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It`s easy to think that being kind and soft are two not that powerful characteristics, especially when most people take them for granted. When the world can be hard and cold. But honey, “be like water, flowing so beautifully and effortlessly, washing away all that is bad.” Be soft but strong, and you`ll be the one still standing. 



“I am bound by the chains of traditions

And the interpretations of my dreams keep me awake”


Yesterday the last episode of “Baaghi” aired. Qandeel Baloch was killed by her brother. God, how do I explain the scene. How do I explain how brutal it was to see her brother strangle her. It`s just a serial, but it`s not really “just” a serial. I knew the last episode was going to be hard for me, but this hard? I don`t even know. And the worst part of it all is knowing it`s based on a true story. It`s knowing this happened to Qandeel Baloch. Not only her – it`s happened and will unfortunately happen to many other girls and boys. I`m thankful about my cousin introducing it to me and I`m glad I kept watching it when I got back home, because like I just said, it`s not “just a serial”. It`s a wake-up call, it`s an eye-opener, it`s truth, it`s reality. It`s what happens to hundreds of girls not only in Pakistan but in other countries, as well. It`s the story of a woman who dared to defy the society and paid the price. Like someone on Twitter wrote: “Here was a woman; she could have been anyone of us, a woman with dreams in her eyes. Her fault was to continue flying with her hopes when the world tried to shoot them down. Her flaw was to trust the people around her, even when they had done nothing to deserve that trust.”

I wish people at least had took into account that she too was a human beings with a heart and her own feelings. I wish people had took into account that she too went to bed every night with her mind. I wish people tried to understand that people do the things the do for many reasons and most of all, I wish we had tried to realise that she? She was just a human being too.


Also, I need to say something about the character Osman Khalid Butt did. I hope every girl meets a guy like Shehryar. He`s not the perfect, but because he respects a woman no matter what. He saw Qandeel (or Fozia, if you prefer using that name) for who she was. He didn`t judge her, instead he saw how lovely and caring she was. He waited for her for five years. All along he was always there for her, cheering and supporting her. While the world was judging her and speaking negatively about her, he really saw her heart. Qandeel wasn`t perfect either, but she was a human being who like everyone else, deserved to be happy. She found happiness in Shehryar and Shehryar found his happiness in her. He was one person who was lonely, then he found happiness in form of Qandeel and she was snatched away from him just before their wedding. The moment he got to know about her death was heartbreaking. The scene in which he puts 24 red roses on her grave made me so emotional. Not only did he respect her wishes and dreams while she was alive, he respected them even when she was dead. Qandeel Baloch needed that, but almost just as she found love, death found her too. Because she was a shame, because she was ruining the family`s honour. Because she was living a life many people thought was disgraceful and immoral. Because of her clothes, because of her actions. Because it didn`t suit a girl to “lose control”.

“o my beloved

may I not become a rebel”


“Baaghi” is truly depicting behavior of our society towards woman. This drama portrays the issues that the typical female has been inflicted by : the burden of double standards — hypocrisy and manipulative coercion. It also portrays the issue with so called honour and shame cultures. So many have opened up their eyes and are now praying for her. That makes me happy, but I hope people are feeling sorry for her not only because she was killed. That`s only the end of the story. I hope more people realised how destructive negative social control can be and how a lot of women all over the world are being silenced. I hope people understand that they have no right to be judgmental towards other human beings. You never know what someone`s going through what their story is and how many tears they`re fighting back. I hope more people realise the power of women and that women too deserve to be happy, educate themselves, make a career of their own and make their own decisions. I also hope people realise that the hate towards Qandeel was wrong. Yeah, you might not agree with everything she did, but that`s not the point. Nobody has the right to hate on anyone who`s not living life the way you want them too. Imagine if everyone was to live their lives according to what everyone else wanted them to do – what a sad world we would`ve lived in.

I hope Qandeel rests in peace. I`m deeply sorry about what happened to her and I hope she knows she deserved better. Who cares about honour if this is what honour is. I highly recommend “Baaghi”. It’s the story life of  a young controversial social media star who was killed by her own brother, in the name of so called “honor killing”. The acting is amazing, everyone did such a fantastic job. I`m speechless. This sensitive drama serial has inspired me so much and has truly changed my life. I hope you (if you can) watch it and I hope it changes something in your life too.


Five months later and I`ve finally got around to write a post about my visit to the Anne Frank Museum. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and surreal to finally be there, after so many years. I read her diary several years ago, so finally being there was sort of like “when did this happened?” After countless discussions, tears and much frustration, my mum finally had bought tickets for the trip.IMG_1087We were only there for about two days (the plan was to stay there from Friday night till Sunday afternoon, but if you`ve read my posts about my time in Amsterdam, you`ll know we somehow didn`t get on the flight and therefore had to stay one more night, haha), so we didn`t have that much time but I was more than happy to finally visit the Anne Frank House. I had even asked my mum if it was okay for me to catch a flight in the morning, visit the Museum and catch a flight back to Norway the same day, haha. Desperate, I know! BUT I finally went this summer and I still can`t get over it.

