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It’s weird to be in Amsterdam and think of where I was some years ago. I know some would say don’t dwell on the past, what’s the point of doing that. I think it’s important to sometimes look behind you and think about life. Think about where you were some time ago and compare it to where you are now. Both mentally and physically.

Not only do I think of the fact that I wanted to go to Amsterdam for so long, I think of the bullying, the loneliness, the walls I had to fight. There and then it felt like it was never going to end, I didn’t see how I was going to get out of the situation and it was as if I couldn’t see the future. Now it even feels like I forgot that there even was a future ahead of me, which I am now enjoying. Up in the hills far away was a future I didn’t know much about. I mean, who thought I’d get to visit Amsterdam three times in less than two years. You know what they say: all good things are three. Or who thought I’d be in newspapers, who thought I’d be living in The Netherlands for five months.

It’s easy to get caught up in certain situations in life and think that you’re never going to be able to get out of them. But the thing is, you will. I mean, I wanted to go to Amsterdam for several years and here I am. Things definitely get better and so much can happen in a short period of time. I know it might be easy for me to say this, but the bad events are too a part of the puzzle.

I began writing this post when I was in Amsterdam and now I`m already back in Maastricht. It was weird to be back after such an amazing time and I really miss the magnificent city. Strange to look forward to something for so long and then it suddenly comes to an end… 🖤 Thanks for having me, Amsterdam. I`ll see you again very soon.



Everything was fine, I was excited about finally being in Paris and checking in at a hostel for the first time, when something unexpected happened.

At the metro, I made sure my bag-pack was completely closed and that my suitcase was with me. I put my phone inside the right pocket at my coat and shove it down to make sure it didn`t fall down and to make sure that no one was able to grab it easily. I guess I didn`t “make sure enough”, because not even five minutes later I wasn`t able to find my phone.

IMG_2950.jpgWhenever my hands get to my pockets and can`t find what they thought were there, I start panicking. It`s the kind of panick that`s inside me. I was standing outside, couldn`t find my phone, I hadn`t put it in my back-pack and that`s when I realised: someone must have stolen it.

I started crying there and then and didn`t know what to do. I went to the police to file a report. I was hoping that my phone still somehow was in my suitcase or my bag and that I was just mistaken. I`m still hoping for a miracle, though. Oh, man. What a Saturday that was. I was so happy about finally arriving in France and then my phone got stolen. Could have been a better start, but it could also have been worse. I enjoyed yesterday, though and managed to create some memories on my own in the city.


I`m back in Maastricht now. When the bus almost was at the station and I realised we were in Holland, I couldn`t help it and said “Oh my, we`re in Holland!”, haha… Someone`s glad about being home.

A post about my time in Paris will be up either tonight or tomorrow. Now I really need to get to the city centre to buy a new phone. Hopefully I`ll find a good one which isn`t too expensive. I wish I didn`t have to spend money on this, but it is what it is.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for a new week. I know I am!!



Right now I`m on my way to Paris. I decided to take the bus to Paris. It takes about seven hours and I still have one and a hour left of the bus ride. Can`t wait to be in Paris! I have to check in at my hostel and then it`s straight out to explore the Parisian atmosphere, streets and building. I`ve written down a list of some of the things I would like to see and visit, plus I`d like to visit some shops and see what they have.

I`m very happy that I decided to do this on my own. Sometimes you just got to things on your own, instead of waiting for someone else to come by and do it with you. I`m thankful for getting the opportunity to do so much travelling and visit new places and that too on my own. Who imagined that one year ago? I know I didn`t think at this time last year that I was going to be in Paris at this time. Life sure is unpredictable most of the times and you never know what`s around the next corner.

A très bientôt à Paris! 🇫🇷


First of all – thank you for the encouraging comments on last post. I booked the bus ticket to Paris just a while ago, so I am going!! On my own. Something I`m really looking forward to. That reminds me – I still have to book a hostel. I`ve decided to stay one night in Paris and I`ll be visiting Luxembourg on my way back. Two new countries this weekend, woho!! (Well, the bus to Switzerland last weekend did pass both Luxembourg and France, but can that be counted? I don`t think so.) I`m going to spend some of the evening planning my trip. Not 100 %, but 70 % maybe. I prefer not planning too much, so I can do unexpected things too when I`m travelling.


