IMG_0968 (1) (1).jpgThought I`d end this evening with a picture from when I was in Amsterdam. Yeah, The Netherlands seems to be all I`m thinking about these days, but that`s how it is when you`ve been dreaming about something for years and then more than what you dreamt of, comes true. Being in Amsterdam seemed like a dream, I couldn`t believe it last July when I was standing only a few meters away from the Anne Frank Museum and could hear the bells ring. Anne used to find them peaceful, I found them peaceful too. Never give up. You never know where you`re going to be in one year`s time or even tomorrow. Life takes you to places you`ve never been. Sometimes that hurts, but sometimes it also does me good. Just like now. 



So, I received an e-mail today and it turns out that I`ve been accepted into…

Bilderesultat for maastricht streetsBilderesultat for maastricht viewBilderesultat for maastricht streets…the University of Maastricht, which is in the Netherlands. A year ago it was a dream to pretty much only visit Amsterdam and the Anne Frank Museum. Now I have the opportunity to live in another city for a couple months. That`s weird to think about, to be honest. Life definetely happens and who thought I`d be here today. Well well, looks like I got into The Netherlands (Maastricht), which I`m happy about. I need some time to let this sink in, even though it`s now that the real stuff begins.

But AAAAH, GUYS!! All hope really wasn`t lost and I actually got in. Very happy about that. 💖 This is going to be craaaaazy!



I`m going to try and explain this as good as I can: so, I could apply for 3 exchange agreements on each faculty and 3 UiO (University in Oslo) agreements. On my list I had 12 agreements (basically most schools don`t have school fees, but some also have that so I had to write down some agreements twice). 5 of these agreements were UiO-agreements and apparentely, I`m not qualified for any of the universities I applied in India. I`m a little disappointed about that, to be honest, because after all I put India on the top. BUT it turns out that the mail I received yesterday, was talking about the UiO-agreements!! I didn`t know whether to laugh or cry when the woman in the office told me that, I got SO relieved. She also said that it looks like I`ve gotten an admission in the Netherlands, but I still don`t really know as I`ll get to know that tomorrow and on Friday (like I told you before).

AHHH, guys! I`m so happy. I wish I could go to India, but I`m happy as long as I get to go anywhere. Also, I`m still considering complaining, because it turns out that one of the agreements I applied for didn`t have any expectations when it comes to the grades and when I mentioned that to a woman today through e-mail she said “sorry, that information isn`t updated”. But isn`t that kind of stupid, considering that those of us who have applied, applied according to the information we found on the website? I mean, this is the university`s fault. Well well, we`ll see what happens about that. 🙂

I`m excited about tomorrow and Friday, because I`ll get to know where I`ve got in. I`m a little worried, because it turns out I applied for Maastricht first and not Amsterdam… God knows what I was thinking, but like someone of you said: God works it all out. 



✨ The things that I bought from Germany. I`ve finally got some knitted sweaters that I`ve been wearing quite a lot lately. Some of you might have seen the red ones. There are some that I haven`t tried yet, which I`m also very excited about.

✨ Speaking of Germany – I haven`t told you what happened on my way home from Germany. So, I only had hand baggage as luggage wasn`t included in my ticket. I knew very well it was too heavy, but I couldn`t leave some of my stuff in Germany, haha. But, a man stopped me while I was on my way to the plane. He said my suitcase was too big and therefore I had to check it in. The reason that I hadn`t already done that, is because I didn`t think it was that necessary. I also thought it`d be great to be able to get off the plane and have “nothing to declare”. But, this man insisted so I followed him. I was glad I didn`t had to pay anything. He was like “you`ve got 15 KGS, you do know that is too much?” and I tried to act “innocent”, haha… The woman behind the counter looked at me in a way which said “poor girl”, because the man looked a little grumpy. He was saying something on German and of course I had no idea what he was saying. I asked them if my baggage would manage to arrive Oslo on time, because I was going to take another flight from Paris. “Yeah, of course”, was the answer I got, so I went on board and arrived Oslo safely. Turned out my baggage was stuck in France. The reason was unknown and I was a liiiittle disappointed. I was so excited to open my baggage and show my family what I had got. Happily the airport was going to drive it to my house the next day. I was SO happy when they came to my house and I saw my suitcase, haha.

✨ On the plane from Paris to Oslo, I was sitting next to this young woman. She seemed very sweet, but it was towards the end that we actually started talking. We were both not able to close our tables, which made us laugh. Turned out she was going to meet her sister in Oslo and lived in Germany. She asked me about a street in the city and I helped her by telling her how to get there. She was very sweet and when we said goodbye, she hugged me, to my surprise. I really hope she had a great time in Norway!

✨ The fact that I got up early today, even though I had today off and I wanted to stay in bed. Not only that, I got ready and went out for a walk! I`ve decided that the days I don`t go out to do anything, I at least have to go out for a walk. It was quite windy today, but getting fresh air every day is so important!


✨ Going to bed with soft, clean sheets. Little things like that can make you feel so good!

✨ Being able to read books that aren`t part of the syllabus. During the exams, I didn`t read that much. I`m trying to read more books as there are wayyy too many books that I want to read.

✨ Also happy because I`m going to visit the library tomorrow to pick up a book I`ve been wanting to read for some time!

