chill.

What are your plans for the holidays? Anything you want to get done?