HEY GUYS! I`m done with anthropology for this semester! Imagine that? Now that I`ve finished, I realise the worst part is waiting for the result – not writing exams.

Well, how`d it go? Let me tell you. First things first: I slept about 3 hours tonight, woke up 5 to do some more revision and was out of the house 7. I reached the examination hall about an hour before, so I read like crazy while I could. 5 minutes can be very productive – just saying.

Bilderesultat for reading 5 min before exam gif

When you`re waiting for the teacher to barge in and say the exams have been cancelled – at least that`s what Dumbledore did…

Bilderesultat for during exam gif

About half past eight it was time to walk in and it became more nerve-wrecking. What are the exam questions?! And will it be like last year, when they wanted us to answer 3 of 5 questions? The clock was ticking and we logged into the computers. Yeah, you heard right. I had my exam today digitally and it was 5 hours long. Lucky me, I know. Even though I`d have nothing against writing by hand.

The exam started nine o clock, and exactly at time the exam paper was available. This was me when I clicked “open the exam”..

Relatert bilde

The questions weren`t that bad, so I calmed down and tried to stay focus.

Bilderesultat for writing exam gif

But I`m not the kind of person who can focus 100 % for a long period of time on tests of exams, so of course I looked here and there, to know what everyone else around me was up to, haha. I handed in my answer ca. one minute before the time was over. I didn`t want to, I felt like something (=everything) was missing and this meme describes how I felt that moment…

Bilderesultat for exam funny memeSince we`re already on it – here are some more memes! Because why not? They are hilarious and way too true, haha. Do let me know if you can relate to any of these! I know I can 😉

Bilderesultat for exam funny memeRelatert bilde

Bilderesultat for exam funny meme

Relatert bilde

I think I did well today, but like always I realise there are so many things I forgot that might have been of importance. Note to myself for next semester: Waiting for the results is worse than having exams.

Oh, well. I`ve finished my exams and all I`ve got left now is that test I mentioned in last post. Hopefully I`ll pass. Wish me good luck! Vacation is just around the corner.



Okay guys, so some time ago I had this test in a course I`m taking this semester, and since I had one mistake too much, I didn`t pass. Don`t you think that was disappointing?! The teacher told us that those who dĂŹdn`t pass the first test, have to take a second one in the beginning of Juny. Well, I got an e-mail yesterday. I`ll be taking the second test is 1st of Juny – the day after my last exam. My reaction was something like this…

Bilderesultat for oh no gif

I wish this was a joke. As if I`m not enough worried about this exam, I have to go straight to the library after the exam and revise like crazy..

Bilderesultat for studying gif

… because if I don`t pass this one, my exam paper won`t be evaluated, which means I`ll have to take this course again next semester. This one will, by the way, be harder than the one I failed.

Bilderesultat for hitting my face gifBUT if I can fail, I can also pass. I need to be positive and do my very best! It`ll be hard for some hours, but after that? I`ll be enjoying my vacation! You know what they say: No matter what happens, the sun will always come out. So I`m wishing myself and everyone else good luck on their exams! Summervacation is just around the corner, and if that`s not motivational enough, then I don`t know what is. We can do this!

Bilderesultat for good luck gif



AHHH, hey guys! I`m finally done with my third exam and I really don`t want to say much about how it went, because the more I think of it, the more flaws I find, haha. “Oh, maybe I should`ve included that in my long answer, what if I fail because my answer isn`t 100 % correct?!” It goes on and on, so I`m just going to say it went okay. 😉 God knows how the cencors think, though.images (7).jpg

Anywho, how are you guys doing? And did anyone watch the second semi-final?? I didn`t, so I`m going to do that tonight. BUT first I really need to clean up my room – it was a mess yesterday and I don`t want it to remain that way, so I`m going to clean up now and then catch up on yesterday`s semi-final. Hope everyone`s enjoying this Friday – I know I`m excited about this weekend.


