My mum is back and it seems like things are what they were like before she went to Pakistan. Speaking of Pakistan – I really wish I went too. I didn`t pretty much because of school, I didn`t want to miss out on the lectures and seminars but honestly; I wish I had been on a plane too. I miss my family and then especially my grandfather. He`s so calm and nice, and he cares about me even though he`s far away. I don`t want to take that for granted. My mum told him while she was there that I quite like guavas, and at the end of her stay there he asked her if she wasn`t going to buy some guavas for me. I get happy by the “big” things in life, but such little things are what touch me the most. My family in Pakistan is so far away and even though my grandfather doesn`t really mention it that much, I know he wishes we visited him more. Oh, God, I got really emotional while writing this. I hope I get a job soon so I can start saving up some money for a ticket to Pakistan.


I`m glad my mum went, though. I know her family really appreciated it! I and the neighbour went to pick her up. My mum was surprised when she walked out and saw me with her. She bought a lot of clothes for me, which I of course appreciated. I told her I wanted a short white kurta, and she brought with her more than eleven dresses/kurtas for me. Weird how she was with her family in the morning and in the evening with us, by the way. Life, guys. Someone explain it to me.


Two random pictures. I wish blogging was more chill. In a little while we`re going to have some pizza which my mum has made – told you that much hasn`t changed, haha.




Yesterday was a great day. We`ve got used to the workers coming in the morning. They`ve been making less noise yesterday and today, so it`s been easier to get some sleep after 8 o clock. Weird how you value something more when you don`t have it, though. Now as I`ve had to go out of the building to brush my teeth or have a shower I`ll value my bathroom more, haha.

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Yesterday evening was very nice. I played some rounds Ludo with my cousins. Also, I`ve started watching a Pakistani drama serial (which is based on a true story) about Qandeel Baloch, so yesterday we watched the newest episode. Before that we went out for a walk and bought some candy (they`ve got vegetarian candy in the shops here!), chocolate and drinks we could enjoy while watching. The serial is SO exciting, I can`t even. Both I and my cousins are going crazy about what`s going to happen next week.

Speaking of next week – today`s my last day here. Time passes by so fast and at this time tomorrow I`ll be in Norway. Oh, God. I`m going to miss these chill days. 


My birthday was great. My brother made me a carrot cake and we ordered some pizza, which we enjoyed while watching the first Harry Potter movie. I must say I love Harry Potter, and it was amazing to re-create memories from our childhood.

But, today was great too. Perhaps even better? I spent several hours with Thea and Sara. We went to this park, where we talked, had some great food, they gave me two books (they`re A-M-A-Z-I-NG!!) and this card that I`ll keep with me forever. Really, it was so sweet and I was close to crying when I read it. Sentimental me, you know. I`m going to keep that card with me till the day I die. And even after that too. We also played “Cards Against Humanity”, which was very fun. Ah, it was a very good day. Thank you so much, sweeties. Also, I love daylight, but isn`t there something charming with the cities at night? We walked around in the park in the darkness and it was just beautiful. I need to do more of that.

Thanks to everyone whom made my birthday great. My family (especially my brother), Sara, Thea, everyone else – thank you so much. Thanks for making the first two days of 19 great. Oh, God. I`m 19. When did that happen?best-friends-bestie-besties-bff-favim-com-4059640