My birthday was great. My brother made me a carrot cake and we ordered some pizza, which we enjoyed while watching the first Harry Potter movie. I must say I love Harry Potter, and it was amazing to re-create memories from our childhood.

But, today was great too. Perhaps even better? I spent several hours with Thea and Sara. We went to this park, where we talked, had some great food, they gave me two books (they`re A-M-A-Z-I-NG!!) and this card that I`ll keep with me forever. Really, it was so sweet and I was close to crying when I read it. Sentimental me, you know. I`m going to keep that card with me till the day I die. And even after that too. We also played “Cards Against Humanity”, which was very fun. Ah, it was a very good day. Thank you so much, sweeties. Also, I love daylight, but isn`t there something charming with the cities at night? We walked around in the park in the darkness and it was just beautiful. I need to do more of that.

Thanks to everyone whom made my birthday great. My family (especially my brother), Sara, Thea, everyone else – thank you so much. Thanks for making the first two days of 19 great. Oh, God. I`m 19. When did that happen?best-friends-bestie-besties-bff-favim-com-4059640



It`s my birthday today!

I`m turning 19, guys. Way too old, in my opinion. I`ll share my thoughts on growing up this weekend, but for now I`m going to enjoy turning 19 (for as long as I can, at least).

Being 18 was awesome. I met so many great people, I graduated from high-school and joined university. I became a student. I became more socially engaged than I`ve ever been, which was an amazing experience from me. I`ve written texts I never thought I`d write, I`ve discovered myself more and I`m stronger now mentally. I`m so glad that I haven`t been stuck in one place the last year. I dared to do things I`ve never done and now I`ve already began a new chapter. The life as a student is new and weird, but it`s also great as in means more freedom to do things as I`d like to.

I want to thank everyone who made this year awesome. My family, my friends, everyone. Not to forget thanks to everyone who`ve been with me for many years and still are there for me. 18 was awesome and I hope 19 treats me well too.;-)