♥ Pakistan is different than Norway in many ways. The way people live, the roads, the houses, the way of thinking and looking at things, the atmosphere. I`m glad I spent a month in Pakistan. I know I`ve said that my life`s in Norway, but I sort of miss what people are like in Pakistan. There`s more hospitality there and people will be nicer to you in a different way, even if they don`t know you. Norwegians are… weird. There are many nice people in this country too, don`t get me wrong, but there`s a difference that I notice.

♥ The heat didn`t annoy me as much as I thought it would this time – yes, we had two air conditioners most of the time and two air coolers, but it wasn`t that bad? It was quite bad when we were outside, though, but I tried my best not to complain, haha. Going to Pakistan during summer isn`t that bad, hopefully I`ll be able to visit my family there very soon!

♥ Weird to think that I only have a grandfather left. I feel like I`ve been “luckier” than many of my cousins when it comes to that – some of my cousins are 5 years old and younger and haven`t spent that much time with their grandparents. Two of my cousins are less than 3 years old and only have a grandmother left.

♥ I want to say a huge thank you to aunty Bano and aunty Samina (we call almost everyone either “uncle” or “aunty” there, haha) who came to our house most of the days and did the dishes, cleaned the rooms, washed our clothes ++. They managed to do so much work so well in the heat, especially aunty Bano. She got ill the last day, so I didn`t get to say bye to her, but I really hope she`s doing okay. May God give both of them and their families peace and an amazing life.

♥ I have so many great memories from this trip, even though my grandfather died. Many of my cousins, my uncles and aunts were there and we had a great time, despite everything. It all would`ve been even better if my grandfather still was there, but I wanted to think that he would`ve wanted us to have a pleasant time, which I know I at least did. Throwing water on each other, having a pillow fight (which ended with a cup getting broken, ooops), conversations, several rounds with ludo (that game never gets old) and eating Iftari together. It was very nice to break the fast and be together during Ramadan too.

IMG_1364an old picture.

♥ I don`t know if I`m enjoying the fact that I`m off to the Netherlands in less than two months as much as I did before my grandfather died. I`m happy that I`m going, but I don`t know..? Speaking of that, I received my letter of acceptance from the Maastricht University the other day.

♥ On my way to Pakistan there was this couple in Istanbul. During the boarding something was announced, but I didn`t really understand what they were saying so I asked them. The lady looked at me and asked “are you travelling alone?” I said yes and I could tell she didn`t quite like my answer, haha.. The same happened to me two times on my way back, and I just wonder: why did I as a women receive that reaction? Why can`t women travel alone? I get it if I was going to a country which isn`t that safe, but imagine if I had stayed at home and not been able to meet my grandfather one last time? That woman can shake her head as much as I want to – I`m off to the Netherlands very soon on my own anyways.



Been a little while since I`ve done a life-sort-of update, so here`s a list with some of the things that have been happening lately:tumblr_o2t7xe2l551spnyg9o1_500

♥ Thea had birthday on Sunday, so this Tuesday we hang out and spent some time together. Weird to think she`s joined the twenties too. Happy to spend some time with her. Sara is still in Australia and it turns out she`s coming back for about a month this summer, because she`s going to spend another semester down there. I`m glad she`s doing what she wants to in life. I hope Thea won`t miss the both of us too much though.

♥ Speaking of birthdays – my brother turned 19 last Friday, as well. Can`t believe my brother is so old now. Also, weird how he got one year older, while someone else died.

♥ I`m having my first exam this semester next week and I can`t wait to just hand it in and go home. It`s a course I`m re-taking, so not too worried about it, but an exam is an exam. The first thing I`m going to do when I get home on Friday? Watch the documentary about Tim Bergling.

♥ Eurovision is beginning soon and I`m glad I have something to look forward to, but maybe I`m not as excited as I was two weeks ago? Really hope they have some sort of tribute to Avicii this year.

♥ This week I`m having my last seminar and my last lectures. Can`t believe another semester`s coming to an end – I`ve soon completed two years of my bachelor. When did so much time pass by?

♥ I`ve sent my application to the Maastricht University. I also wanted to reserve an apartment today and I did, but when I checked my e-mail later on and saw that I had received two e-mails from Maastrichthousing about the reservations, I got a little confused. Not completely sure about the apartment, plus I`m not sure I can book the same apartment again later on, for January, as I`m not going to spend the Christmas holiday in the Netherlands. Well well, I`m sure I`m going to figure it out. Would have just been nice to have that sorted out today.