Hey HELLO guys!! How are you doing? Ah, I rarely stress , but if I`m stressed I`m REALLY stressed. Take today for an instance, because of the exam. I`m so glad I`ve handed it in, but I`m so insecure about it. I noticed some few stupid writing mistakes that shouldn`t really affect my grade, but God, where was my brain when I was reading through the exam? It is what it is, I can`t do anything about it now apart from pray that everything works out well. But seriously – I couldn`t even print out new examples, so I had to stick with the ones that I already had. I just hope I had enough theory and examples – that should do. Note to myself: Be a little more effective and make sure everything with the printers at home and school are okay and working because you never know!

Phew, okay. Just as I handed in the exam, I could relax. Breathe. And guess who said she prefers “home-exams”? Haha, now I`m kind of looking forward to the last two school-exams that I have – one`s already next week and I`m a little nervous, but also a little excited.



Hey, guys! How are you doing? I`m okay, just a little worried about the exam I`m writing right now, because I don`t really know where it`s going. I`ve realised that even though you think your exam is very good, the examinators don`t think the same as you. It`s kind of weird, though. I`m 19 and my exam will be judged by people who`re at least 40++ and they expect me to know how to write academically and all that, like how and why? We haven`t even really been taught how to write a proper exam – I just feel like the teachers speak in codes whenever I ask them what you should do to get an A or a B. Well well, I`m sure I`ll learn but it`s just nerve-wrecking to know you`re doing well, but it might not be good enough for the examinators. Does anyone else feel the same way about exams and the evaluation? Can`t wait to hand in this “home-exam” – afterwards I`ve got two exams left and I can focus on one at a time.

I bet some of my followers are revising too these days, because it`s that time of the year again, and are nervous/excited about exams. Good luck, everyone. Give 100 % – I know you can. 🙂 tumblr_moux9jyZQ91svc7fpo1_500



1st May. Exams. Writing. Reading Concentration.

I tell myself I`ll do just fine, but then I remember how huge the syllabus is.

God knows who had the time to put it together.


So many events are coming up, but I can`t and don`t want to go because of exams.

Oh, right. Concentration. For another 30 minutes.

“I wonder if grandmother knew she was dying”. 

“Focus, Anne. Focus!” Another 30 minutes pass by.

Old Dusty Book

Maybe I should check the news. Maybe there`s something interesting happening on the other side of the world.

Or maybe I should clean my room.

Or maybe I should enjoy this time, enjoy revision and enjoy learning.

I am, but I also can`t wait for summer and vacation.

Why do we always seem to be waiting for something?


Today I woke up to a message from my teacher, who told me I did well on my Norwegian exam. I started screaming, as the crazy person I am, haha. I also got my two other grades, which I`m actually satisfied with, even though I wish I had done better.

I know many students have a different system. Many receive the results during the summer holiday, but here we receive them a little before the schoolyear`s over. Much better, if you ask me. I don`t want to spend the vacation being nervous about my grades. But, regardless of your situation, I`d like to say something to all of you.

Your grades are grades. They don`t define you, they don`t define your knowledge and they don`t define your personality. I know this might be stupid to say if you need specific grades in order to be able to join a certain study, such as medicine. But, nevertheless this is true. Grades aren`t everything. I mean, who doesn`t want A`s all the way? Who doesn`t want to be on top of the world? But a C or an E isn`t the end of the world. You can`t be best in everything and please tell yourself that an E doesn`t stand for “you`re such a loser.” It`s just a number that might suck, but that`s how it was meant to be and you`re so much more than a number. It doesn`t mean you`re stupid, it doesn`t mean you`re good for nothing. Go through the list of the wealthiest and most successful individuals in our world today. Individuals such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk weren’t really amazing students in the classroom. They showed their brilliance outside of these confined rooms. Grades do not measure intelligence.

Don`t let exam results decide what you`re going to do, who you`re going to be or who you are. I don`t think slacking off in school is fine, but I think it`s important to do your best, be proud of what you`ve achieved and not get too hung up over a bad grade. Having two or four of them on your diploma doesn`t mean the end of the world. You`re going to be okay. School`s not everything. Life`s so much more.