Next Friday at this very time I`ll be on the plane. AH, GUYS! I`m SO excited. I still need to plan out everything, but it`s really a dream come true. I`ve been waiting for so long and all of a sudden my dream became true. Who thought that? 🙂 My brother`s off to Pakistan tomorrow and I and my mum are off to Amsterdam next week. This is for sure going to be the best summer vacation ever! 🙂

Nothing can describe how happy I am, but these gifs kind of describe my happiness… I literally can`t believe it, but I`m so fortunate and happy.

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What have you guys been doing today? I`ve been way too lazy (tell me something I don`t know..) and went out for a while, to do some shopping and get my new sunglasses. I went to get my eyes checked some days ago, and was adviced to get some sunglasses which suits me. So, I did. I`m not a fan of sunglasses as I want to see a colourful world, but today I got myself a new hobby: Staring at people without them knowing I`m staring at them. 😉

Blog ya later!



♥ First things first: THE FACT THAT I`LL BE IN AMSTERDAM IN ABOUT ONE WEEK!!! C-A-N-T W-A-I-T. It`s going to be AMAZING! A dream come true, really. 

♥ Last Thursday I met Sara and Thea. Ah, they`re so sweet! I just know they care about me. We were at Sara`s house and spent several hours talking and playing a game, till Thea had to drop me at home because of Iftari. Thank you, guys! Can`t wait for next time. 🙂

♥ My straight hair. Haha, let me explain – my natural hair isn`t straight at all. It`s something curly/wavy/messy. When I got my hair cut short in January (did I ever tell you guys about that?), the hair dresser straightened my hair because my messy hair isn`t that easy to handle for everybody. It was my first time and I looked good with straight hair.  Sara has a straightener, so she straightened my hair and I`ve been loving it ever since. Guess who hasn`t showered for a week because she doesn`t want to mess up her straight hair? HE-HE.

♥ Making milkshakes for Iftari every evening. I don`t know if it`s actually a milkshake, haha, but I like to call it milkshake. We`ve got a new blender and it`s so easy to make them now! Can`t wait to make some great milkshakes every morning, before school. 🙂


♥ People who fight against bullying. Been too much lately, so it`s great to know there are people who actually care out there.

♥ When it`s time for Iftari. It`s great to come together and break the fast.

♥ The “Dubai-candies” need to be praised as well. I LOVE them and can`t get enough of them. And yeah, that`s what we call them, haha. They`re so easy to make and are so yummy. One day I`ll make maaaaanyyy of them and eat all of them on my own.

♥ Books. I have several books that I need to read. Unfortunately I haven`t read as much as I`ve wanted to, but from tonight of that needs to change. Reading is a great way to escape reality and visit better places.

♥ The weather. It`s been perfect some days. Not too sunny, not too cold. That`s how I like it.

♥ SKAM. Haha, does anyone of you watch SKAM? It`s become so popular. This season (4) is the first one`s I`m watching and I love it. Can`t wait to find out how it ends on Saturday! (If you don`t know what it is, it`s a TV-series about the daily life of Norwegian teenagers. Do look it up. 😉 )

♥ Writing. I write every day and I love it. I love expressing my thoughts and feelings – wrting is a great way to shake things off.


What has made you happy lately? 


OKAY, GUYS!!!!!!!

I`m going to AMSTERDAM!! Yep, you heard right. After so many years, I`m finally going. AH, I`m SO HAPPY!!! For so long I had to act like nothing. I`ve been waiting for so long, I`ve been quiet for so long, I`ve been shouting for so long, but most of all I`ve been dreaming. All along I`ve known my dreams don`t mean that much to some people around me. But now? Now I`m freaking going to Amsterdam and I`m going to the Anne Frank House.

I`m SO EXCITED! Talk about time, really. After all this year, I`m off to The Netherlands. In 6th grade we were supposed to write a little about every country the school`s students represented. I wrote about the Netherlands. We had a paper for each country, and on it we had some few lines to write about the country, we draw and coloured the map, we marked its location on a little map and draw something that the country is known for. The paper has been with me ever since. Right now it`s on the wall. God knows why. Maybe it was the sign of my dreams.

For as long as I can remember I`ve looked up to Anne Frank, I`ve been inspired by her and I`ve ordered books about her from God-knows-where. So it`s really about time. This is a big thing for me and I`m enchanted. Imagine being where she once used to be.

And let`s not forget that dreams do come true. I`ve been waiting for so long and sometimes it seemed hopeless, but very soon I`ll be on the plane, on my way to Amsterdam and nobody can stop me. Because you know what they say? Great things take time and great things happen at the right time.


PS: Great news to start this month with! I mean, you-know-who has birthday in June, so… 😉


It`s the same old every year – it takes time for me to get over Eurovision. My mind keeps playing some of the songs. I woke up today and didn`t feel like getting ready without listening to some of the songs, so guess who brushed her teeth while listening to “Yodel it”? Yep, that`s how it is here!