IMG_1092.jpgAnne Frank Huis is located at Prinsengracht 263, close to the Westerkerk in central Amsterdam. Take the tram (nr. 14, if I`m not wrong) from the central station and get off at “Westermarkt.” The Museum it very close to the station, it should take you about two minutes to get there.

IMG_1096 (1)IMG_1014.jpgWe didn`t get any tickets online, but I was very ready about standing outside and waiting for at least 3-4 hours. Well, guess what? We arrived the Museum about two o clock and didn`t have to wait for long. We were kind of confused, though, about where the queue started. We joined it where it began, but people immediately reacted and pointed towards the end of the line. It was quite long and I first thought “oh my, how long is this going to take”, but we joined the queue as quickly as possible and waited for the time to pass by. My mum walked around the place and bought a donut for me, which I enjoyed while waiting. In front of me there was this American woman, who was on a business trip but had some time to explore the city. We talked for a while and time passed by very quickly. She was such a nice lady, I wish we had met each other after the exhibition. I “missed her” after going inside the Museum, but I really hope she enjoyed her visit! We had to wait for like two hours, which wasn`t really anything. You could say we waited for about 45 minutes, as the queue for us who didn`t have any online tickets began then. I feel like a quick search online make you believe it`s going to take a long time, but don`t worry! If you`re there 1-2 PM, you should be fine! Also, the Museum has organised it quite well, so they take in visitors as some leave. IMG_0994IMG_0998 (1)IMG_1172IMG_1006IMG_1090.jpgEach ticket costed 9 Euros. We payed for them and walked into the building. The exhibition consisted of photos with information, things inside displays from that time, headphones which told you about each room and walking around the Secret Annexe. Unfortunately the attic was closed, which made me sad but I tried to see as much as possible from the floor below.  We weren`t allowed to take pictures inside, but maybe that was only a rule for those using flash? It would be nice to have a picture from the inside which I`ve taken, but I`m very glad I actually enjoyed my time there and wasn`t busy taking pictures. IMG_1175I knew almost everything, so for me the excitement was pretty much all about being inside there. It was stepping where Anne stepped so many years ago. It was being there, feeling and realizing how little space and privacy there was inside each room. It was seeing everything physically, it was about being able to look at the pictures Anne had put on her wall and touching the walls. The pictures inside my head were finally real. It was seeing everything Anne had described in her diary. The kitchen, the livingroom, the bedrooms, the bathroom. Being a little closer to everything that happened. They`re forever gone, but we`re here. We`re here to remind ourselves so we can remember. We`re here to learn about what happened, so we hopefully can not let it happen again and prevent hate and racism from being normal things in  our lives and in our society. So we can work against destructive ideas and notions. I`ve heard some people say “Anne Frank got famous for only writing a diary”. You can look at it that way, or you can actually read the diary and learn a lot about how a young girl was trying to survive, not only physically but also mentally, when the world around her was fighting. It`s about the war, about rascism, about what hate can do, about war, hope, dreams, the future and love. Let`s not forget what an incredible writer Anne Frank was. I`ve also heard people say “Malala got famous because Taliban tried to kill her”. I won`t say Malala didn`t get more opportunities to raise awareness for human rights, but Malala believed in education for everyone before the event Can`t we all focus on the good things people do, instead of ignoring them and being ignorant?IMG_1182IMG_1093IMG_1174IMG_1104After spending two hours inside, I bought two books, an English version of the diary and a huge book about Anne, her life, the diary and the Museum. I also bought three postcards. I`m very happy I got to visit the Museum after so many years. It inspired me a lot and made me realise what`s important in life. In the end of exhibition they were showing a short video, in which people were explaining what impact Anne and her story have had on their lives and how you can make the world a better place to live in. We can all do little things every single day, to make someone`s live a little better and to make it easier for more people to live in this crazy world. I`m one of millions who`re inspired by Anne Frank and everything she went through and I know I`ll forever be inspired. Thank you for everything you`ve taught me, thank you for inspiring so many people with your writing. You couldn`t know, but your dreams came true and people today are thinking of you. I`m one of them. I really enjoyed my visit and I`m for sure going back one day.IMG_1089

Till then:

Have you been to the Anne Frank House? If so, pleeeease share your encounterings. I`d love to hear about everything! 🙂 Also, have you read her diary? What do you think of it? If you haven`t, I really really really recommend you to read it. ♥