Anyways, more about travelling later! Yesterday I had to get up at 5, which I managed to do. I did snooze my alarm three or four times, though, but I got at work at time. We were supposed to clean the working spaces in the building and everything had to happen very fast. I`m already going back there to work on Tuesday. Today I wanted to get up at 7, and got up at… 10, haha. What`s with my sleeping schedule? I sleep enough and still manage to sleep 10 hours sometimes. IMG_2927.jpg

I usually have bread for breakfast on weekdays, but not too long ago I started making myself some porrage some mornings. I like to have it thick and with some almonds. Easy to make and a hearty breakfast!

Today I had a class and afterwards I spent some time in the city centre to look for a few things that I need. The next days are quite packed, but I`m SOOOO EXCITED!! Paris, Luxembourg AND Amsterdam. It`s amazing to have things to look forward to in life.


So, since I don`t think I`ll be able to go with anyone, I`ve 80 % decided to go to Paris on my own.

I`ve been… hesitating a bit, you could say, because going alone somewhere sounds a bit scary? Not scary in the sense that it really is scary, but I don`t completely know what to expect. Having someone, even someone you don`t really know, can be comforting because at least you have someone. You won`t be alone 9 PM in the evening and if something happens, you have someone. But now I`m in that kind of situation where I don`t want to “wait” anymore for someone to want to come with me. I`ve been trying to plan this trip for a month now and have just ended up thinking “perhaps I should just do this on my own”.

While it seems a bit intimidating, I also think it would be good for me to go on my own. Get to know myself better. Explore unknown streets and shops on my own. Be lost and not have anyone next to me. Run for the train or bus on my own, just like I do back home with confidence. Have some time for myself and who knows, perhaps meet some great people on my way. Be clumsy or messy like always and stand there, laughing. All alone. And while it might seem like it`ll only be fun, it might also be weird, tiring – perhaps even terrifying – but that`s a part of the fun, isn`t it?

So yep, most likely I’ll just get on a bus or a train this weekend and finally get to be on the French side of this earth.



Hey and good evening! I decided to take down the post on where I`m living, because all of a sudden I thought that maybe that was a bad idea, even though it wasn`t because it wasn`t like I had shared the adress or the place? Anyways, I might share it when I`m back in Norway, because then it can`t really be unsafe anymore.

About my day: I had a lecture today, about “doing gender”. Quite interesting, but I wish they would make the academic world look less complex. I bet I`m not the only one who feels like something could be explained in an easy way, but they just have to over-complicate it and use difficult language. Especially in some of the readings we have; I`m not even sure if the authors understand themselves. I`m not becoming a researcher, but if I ever change my mind I`ll be writing research papers and essays as if I`m trying to explain a six year-old something.


aaaaand for some odd reason I`m not able to upload more pictures, so I`ll do it later when it actually works. 

On my way home it was raining and I thought that I should stop wearing sandals, haha… The weather has been better the past few days, so I grabbed the chance and wore sandals, because in Norway I wouldn`t have been able to do that in November. Really need to find some nice boots, so I actually feel like putting them away.

Now I`m going to make myself some dinner and then I need to start reading the readings we have for our next discussion. This other girl in my class and I are going to be the discussion leaders, so tomorrow we`re going to meet up to prepare for that. Tomorrow I`m also working from 6 to 9 in the morning. That can be a bit interesting.


🖤 I wanted to visit France and/or Luxembourg last month, but since I wasn`t really able to make anyone come with me and because of the exams at the end of the month, I had to postpone my plans. BUT, it looks like things are happening and I might go this weekend. I`m going to meet this girl who wants to go with me tomorrow, to figure out what we want to do and how to organise the trip. Can`t wait to visit Pariiiiiis!

🖤 Spend some time in Amsterdam! Oh, yeeeees!! AH, so e-x-c-i-t-e-d. This time I`m going to do more “tourist kind” of things and really get to know the city. November-Tumblr-14.jpg

🖤 Keep working. I`ve had quite a nice working experience so far, and I want to keep working at least once a week. I haven`t been able to get any shifts for this week, though, as they get unavailable pretty fast, but hopefully that`ll change.

🖤 Spend a weekend with my mum in Maastricht and Amsterdam. She`ll be here at the end of the month. I`m excited to pick her up at the airport and laugh when I see her, because I already know I won`t be able to be serious, haha.


🖤 Spend a few hours one day to buy things I need, like shoes and maybe another jacket. It`s still not that cold yet, but it`s already November and I just need to get it done.

🖤 Read all of the readings so I can do really well on the midterm test we`re going to have in the middle of the month.

🖤 Try to do more of things that make me happy. I`ve started writing something I`ve been meaning to write again, which makes me glad. I also want to start reading more books, watch a movie that leaves me stunned and go out for a walk when it`s dark.

What are your plans for this month? Anything particular you`re excited about?