I don`t know what to say, which explains how I`m feeling right now. maybe I don`t even know what I`m feeling.

in three and half years, I`ve lost three family members. all due to cancer. almost two days ago my grandfather took his last breathe. I was right there.

it`s weird to think about that. my ticket was booked for Monday, but when I found out my Pakistani passport had expired, the departure date was changed to Thursday. I got my Pakistani visa and had at least a houndred conversations with myself about whether I should change it or not. in the end I made the telephone call and changed the departure date again.

let`s just say I`m glad I did that. if I hadn`t, the plane would`ve arrived today and it would have been too late.

it`s weird and shocking to think about how much difference one decision can make. I`m glad I at least got to meet him one last time, but I`m also in shock. when did this happen.

rest in peace, my Dear Grandfather. you`re deeply missed.

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