I found this list on sophieelise.blogg.no

What`d you have for breakfast today?

Some bread my brother made last night, with jam. Tasted so good, I started thinking it`s perhaps better to make your own bread at home.

Plans for tonight?

I`m going to go out for a walk in the sun after writing this, then I`m going to study and watch TV for the rest of the evening. Need to go to bed early today as the vacation officially is over tomorrow. Guess who wasn`t exactly the happiest when the alarm rang this morning.


What are you listening to this week?

I listen to everything between Lana Del Rey and Bollywood music, but I`m getting more and more excited about Eurovision Song Contest. I listened to this song for the second time today and oh, my. This didn`t make it, but if Benjamin Ingrosso hadn`t made it I wish it had.

What are you looking forward to this week?

I`m looking forward to visiting a hand market tomorrow, where I`m also going to volunteer a little. I`m also looking forward to spending time alone at home and of course to see my mum again on Thursday. Almost feels like she`s been gone for weeks.

What are you going to do this week?

Mostly study, as exams are coming up veeeery soon. I only have one lecture this week. Also, I`m going to spend some time with my mum

Got any motivation tips?

Imagine where you want to be in life and work towards your goal(s). Chill and be who you want to be.


👑 It`s okay to do “stupid” things/mistakes and not be perfect. I wasn`t meant to be perfect. Seriously need to stop beating myself up over certain things, it only ruins my own mood and my own peace. It`s as if your own mind can kill you. Don`t allow your mind to play games with you, guys. It`s dangerous.

👑 My mum is going to Pakistan in some days time and I`m looking forward to a lot of cooking. Am I the only one who finds it easier to do cooking when your parents aren`t at home? Haha, I`m going to try making some “chappatis”, cake and hopefully try out some new dinners. That reminds me of something which annoys me: people who believe women belong to the kitchen. I don`t belong to the kitchen for sure and I don`t have anything against cooking, but I`m not going to make dinner just because a man tells me to or because that`s where “my place” is.

👑 I saw an episode of an India drama serial, in which the boy`s grandfather (mother`s father) died, and it made me miss my grandfather in Pakistan even more. I wish I could join my mum, but I shouldn`t because of school. All I can do right now is to pray for him; may God give him a lot of happiness and good health.

👑 Today I went through my album and found some pictures from last summer. My first thought was “oh my, does summer even exist?”, haha… You know that`s when you`ve had way too much snow and winter. It`s been snowing here in May before, so I`m not expecting spring to arrive next week but the idea of green grass seemed so surrealistic, for some reason. These days everything`s so white.


👑 I`ve been thinking about deactivating my Facebook for a while and just not exist on there. Tired of it, but I have to stay in touch with some people. Maastricht is going to be so gooood, can`t wait to be somewhere nobody knows me.


♥ You`ll never be able to please everyone. Doesn`t matter what you do, doesn`t matter who you are. Pleasing everyone is a mission you`ll never be able to complete. You could be the nicest person on earth and someone would still criticize you.  You could be talking about bullying and someone would say “don`t you care about the poor children in Africa?” You get it. This doesn`t necessarily mean they have something against you personally but you still won`t be able to satisfy everyone, so you might as well just keep doing your own thing.

♥ Don`t judge someone, because you might not know their story. Most of us have perhaps their this one, but it really is so true. Just think about all the things you haven`t really told anyone, that you have been through? I`ve been thinking a lot about this lately, especially since I`ve been watching “Baaghi”. It`s a Pakistani drama serial based on a true story. Qandeel Baloch was a Pakistani social media star and she was considered a threat to the Pakistani society, because of her “bad moral and behaviour”. People were threatening her, calling her ugly names and telling to “go and die”. Not long after she was killed by her own brother. But who knew Qandeel`s story? I believe it was not up to us to judge her, but also: who actually knew her? Who knew she supported her family economically? Or the things she had to go through because of more powerful people in the show business and media? I`m glad more people have been like “I didn`t know this about Qandeel” because THAT is the point. What do we actually know about each other? It actually makes me sad – I mean, the person right in front of you could have gone through some of the most awful things ever and you couldn`t even know. Everyone has something they don`t talk about that, which I believe is important to think about.

♥ It`s not about blood – it`s about love. Enough said.

♥ Not everyone in your life will see or appreciate your kindness, but that doesn`t mean you shouldn`t be kind. Not everyone will appreciate the nice things you do or have done for them, but that doesn`t mean there`s something wrong with you.

