Today`s Valentines Day or, if you`re like me – just another Tuesday.

I understand that today`s a little more special. It`s supposed to be all about love, but so many places I`ve read things like “like this if you`re single too on Valentines Day” and “today sucks because I`m single”. WHEN did Valentines Day become a day for only those of us who are in a relationship? I mean, you don`t have to be in a relationship to celebrate love.

I wish especially women stopped believing that they need a man next to them in order to feel good. It`s great to have a person who`s always there for you, who makes you smile and happy and who sends you cute messages every morning. But, what matters the most is that YOU love YOURSELF. Someone might love you, but you`ll never be 100 % happy until you`re happy with yourself, until you accept your flaws and mistakes and love yourself. Boys and girls might come and go, but you`ll always have yourself at the end of the day. Who cares if you`re not in a relationship today? Things will happen at the right time and until then, we should treat ourselves right. We should love ourselves. Celebrating love is awesome and frankly, we should do that every day. But, considering that it`s Valentines Day today – if you don`t have anyone to celebrate it with, then celebrate it with yourself.

So today? Today I`m thinking about all the things I`ve done that I`m proud of, I`m thinking of the journey I`ve had so far and how I`m so proud of who I`ve become. I`m thinking about how I would`nt have been where I am today if I hadn`t loved myself when I needed love the most. Today I`m loving myself.

Why, you might ask.

Well, it`s simple. One day I might not have anyone by my side, but the one thing I know for sure is that I`ll always have myself at the end of the day.