I`ve been trying to figure out how to write a post about Eurovision for several hours now. Yep, I`m still not done talking about it. Every year I learn a lot after the grand final and this time is no exception. We can learn from everything in life. I just need to sort my thoughts and write it all down in an understandable way, and hopefully the post will be up tonight. 🙂 imagesJRTSWSPC Hope everyone`s had a great weekend (with Eurovision) and is ready for a new week. After Sunday comes Monday and life moves on even after an exciting Eurovision Song Contest.

Kind regards from an Eurovision-enthusiast.


Yesterday I was on my way home when I started thinking of things that make me happy. I think it`s important to remind yourself of things that matter in life and things that make you happy. They don`t need to be big things – what matters is that they make YOU happy. Before I start listing anything, I want to share a little “story” with you guys. I went to Pakistan last summer. The temperature was for me almost unbearable, I felt like suffocating, I missed my own bed which was way colder and I missed winter. Believe it or not. On top of it I was fasting and I wasn`t able to do much. It was worse when I went to my mum`s hometown, where the light goes off for some hours every day. Electricity and my bed is something I`ve been taking for granted many times. When I came back to Norway, it was a huge relief to be back in my room. I`ll never ever take my bed for granted – the same goes to my desk and my own room. So, guys, the little things that don`t seem to matter at first are exactly the things that matter and what makes you life more colourful. Well well, now to my list! Hopefully this will give you a happy boost. ♥ Do share what makes you happy below in the comment section.

large (33)

♥ Books/notebooks
♥ Fountain pens
♥ Talking to my friends
♥ Nice weather
♥ Smiles
♥ Discussions.
♥ Fries
♥ Spaghetti/pasta
♥ Writing
♥ Road trips
♥ Nice and inspiring comments
♥ Hugs
♥ Compliments
♥ Making other people laugh
♥ Autumn
♥ Photos

large (85)

♥ Visiting Østmarka
♥ Talking to my family on the phone
♥ That moment when you`re laughing so hard, you can barely breathe and your stomach hurts
♥ Kindness
♥ Being told I`m an inspiration for someone out there
♥ Seeing anything I`ve written in a magazine/newspaper or seeing my name in the newspaper
♥ Random kind messages

That was it for now! I hope you guys like reading posts like these – they definetely give me a boost and motivation!


This is something I wrote back in 2014, pretty much right after my speech. I write a lot, but don`t share much of it, so feel lucky, guys! This will give you an insight into what my mind was thinking back then. Quite funny and a little sad to read, actually. I`m a little disappointed about how I haven`t been able to be this much optimistic, but I also know how certain things changed and that I perhaps was too optimistic, if that`s even possible. But, I`m proud of myself and I`ll always be proud of myself for doing this. Anyways, hope you enjoy reading this. 🙂

(PS: I edited this a little bit as I perhaps was a liittle tooo high when I wrote this. Not as in “drunk-high”, haha. I also had some spelling mistakes, that I wanted to get rid of). 

This week has been so special and extraordinary. My face and a piece of my heart have been in the newspaper. Two months ago I sent a letter to the principle. We had a meeting, and he sent me over to the councelors. We started this room where anyone can come during lunch or the free period at Tuesdays. But to me, that wasn`t enough. I wanted to jump into it. I wanted to do something which would make people surprised and impressed. It took me five minutes of my life to start that. I sent the letter to the newspaper, and expected them to only publish it in the Si ;D-coloumn in the newspaper, like they did more than two years ago. Little did I know. They sent me a message, where they said they really liked the letter and want to publish it. They also wanted to bring the case further on, with an interview of me and the principle. The principle said yes, and this Tuesday they showed up at our school. At Thursday I was to be found in the newspaper, and yesterday I had the speech. That was one of the bravest things I`ve ever done.

Talking about bullying and speaking your mind is a sin to some people. This society has become on of those societies where speaking about your problems and sad past is a stupid thing, because people will end up looking at you in a totally different and weird way. No wonder why people who cut themselves, cut themselves quietly without saying a word. No wonder why girls and boys cry themselves to sleep every night. As the girl I am, I`ve never cared about that. I`m open, and if people don`t want to know the real me, they`re just not worth it. Some people seem like they care – you tell them all of your secrets for them to end up leaving you some time after. That`s why I sent the letter. Not only for myself, but for the millions of people out there who`re lonely. Who feel lonely. I care, like some other people. But I showed it too, unlike so many people.

I got up 6 o clock yesterday. Wanted to show up at school way earlier than later, just in case. Yesterday was going to be a big day to me. No doubts. I got ready, and 06.30 I was on my way out. On my way to school I felt butterflies in my stomach – the good and nervous ones. I tried to relax, but it wasn`t possible because I was going to do something so special and heart-touching. I was at school an hour and a quarter earlier, and we tried to make the projector work, but it didn`t. I went to the library to print out my speech just in case, and the lady who works there called me a “newspaper-popstar”. That made me glad, and they were going to have my letter and the article on the wall in the library! Oh, it`s so good to know that what I did, means something to people and they look up to it! I printed out my speech, and went back to the audotorium. The projector wasn`t working, so I couldn`t show any videos about the topic. But it wasn`t really a big deal. The main point was to tell my story anyways.