♥ It`s important to take care of yourself, because at the end of the day you might not have anyone else by your side but you`ll always have yourself and your own head. Eat enough, drink enough water, get enough sleep. Go out for a walk and get some fresh air. Have healthy and good relations in your life that bring you up. Surround yourself with things that make you happy.

♥ Perhaps the most important one: CHILL! Everything happens for a reason.



Oh, wow! I logged in and read your interesting thoughts on the last post. Thank you for liking it so much. I`m going to reply to your comments, but first I thought I`d share my thoughts on some of them here:

♥ Of course having a brain isn`t enough – you need to use it too! And that`s what I meant. All of us have our own brain and I don`t know about you guys, but here in Norway there are maaany that love to point at influencers/celebrities/other people and blame them for how they feel about themselves. But, in my opinion we should be responsible for the decisions we make. Like I said, it`s not always that easy, but it`s up to you whether you want to get affected by the beauty standards or not.

♥ The post was mainly about that – the beauty standards in the world. They tell us how we can achieve the “perfect” face and body. You also have doctors that are earning money because of plastic surgery. Isn`t that crazy? They`re literally earning money out of people`s insecurities.IMG_1364

♥ Freedom wasn`t mentioned, and even though the post wasn`t exactly about freedom I see where people are coming from. It`s a really interesting (and a little difficult) discussion, that I might bring up properly another day. But for now: I do agree that we don`t have 100 % freedom, BUT having that would also not be ideal. We need laws and rules in a society, for it to be stable and safe. Also, there will also be certain dress codes, social codes and a behavior code in a society. After all, we have cultures everywhere.

♥ It`s important that we find who we are, and that is often a lifelong process. It might be hard, but it`s not impossible. Does telling someone they`re fat or weak really helps someone? It might help and it might not help. Depends on the person. I kind of agree with that we will never be able to love ourselves if we don`t like what we see in the mirror, BUT that is the point! What do you see in the mirror? Your way too big nose or your ugly legs? Or do you see a person who`s capable of doing anything? I guess it depends on your perspective. 🙂 I think that knowing there`s only one of me in the whole world is kind of exciting – you could look anywhere and you wouldn`t be able to find anyone who`s exactly like me.

That was it for now! Have a good evening. ♥


I feel like I`ve been more annoyed lately, especially since I`ve been in Germany and Norway needs to learn certain things from the Germans, haha. Anyways, I thought I`d share some of the things that have been annoying me lately, as it might be fun for you guys to read!


⚡️ People on the plane. I`m not the kind of person to get annoyed by lille babies crying, because that`s just how it is. But, it annoyes me when people don`t listen to the messages from the cabin crew. When I arrived Oslo, we were told to “be seated”, and yet some had to stand up and get their baggage out, as if they were going to get out anytime sooner than the rest of us.

⚡️ Speaking of travelling – you when you`re all about to get on the plane, but there are some (many) people who just have to stand in the way, make sure their baggage is safe and put it away and spend a million years doing that and then sit down, just for the next one in the line to do the same. Some people seriously don`t seem to have the word “effectivity” in their dictionaries.

⚡️ How Norway don`t seem to handle the snow very well. It`s almost as if it`s snowing for the first time ever here. It was chaos pretty much everywhere on Tuesday, and I spent about two hours on getting home.

⚡️ This brings me to something that has been annoying me for a while – the ticket prices here. They keep increasing them, even though they`ve been saying they want to make them lower. They did that last year and here we go again. And then they expect people to leave the car at home. What a great logic.

⚡️ What to say about the collective transport`s schedule… I mean, the train here comes once a hour, apart from four hours from Monday to Friday, when it departures twice each hour. If you miss a train, you have to wait for the next one or go home and send a complain to the people who`ve decided that this is what it`s going to be like. It`s better in Oslo, but not good enough. Learn something from Germany, The Netherlands or Spain.

⚡️ I feel like this is becoming a post called “the bad things about Norway”, but trust me, that wasn`t the intention. I`ve got a last one (for now), though. The prices. I mean, I do get we have high payments here and that`s why a lot of stuff in other countries is cheap for us, but some things here are too much.. Taxi, a lot of food, clothes, tickets, books,  to mention some things. If I buy one of the syllabus books from this “cheaper” bookstore, I`ll have to pay 1127 NOK. That`s about 117 Euros or 143 American Dollars. I`d rather visit Amsterdam with that much money, thank you.

That was it for now! Now I`m going to watch some TV and have some food.