Spring. There`s something else about spring when you`ve been through a cold winter. I don`t know if I can call it a long winter, I`m not sure if I know what a long winter is anymore. The snow showed up, then melted away and then decided to show up again. Up and down, just like life. But I know that spring is forreal here now and it was nice to sit in front of the house, on the stairs and have some yummy pasta while the neighbours` dog was barking. Literally.

Wearing my sunglasses, boots and my coat makes me more happy than you`ll realise. There`s just something about an outfit which include them. I thought today that maybe I should put away the boots soon and use them again in September, but then thought neh, I like them too much.

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I was too nervous before the seminar today, because I didn`t know what people thought but what for?? It went so well, people gave me constructive feedback and I`m excited to get cracked on the writing tomorrow morning. I think we worry too much sometimes. Students tend to worry too much about what could possibly go wrong, but if something can go wrong it could also go right. Today before the seminar I thought “okay, if what I wrote was that bad, then they will tell me, what`s so bad about that, I`ll just have a lot of improvements to do on my text”. Perhaps I was thinking that way because what I write means something to me. Oh, well, I worried for nothing and it all went fine. I know this might not help, but if you`re on your way to an exam and are super nervous, try to think that it`s not the end of the world. That sounds super dramatical, but it is usually true. 😉 It`s so easy to get caught up in your head, to overthink everythink, but many times that`s what it is – overthinking.

Tomorrow I`m meeting the teacher to get individual feedback and I want to get up early, so I`m off to bed soon. Hope you are having an amazing day. 🖤


🖤 Last week I went to this job related event and on my way home, I missed the train. I had to wait for the next one and guess who I met meanwhile? Sara! I`m the kind of person who ends up believing I missed a bus or a train for a reason, because way too many times that has happened just for me to meet someone I haven`t met in a while. This time it was Sara and she is such a lovely girl! I`m glad Thea, Sara and I are still friends. Honestly, I don`t think there`s anything bad in them, they would never hurt anyone. And I`m not saying that because they`re my friends, I genuinly mean that. By the way, her mum was with her and she looked so young, so I managed to ask “who is this?” even though I`ve met her before, haha.

🖤 In about twenty days I`ll finish this semester, which is making me feel kind of stressed. I don`t want to stay at home and stare at the roof more or less four months. I`m applying for jobs here and there, while writing my bachelor essay. If I don`t have a job for this summer by the end of this month, I`ll apply for as many jobs as possible. I really want to travel and I need money for that, so.

🖤 It`s crazy to think that I`ll finish my bachelor degree this semester. Well, almost. I feel like I should feel older than I feel like. I mean, I almost have a degree already, like what???

🖤 Although I kind of have a two/three years long plan for my life, I feel like I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Sara was asking me the other day when I met her what I want to do, and I don`t know. I know that I want to write and I know that I want to help people, but I`m not sure how. Maybe because quite a lot of doors are open with a degree in social anthropology and people end up doing so many different things. It`s exciting, but nerve-wrecking to not know where I will end up.


🖤 Sometimes it`s hard to know what photos to put in a post. I`m an anonymous blogger and whereas many would pick a photo of themselves or even a selfie, I feel like I tend to put a photo I`ve taken quickly while I`ve been out, but words are more important to me and I hope that`s the case for those of you who choose to read my blog.

🖤 It seems like I`ve accepted that I won`t be able to finish my bachelor this semester. It`s weird how we just accept some situations sometimes, when we know we can`t do much about it. I did a mistake, I`ve learned from it and I am moving on, which is the best for me. It sucks, of course, but what can I do.

🖤 I sent what I`ve written so far of my bachelor essay to the teacher today and WHY am I so nervous. It`s my time to present my research question and essay and I wonder what people will think. It`s nowhere finished, I still have quite a lot of work to do. I just hope I get some advices on what I should improve and add. We`re all also meeting the teacher this week to get individual feedback, which I`m also nervous about. But it will be fine!!

Now I`m off to bed, tomorrow`s going to be a good day. Talk to you tomorrow!