The clock was nine, and people came in and sat down. We were 4-5 classes. Oh, My God! I swear, those teachers just wanted to make me even more nervous. But having more people there, was only a good thing. I started by asking how many of them had read the article and letter, and everyone had heard about it at least. Good, good! I talked about what had been going on the past few weeks. The letter, the meetings, the newspaper and the interview, before it was all published in the newspaper on Thursday. Talking about that was easy, but telling my own story as a victim of bullying was harder. Happily I was able to talk all the way, even though my voice cracked a little and I started crying. I think it`s normal to cry when you talk about something from your past which hurted you. I told them about what had happened, about the principle at Bjørndal (the primary school I went to) who didn`t care, about the teacher who ticked me off because she blamed it on me, about the boy at Østmarka who made especially the boys believe I was the bully. I know people were shocked and surprised, and they woke up a little more. I don`t know why people are so mean, and I also mentioned that. I don`t know why it happened to me, because I had done nothing to them. But it was good to let it out and speak about it. In front of more than 100 people. When I was done, some people said some things. Some few people said they didn`t understand, because they`ve been trying and I should try way more. I think those people who “attacked” me forgot the fact that this wasn`t only about me, but about millions of people out there who feel the exact same way. I know so many people out there who do feel this way. Happily some people defended me and said everything isn`t up to me and I sure feel this way for some reason. Some people are just so kind and.. Oh, God. I`m so sentimental right now, but whenever people are there for me and make me happy by saying good things to me, I just get too touched!

The teachers walked up to me and praised me. I couldn`t stop crying of happiness. What had I just done? I felt so weird and amazing at the very same time. Two girls came to me and said that was brave of me, and they`ve felt the same way at one point or another in life. I love when people can relate to bullying and walk up to me and tell me about it. Means so much to me! This other girl in my class wanted to talk to me privately, and she told me about herself. I won`t mention exactly what she said, but I was surprised and shocked. I`ve learned as the years passed that you never know what a person you see has been through before you actually talk to them and get to know them. I appreciated her talking to me, and she said “I just want you to know that I`m sorry if I ever did anything to hurt you, because I never meant to. I know how it is”.

We went back to the classroom, where the class wanted to say a lot of things about this. Some people said I have no reason to do that and they`ve tried, but everyone thought what I did was brave and it was good of me to do that. People said I`m mean, that I never did enough and I should try too. They`ve been doing a lot and they felt like it was never enough. First of all, most of those people who said that they`ve tried, were just lying. This one girl was saying we had this one conversation in German, and she has said hey and sat down with me to talk with me. I just thought “Oh My God, you`re such a liar”. Seriously? That girl was just being pathetic and so silly, so I don`t care about what she said. I don`t care about their words, because honestly – they didn`t really understand me. This wasn`t just written on behalf of me, but on behalf of other people too. Plus, it`s hard to know who`s right and good in a tragic world like this. Some people just haven`t seen much of the world, so they don`t know what they`re talking about. I was tired, and while working at school I just couldn`t focus. It had been a long day where I had let so much out, and I rather wanted to get out and let the impressions and reactions sink in. On my way home I thought about everything, and I`m just so proud of myself.

People have taken this so well, and they hope it helps other people. So do I! I know I left an impression on most people, and they know me better now. I believe that`s a good thing, so you can understand another person way better. I did what I wanted to for so long, and I`m so freaking happy about what I did! Sure, it was hard and I had to share a piece of myself, but I want to be remembered when I`m dead. I don`t want to live in vain. I want to be something and show people greatness. Yesterday was my day, and when I was home I was so proud of myself. The girls have decided to make my last days something special for me, and I`m so greatful that they`ve opened up their eyes now. I knew they weren`t the worst anyways. Someone`s father called her daughter and said they were impressed by my letter.

For some reason, I feel way more known and famous now! (Not that I am..)  I`m sure I left and created some changes, and just knowing that, warms my heart! Thanks for the respect, love and the nice comments. It`s good to know I mean something to someone else.



I mean.. I really do feel the love. THANK YOU SO MUCH for loving my final product so much. I was very nervous as I had spent hours on editing the video and I knew it wasn`t perfect. So isn`t my English, plus it was my first video ever. I decided to share the link on Facebook and told myself to log off and be on just in case I embarass myelf. Hehe, just kidding. I had to log on after a while just to get a little hint of people`s thoughts and opinions.. BUT people have been so kind to me. Aaaah, it made my day! It was a school project, but I kind of looked at it as more than that. I`m going to write a post about my foundings and more of my thoughts during the weekend and I can`t wait to share them with you guys. 🙂 I`m just glad people were pleased to see me “live” and talk about something I`m really passionated about.

But, I`ve been thinking of something. I shared a link two days ago and I didn`t realise my real name was written on the page. And now you`ve seen who I am, so the question is: Am I really an anonymous blogger now? I don`t know and to be honest – I`m both scared and happy. I`m perhaps the weirdest person ever. But really – is it okay for me to act like nothing and keep blogging like I`ve done till now or is it no big deal? What and who do you look at me as?cute-love-photography-pink-text-Favim2

I should stop thinking about it for now and go to bed. Meanwhile, let me know what you think! It`d be nice to hear some comforting words, haha. Be kind to one another. ❤