✨ Right now I`m VERY excited about the newest episode of “Baaghi!”. I`m hooked as you perhaps can tell, haha. The episode came out a while ago and I`m going to watch it now.

What have made you happy lately? Share some positivity below!
Hope everyone`s having a lovely day!


Crazy how ten days ago I didn`t know I was going to Germany, but here I am, sitting next to one of my cousins. Tomorrow we`re off to Frankfurt to do some shopping. I told myself not to do a lot of shopping this time, as I can only bring with me hand baggage (which sucks a little too much, to be honest). I want to visit Primark tomorrow (we don`t have that shop in Norway, so why not, hehe) BUT I`m a little afraid I might go bananas inside there. Just a little, though. Primark has quite a lot of nice things for a cheap price and it`s even cheaper for us from Norway. If I was asked by someone who were planning to visit Norway soon what to bring, my answer would be “bring with you a little extra money, because you won`t really be able to buy anything there for one dollar”. Just kidding, but really. The prices here keep surprising me, so I might come back home with a little too much, but that shouldn`t be a shock for anyone anymore.

I haven`t used my camera here yet, so here are some photos from my earlier trips.

CIMG1504IMG_0286IMG_0554IMG_0516IMG_0344IMG_0352CIMG2019DSC_0176CIMG1511 (1)

I`m going to take my camera with me tomorrow to Frankfurt – excited about that. 🙂 Hopefully the weather will be nicer to us tomorrow, as it`s been raining quite a lot here. Just a while ago we played some rounds of Ludo (like we always do when I`m here) and the plan is to go to bed earlier than 1 AM, haha. I hope you guys are doing well and having a great time, wherever you are!


IMG_1793IMG_1789Hellooo guys. Right now I`m sitting at the airport in Oslo (it`s not actually in Oslo, just saying). The travel turned out to be different than what I expected. First, I missed the train. That was okay, since I had plenty of time, so I took the bus. I received a message from KLM (the flight company I was going to travel with), with information about my delayed flight. I was going to fly from Oslo to Amsterdam, and later from Amsterdam to Frankfurt. Due to bad weather circumstances, my flight from Amsterdam got cancelled. I first thought my flight from Oslo was cancelled, so I asked some people but they were like “no cancel”. I got confused, but it turns out my second flight was cancelled. I called KLM and they gave me a new ticket, so now I`m going to fly directly to Frankfurt. I was really looking forward to visiting Schiphol, but oh, well, next time. 🙂

I`m going to arrive Germany later tonight and go straight to my aunt`s house. Very excited about that! I hope everyone`s doing alright and a good luck to all the students out there who`ve already started their classes. 


We all go through different phases in life. Sometimes things get darker and it might seem like you`re never going to be happy again. It`s easy to get caught up in your own mind and think the worst, so here are my advices on how to be happier. You don`t have to do the big things to live a better life. 🙂DSC_2607

♥ Drink enough water and eat healthy food. That being said, it`s completely okay to eat candy, chocolate and anything else you feel like eating, once in a while! Balance is the key.

♥ Exercise. I`m not the best person to be talking about this, but many have made it seem like you need to go out for runs and visit a gym two or three times a week in order to be in a good shape. BUT walks are so underestimated – they do you so good, just go out and get some fresh air.

♥Be grateful. Write down three (or more, that`s even better!) things every night, which you are thankful for. Even if you feel like you have nothing to be thankful for (which can`t be thaaaaat true), force yourself to focus on the small things and write something down. It`ll make you more positive and appreciate things more.

♥ Spend time with people who make you feel good and accept you for who you are.

♥ Sleep enough. I once read that you should get between 6,5-7,5 hours sleep every night.

♥ Accept that what`s past, is past. You can`t change what happened, but you can choose to learn from the past, not make the same mistakes and become a better person.

♥ Read books or watch movies. I always feel inspired after finishing a book or a movie and want to become a better person. Yesterday I watched a movie called “My Dog Skip” – first I was a liiiittle sceptical, but I`m so glad I watched it! It`s about loyalty and love and I learned so much. So, visit the library and find a book you think you`ll find interesting, or find a movie online of a genre you enjoy.

♥ You`re the architecture of your own destruction. Quotes mean different things to different people, but to me it`s the reminder that I can destroy myself, if that`s what I want. With “destroy” I mean it literally. It`s easy to get caught up in your own thoughts and let negative thoughts guide you, or your own heart can become your villain. You can do things that will destroy your life. Don`t let the sadness, regret and pain control your life.

♥ Don`t hate anyone. It won`t really get you anywhere. It`s the same with grudges. Being angry/spending negative energy on hating is energy (and time) you could spend on things that actually will get you somewhere.

♥ You might be going through a really hard phase now, you might be thinking it`s never going to be okay again. The truth is: it will. What`s happening now will end one day. Try to use the things that make or used to make you sad as a strength. Use them to do great things. Inspire people who today are where you once used to be,

♥ Be you. I bet you`ve heard that perhaps a million times before, but it`s so true and it`s maybe the past few years I`ve realised how important this is. Be you and I`ll be me. You could try your very best to be someone you`re not, but you`ll never be really happy. Appreciate yourself, understand that there`s only one of you. Now THAT is something to be proud about. There`s only one you, so you better make the best out of it.