We talk more about those who are lonely, those who do not have a family and those who struggle financially around Christmas time. Okay, there are many who struggle to make a living and many are lonely. It’s a reality and for some people, the strain can be worse in these times, because of Christmas.

But many of those who are lonely now are also lonely otherwise. Can we talk about that? Many are not invited to birthdays or parties in the cabin and pine the rest of the year either. Solitude belongs not only to Christmas. It’s doesn`t only exist when you see hundreds of pictures on social media of Christmas trees and presents – it’s there when you sit alone at home on your birthday, it’s there when it feels like the whole world is on holiday and not least when you are in pain but do not have anyone to talk to.

Nice to see how some people take initiative in these times and address loneliness, but loneliness isn`t something which only belongs to Christmas. You can be lonely the rest of the year too.

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In the very end I hope you who`re reading this have had an amazing time with family and friends and aren`t lonely. If you are, know that I`m here for you if you want to talk. ♥ No one deserves to be lonely, doesn`t matter if it`s Christmas, your birthday or an “ordinary” day.



Merry Christmas. And if you don`t celebrate Christmas (like me): Happy Holidays. ♥

The days are passing by sooo fast, soon I`ll be back in school and miss the holidays. I was thinking about time and Christmas yesterday evening, when I was in bed. This isn`t necessarily a criticism of the season or holidays, but a (curious) question: why is there so much pressure when it comes to christmas shopping and gifts? I`ve seen so many pictures and videos of people celebrating christmas, and so many people have so many gifts under the trees. The ruckuss started already back in October, and people have been shopping till the very last minute, literally. Most people buy so much during this festive season, it`s as if what matters the most are the gifts? Do people need and use everything they get? What do you guys think? I`d love to hear some opinions from those of you who actually celebrate Christmas!

Here in the house we`re slowly getting ready, I and my mum are off to Bjørndal today ( where I grew up) to visit our old neighbours. I was there several weeks ago and had such a great time there, so I`m looking forward to that. 🙂 Hope you`re all having an amazing time with loved ones!

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I`ve been on holidays for over a week now, and I still have more than two weeks to go. Or let`s say three weeks, because I`m having only one lecture on the very first day. Ah, I`m starting to feel the holiday vibes. I`m sitting here, sipping on some hot chocolate and wearing the most tick pair of socks that I own. My feet have been living in them the past weeks. It`s finally christmas vacation for my brother and mum too (my mum`s going back to work on Wednesday, I feel sorry for her, haha..) and most people are ready to spend a lot of time with their families and friends. Maybe I`m saying this because I live a little outside the city, but I feel like the last days of the year is about stepping back and relaxing. Thinking about the year that has passed by and enjoying the last days of the year. Then what? Suddenly it`s New Years and people are going back to work on the 2nd and 3rd. The same old. IMG_1773

Our neighbours came with christmas presents yesterday (even though we don`t celebrate it). We got a doormat and some chocolate – how nice isn`t that? 🙂


How are you guys doing? Do you celebrate Christmas? I`m going to finish my hot chocolate now and write a post about something I`ve been thinking about for a while. Talk to ya in a little bit! ♥


Sometimes you need a break and I guess that`s what I needed and still need. I`m finally done with my last exam and can finally relax forreal. I can`t explain to you guys how happy I`m about exactly that – I`m not going to touch any school-related books for at least a week now, haha.

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This vacation is going to do me so good. I`m going to clear up my book shelves, tidy my wardrobe, read the books that have been waiting for me, watch movies and just chill. I need to motivate myself for a new semester and new year too. Ah, there`s something about this year. It`s not only about finishing another semester, it`s about saying bye to another year. It`s about grasping all the memories and moments you`ve made the last months and getting ready to make new ones. For me a new year isn`t a fresh new beginning, it`s just another chapter that follows. It`s a part of what makes my story whole.

Now I need to take a very quick shower and get ready, I`m going to visit Sara today. What a greay way to start this vacation. 💗


Ramadan destroyes my good routines. Today I woke up 09.15 AM, but somehow fell asleep again and woke up 12.30 PM. I don`t like waking up that late at all. Let`s just say thank God it`s summer and vacation. We have some of the longest fasts in the world, as we break our fast about 22.40 now. Since there`s not that much space between Iftari (when we break our fast) and Sehri (“pre-dawn meal, the meal we have before we start our next fast) I don`t sleep between these two meals, but stay up instead. I eat Sehri early and go to bed between 1.30 and 3 AM. Also, maybe it`s just me, but even though I fast for about 20 hours, I don`t feel that hungry when I break my fast. Some people think that`s insane, but I prefer to think I`m just not the kind of person to starve (at least not yet). 😉

Apart from fasting and sleeping I`ve been reading a book about Norwegian-Pakistanis, and yesterday I started a book about anorexia. The writer is a quite well-known journalist and social activist here in Norway. She had anorexia for several years, and she shares her story. I`ve just started it, so I can`t say that much about it, apart from that it`s an impressive book written by a strong person.




It`s summer! ♥

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A graduated Anne is blogging right now. Can you believe it? I can`t wrap my head around it. I know I graduated this Monday, but it`s still weird. Anyways. More about my graduation in another post!

Yesterday was a very great day. In the evening I went to Østmarka School to spend some time with lovely people. Going to the summer shutdown is always better, as the tenth graders graduate and it`s way more “personal” then. As it`s three years ago since my graduation, it was JK`s turn to say goodbye to his students. I loved his “speech” and I loved what the students had to say about the teachers. I hadn`t laughed as much as I did yesterday for quite a while – it was that hilarious. Thanks to all the people I met that made my day this good and thanks for all the nice comments. It`s nice to know people appreciate what I write and my voice.

This vacation started off very great and I`m excited to know what else it holds for me. Even though I can`t believe it`s summer already.