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I think it`s important to do something different once in a while. In my life that means socializing. It`s quite easy to just stay at the university, but it`s important to get out and also get to know your fellow students. I and another girl who studies with me were talking about that the other day. We were both on an exchange semester last semester; I was in the Netherlands and she was in Scottland in the UK. We both were like “we`ve made more friends and been more social the semester we spent away than the two years we`ve spent studying here in Oslo”, haha… Too true. Should I say sadly? Anyways, I want to try to be more social, at least. About two weeks ago I went to this breakfast they had, which was interesting. Today they were arranging a walk at Sognsvann, a nice nature place in Oslo. It was quite nice, we did some walking and then we sat down, talked, had a campfire and did a quiz. Reminds me of the old days. 🙂

I felt a bit like an “oldie” because everyone else was a first-year or a second-year, and I`m on my third-year and could tell them about all the courses and what they were like. Kind of like an expert, hehe. Some of them are also going on an exchange semester, which makes me so happy!! MORE OF THAT, YASS. If I could, I would so do it again.

And no, winter isn`t back. At least I hope it isn`t. There was still some snow left at Sognsvann, hence the snow in the pictures. Spring has come and I believe it is here to stay this time.

1/2 DONE

WOO, I`m done with the re-sit of the exam. I`m satisfied with what I wrote, but the bibliography, though… I should stop writing it at the end . Hopefully the teacher will be nice and give me a pass this time.

Now I have my bachelor essay left and then I`m done with this semester. I really hope I`ll be able to find and interview two people this week, so I can write as much as possible and hand in something I`m okay with. The more, the better, because I`ll get more feedback and those reading will be able to tell where my essay is going or not. Just a few weeks now and I`m done with this semester. Craaaaazy.Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

I woke up early and had an intense long study session. You know when you`ve been working on something for hours and you finally hand it in? Haha, I feel so free then, as if I suddenly have all the time in the world and can “go back” to life. Oh, a really good tips, by the way. I used the “pomodoro technique” yesterday and today when working, and it`s so good?? I`m surprised. It`s basically a technique you can use while doing work, whether it`s studies or just anything you`ve got to do. You have 25 minutes of full focus, 5 munutes break, another 25 minutes of full focus and it goes on. After four or five sessions you can have a longer break. Honestly, I think we`re not really able to maintain a good focus for two hours, and 25 minutes really isn`t much. You`re more focused for a longer period of time and it`s been really helpful for me. Especially during my first semester, I would try to sit down to get some reading done and I felt like the two hours was literally never going to pass, but with the pomodore technique you don`t really realise where the time goes. I`m definitely going to be using this the rest of the month, as I believe it works for me. Just a small tip!

Now I`m going to the shop. I need some fresh air. Have a lovely evening, guys! ✨



What top five lessons have you learned the hard way?

1. You can never tell what someone else is going through by just talking to them once. It`s not always the case either that your friends tell everything about what`s going on in their lives, so always be understand and kind. 2. You can`t please everybody. 3. I could be a good person and do good things, but it still wouldn`t be enough to some people, unfortunately. 4. Not everyone means what they say. 5. Silence doesn`t mean you have nothing to say. Don`t consider silence as a weakness.

What should they teach in high school but don’t?

I think it`s kind of naive to expect the school to teach us everything we need to know, because many times we need to learn through life itself, but one thing is economy and how to maintain a good and stable economy. I also think we should be taught more about mental health and life experiences, not only through definitions and academic terms, but also through open conversations about experiences. I actually think it would be a good idea to have one or two hours every week in which the class sat down and talked about… life and things they think about and are going through. After all, many of us spend so many years at school, so I think it would be very giving for some to have that space at school.

You have $100 to burn, all your friends are busy and you have the whole day to yourself. what do you do?

Depends on when, but: I`d go to Amsterdam and do whatever I felt like doing there, HAHA. :-))))))) I`d catch the flight in the morning and come back in the evening. Not very eco-friendly, but hey, ho, that`s the first thing that came to my mind so that must mean something!

What was the best thing that happened to you today?

Waking up to another day. 🙂 Listening to the birds singing while the sun in shining also made my day better.

What are you currently worried about?

I`m a bit worried about this exam that I`m re-doing and I`m more worried about my bachelor essay. You know when you end up in that phase where you suddenly aren`t that sure about your project anymore? That`s where I`m kind of at. I`m also worried about time; now the deadline is less than a month away and we`re having the last seminar next week and I need to hand it whatever I haveso far  by Tuesday next week. AH, can`t wait to feel a bit more confident about the result on especially this bachelor essay.

