Yesterday was a great day. We`ve got used to the workers coming in the morning. They`ve been making less noise yesterday and today, so it`s been easier to get some sleep after 8 o clock. Weird how you value something more when you don`t have it, though. Now as I`ve had to go out of the building to brush my teeth or have a shower I`ll value my bathroom more, haha.

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Yesterday evening was very nice. I played some rounds Ludo with my cousins. Also, I`ve started watching a Pakistani drama serial (which is based on a true story) about Qandeel Baloch, so yesterday we watched the newest episode. Before that we went out for a walk and bought some candy (they`ve got vegetarian candy in the shops here!), chocolate and drinks we could enjoy while watching. The serial is SO exciting, I can`t even. Both I and my cousins are going crazy about what`s going to happen next week.

Speaking of next week – today`s my last day here. Time passes by so fast and at this time tomorrow I`ll be in Norway. Oh, God. I`m going to miss these chill days. 



My birthday was great. My brother made me a carrot cake and we ordered some pizza, which we enjoyed while watching the first Harry Potter movie. I must say I love Harry Potter, and it was amazing to re-create memories from our childhood.

But, today was great too. Perhaps even better? I spent several hours with Thea and Sara. We went to this park, where we talked, had some great food, they gave me two books (they`re A-M-A-Z-I-NG!!) and this card that I`ll keep with me forever. Really, it was so sweet and I was close to crying when I read it. Sentimental me, you know. I`m going to keep that card with me till the day I die. And even after that too. We also played “Cards Against Humanity”, which was very fun. Ah, it was a very good day. Thank you so much, sweeties. Also, I love daylight, but isn`t there something charming with the cities at night? We walked around in the park in the darkness and it was just beautiful. I need to do more of that.

Thanks to everyone whom made my birthday great. My family (especially my brother), Sara, Thea, everyone else – thank you so much. Thanks for making the first two days of 19 great. Oh, God. I`m 19. When did that happen?best-friends-bestie-besties-bff-favim-com-4059640