When I was in Germany earlier this year, I read about a “minimalism challenge” and said I`d do it when I get back. Well, I started, it lasted for 2-3 days and then I would forget about it.. BUT it`s 1st of April tomorrow and I thought I`d do the challenge the next month. I`ve printed it out and I`m going to put it in front of my desk, so I see it every day and get reminded of what I have to do. Personally I believe it`s a great challenge. We should all be more offline and spend some real time with ourselves. The upcming month I need to stay focused even more as the exams are coming up, so I believe doing it this month will do me good!

Last time I wrote about this challenge, it seemed like some of you wanted to try it out. Have you tried it out yet? If not, do join me! Someone asked what the reward will be and my anwer is: a more focused mind, more time to do others things and self-realization. Let me know if you`re up for this. Also, let me know if you want me to give an update after this month! 💖




Not too long ago I read this blog, on which the blogger wrote that she`d consider unfollowing a blog, if the blogger hasn`t posted in a while” and well… Here I am after a month.

I decided to take a month off and  maybe I should`ve let you known, but I thought I wanted to be gone “just like that” for once. I`ve been reading, drawing, watching my serials, applying for jobs, going out for runs, visiting my family and chilling at home. I`ve been enjoying books about Anne Frank – I bought this huge book about her at the Museum in Amsterdam. I thought I knew pretty much everything I can know about her, but I was wrong. To be honest, that makes me glad, as I get so happy every time I discover new things about her and her story!


As you perhaps can tell, there are no dramatical reasons behind my hiatus, I just wanted to not socialize with people online. Which means that I`ve been away from my Facebook account for about a month too and let`s just say it`s been great. Many of us spend too much time online, so it was about time I spent some time offline. I wasn`t completely off the internet, though. However, I recommend more people to go offline for some time. If you`re going on holidays soon, pick a hotel without WiFi or leave your electronical devices at home. I promise it`s going to do you good. Vacation is vacation, after all. 😉

Speaking of holidays… I need to tell you guys about my trip to Amsterdam! Ah, I`m so excited and hope you are too! Stay tuned! Hope everyone`s been having an amazing summer so far! I`m back now and hopefully you guys want to follow my journey.