What goal do you think humanity is not focused enough on achieving?

I think humanity isn`t focused enough on humanity. Whether it`s toward the nature, animals or other human beings. We need more love and kindness. We can talk about terrorism, climate changes, global crisis etc., but at the end of the day so much of what we do could change if we treated each other with kindness. I think some people underestimate the power of kindness. It`s not only about making someone smile or someone`s days better, it`s also about changing lives and making the world a better place to live in for everyone. We also need to appreciate the good things people do and not necessarily put them down because of everything they do wrong or because they`re not doing everything.



So, I`ve mentioned a bit about a Youtube channel called “Unjaded Jade”, and yes, I really enjoy her channel! It`s full of motivation, tips on how to be more productive (especially study-wise) and now she has presented her own “reset”-challenge, which I`m doing this week. I thought why not share something positive on here?

Basically, it`s to “refine aspects of your life, such as focusing on wellbeing, inspiring you to change up your schoolwork routine, as well as reviewing your goals and reflecting on how you work.” The aim is to become more self-aware of your time, of your goals, of yourself and the work you do. I believe that`s something we all should do now and then. I was excited to see how difficult or easy this challenge was going to be, and it is so easy! It doesn`t require much, just small actions and steps. Some of the things are things we should do in our everyday lives, such as exercise, learning new things and gaining new insight and getting off our phones. I wrote a post about three changes I`ve made in my life that I consider to be positive changes, and this is kind of an extension of that.


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If you want to join, you`re welcome to! Like I said, it doesn`t require a lot of changes. Most of us already have to get somekind of work done and thinking of what you`re doing with your time and redefining your goals can only be positive, right? Maybe you`ll experience a mindset shift? You can watch Jade`s video here (link) and here (link) is the challenge. You can print it out or download it.

Do let me know if you`re trying this out this week! It`s never too late to do good things in life. 🙂 I might write a little about this on here, I`ll see about that, but for now I can tell you that I didn`t manage to get up fifteen minutes before (which is a part of the challenge), but I`ve decided that I`m getting up tomorrow at 5 am for sure, no matter what. I`m also starting off the first day with a so called social media detox for the rest of the day.

Wishing you all a great Monday and a great week ahead!


When you walk into the reading room at the university and you see all those students who are sitting there with their noses almost inside the books, with pen and paper writing good looking notes and writing long essays. I know I`m not the only student who have walked into the school library and thought “how do they do it?”


I have written about how I failed one of many first exams I had at university. For a long time I didn`t talk about it with my friends or certain family members. It`s easier to say “I got a C” than “I failed”. And you don`t always know how people are going to react. I failed because I wasn`t motivated, because I clearly didn`t do enough studying. I spent time at university not feeling motivated. Maybe someone else saw me, as well, and thought “I wish I could show up that early and get work done too” but the reality was something else. And the reality of some of those students that I now see at university, all concentrated and focused, is different than what it looks like.

I think it`s easy to think they`ve got it all together, but the thing is: so many students out there struggle with their studies. And maybe we should talk more about that, but I think we at least need to realise and think more about that as well because I`m sure many students know that. We see the statistics which show us what grades our fellow students get. We see that some fail the exams we have passed. We read about the students that struggle with their mental health, we hear a few students mention how one of the articles of the seminars was quite hard to understand. But many somehow forget that. We forget that many of the students we see on the train, on the station are struggling too. I can`t have been the only one who have seen students and thought “wow, they are doing what they`re supposed to do, I wish I could too”.

So to all of you who are struggling with school, who aren`t motivated, who for various reasons find it hard to stay hopeful, who wonder if it`s all worth it, who have too much to do: you can do this!! Work hard pays off. And remember, many are struggling in their own ways and you`re not alone. Some show it, some don`t, but that doesn`t mean the struggles don`t exist. If a reading is difficult to understand, if you can`t write your essay, if your exam didn`t go well: it sucks, but life sure goes on and sometimes those things happen too. It`s okay and normal to not know what you`re doing or to struggle as a student. It`s important to work hard, but grades and school don`t define your life or how worthy you are of success. 🌟