Yesterday evening someone sent me a link, which talked about a new attack in Nice. I remember reading it and not thinking too much about it, until I realised some minutes later the reality.

There`s been a new attack in France. This time it was Nice`s turn.13690626_1048791248544621_6624051628236483458_n

I`m devastated and shocked. To me it doesn`t matter much who it was – Muslim or Christian, this isn`t okay at all. My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone affected. I watched that awful video which shows the dead bodies in the street and all the blood. I understand that a person shouldn`t post a video like that online, plus who the hell even thinks of documenting something like that when there are people dying around him? With that being said, I think videoes like these make more understand the consequences of terrorism and how brutal it actually is.

I don`t know what else to say right now. I`ll most likely share more of my thoughts and opinions later today. Right now I`m only thinking about the more than 80 people whom died the 14th of July 2016. People were celebrating liberty, equality and fraternity. It ended with terror, mourning and pain.



Ramadan`s over – so is Eid. I know I`m a little late for this, but Eid Mubarik to all Muslims out there. I hope everyone had an amazing celebration with friends and family. 🙂


Over to something else – As you perhaps can tell, I`ve decided to not quit blogging. I love blogging, plus some of you have told me to keep it going. I love receiving nice comments and I love it when people read my blog. Also, I enjoy writing. Some times there have been several days between my posts, but this summer I`m trying to post more often. If there`s anything you want me to write about, let me know! It could be anything. 🙂 By the way, I`ve changed a little of my design for a while! What do you guys think about it? Yey or ney?



These six months have been a little hard. Some days are tougher and harder of course, but it feels like a lot has happened in the last 6 months. Lately I`ve been feeling sort of lonely, but I want to use this great opportunity to thank everyone who`s been there for me. Thanks for supporting me, thanks a lot for all the love and encouragement. It feels crazy. I mean, some time ago I never thought people would appreciate me as much as some do today. It amuses me, so THANK YOU for everything, guys. I`m thankful for the nice comments, for the random kind messages. You guys have no idea how happy random messages and comments make me – many of them have literally made my day several times!

It touches my heart when people tell me I`m going to get far in life or that I inspire them. That`s some of the best things I can ever be told and I want to thank people for their kindness. ♥

I hope everyone`s having a great week. Summer`s right around the corner!


I`m a person that doesn`t want to act like my life`s perfect. If I`m having a bad day, I`m having a bad day. But, just because I`m having a bad day, doesn`t mean life sucks.

Friday was one of those bad days. School sucked. I was alone the whole day, nobody bothered sitting down with me or joining me to the bus station. It made me very sad and I couldn`t help but think “When will I be home?”tumblr_lzhxo4sRRw1rn8od9o1_500_large_large

Yesterday made up for pretty much everything. I had an awesome day with Sara and Thea. I spent several hours with them, we played games, ate, talked, went for a walk, enjoyed the great weather and each others` company. It was a perfect day. That much that it`s making me sentimental to write all this down.

It makes me sentimental when people talk about my graduation or how many days I`ve got left. Sometimes I`m happy, other times I`m.. no. It makes me want to sit down and cry my heart out, because I`m that horribly sentimental girl. It`s almost irritating, but it is what it is. I`ll miss Sara and Thea next year, especially in the beginning. It`ll be very odd to not have them around me. I just hope they know I`m happy to have them in my life and that their caring behaviour means so much to me.

Anyways, thank you so much for making my day. I shall stop here before I make someone else emotional too here, haha. ♥


Today I want to talk about something that made me feel very happy and still is making me very happy. The video I shared, where I`m talking about bullying, was shared some days ago in a secondary school.

It makes me so happy to know people want to use me and my voice as an example. People thinking of me that way, is a joy. Knowing someone I`ve never met thinks good of me, is for me crazy and I had never imagined something like this would happen to me years ago. I dearly hope that I set a good example for someone out there. Who knows, maybe someone actually does look up to me?

The reactions were very sweet. The students believe my English is good, haha. Thanks for that one. They also thought of me as someone professional, as I according to them know what I`m talking about in the video. It doesn`t stop there. They also read my article from 2014 on the bullying and loneliness I`ve encountered. All of a sudden everyone went mute, until someone broke the silence and said “We should`ve have taken care of her!”

I mean.. nah, words become useless. I want to give a hug to you who said these wonderful words. I cried when I read them and I`m crying as I`m writing this. Thank you so so much. I was stunned and touched, I had no idea what to say.

I guess all I can say is that people like you make me happy.



A while ago I wrote a post “to” people who criticize me for being who I am. It`s been shared everywhere and someone adviced me to translate it to Norwegian. Which I did. During the weekend it was published on a site. A big thing for little me! For those of my readers who can read Norwegian, you can read it here.

It`s crazy how one blog post can receive so much attention. I write many of my posts spontanously, nothing is planned and especially that post was just an idea that popped into my mind. Little things can do incredible things. Never underestimate yourself and your ability to make a change! Never. I`ve said this before, but it`s always lovely to get so much response. Thanks for everything! It makes me so happy. Yesterday someone (I wonder why their blog`s empty?!) commented “Love how real you are.” That comment made my day and it put my a huge smile on my face. A big thanks to you!

Now I`m going to try and post my final genius hour product. Remember to check out its own page if you want to check it out. 🙂 Have a nice day, everyone!

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I`m sure everyone`s heard of what happened in Brussels, Belgium today. It`s awful and my heart and thoughts go out to those who`ve lost someone or are struck by this in any possible way.

It`s always important to stand by each other with solidarity and loyalty, but today it`s even more important. Whenever something like this happens, people have a lot to say. Either about Muslims, Terrorists or the pain and loss. There`s no doubt we`ll feel sorrow when such things happen, we`ll feeel anger and frustration. There are many questions and not that many answers.

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But some people, I swear. If looks could kill. We NEED to stand together and not be scared, we need to show love, we need to be there for each other. Always. Yet, some are more busy pointing out how we in Europa don`t care about Tyrkia, Syria or Lebanon. We think Muslims are less worthy (I think those idiots forgot there are many Muslims in Europe too) and we only feel sorrow when someone of our own die. And again, the same old shit – Muslims are terrorists and “those people aren`t Muslims” and “They`ve never read the Quran”. Mind giving me a break?

First of all, how the hell do you know whether someone has read the Holy Quran or not? It`s their matter, not yours. And I`ve said this before – whom are we to decide who`s a Muslim or not? Not to mention there might be things in Islam who`re not that good – what about that? And let`s NOT FORGET the many dictatorships in Middle East, the death penalty, the stonings, the lack of human rights. No Muslim I know talk about those countries? What excuse do you have for those people down there? And why don`t you point your index finger towards those countries?

I`m damn tired of those terrorists AND those people who talk like they know everything. When I told a Muslim about what happened in Belgium, he said “They enable it all on their own.”

So Muslims start barking up the wrong trees when we, according to them, cover what happens in Turkey less, BUT they don`t talk about what they do? Many accuse us for considering the Muslims as less worthy of happiness, but what about what Muslims do? Of course not everyone`s like this, but many more than what we`re aware of, are like this. When something happens in their countries they fall on their knees, but Belgium? No, Belgium can go to hell because they want to kill their own children on their own.

I`m not here to attack someone or blame someone. I believe in conversations and dialogues, I believe in eye-contact and face-to-face communication. BUT I also want to make people aware of the hypocrites out there. I want to let people know I`m sick of what`s going on out there.

I live in Norway, I`m a Norwegian Muslim. I`m proud of my country – does that make me less of a Muslim? I`m standing with Belgium today, do you feel sorry for me because I`m not standing with Turkey today? I think some people are too busy making the whole world feeling sorry for them. I heard about what happened in Turkey, that was bloody awful too and should`ve never happened. But I`ve never been there. It`s crazy, because I just realised I`ve never been to Belgium but I`ve been at the airport, where some of the attacks and explosions took place. People were only catching the tube or the train, some were on their way to another country. There`s no difference between our worth, but there`s a huge difference between how close we are to people. I was in Pakistan during the Peshawar attacks. The closer the suffering is, the bigger is the pain. That`s only natural. That doesn`t mean I don`t feel sorry for what happened in Turkey. Stop making a fuss about ridicuolous things. I catch the train every day, I`m at the airport almost every day because of school. What happened is so surreal and Belgium isn`t far away from Norway. I doubt people in Lebanon or Syria stood together like we here in Europa are standing together today the 22nd of July, 2011. Norway was attacked  by terror that day and I doubt Asian news covered the chaos here the same way we did.

We have a long way to go, we`ve got plenty of work. But these idiots aren`t doing anything helpful and it`s about time someone tell them to shut up. We need to fight extremism and radicalization and the fighting should start as soon as possible, but right now Belgium needs love and affection. Not hatred and disgust.