So… it`s time for me to share my thoughts and opinions on a book I mentioned on here a little while ago. On my way home from Frankfurt I saw the girl who was sitting next to me, reading a book called “a diary of an oxygen thief”  and I remembered how I had heard of it before. When I came back, I ordered it at the library. It`s taken me a while to finish it, mainly because I`ve had to put it down and read something else.


Before I tell you what I think of the book, I want to say that we all understand things differently. So if you`ve read this book, your interpretation might be different from mine and that`s okay. Before I started reading it, I read very many negative reviews of it online and it made me even more qurious. One example is this:

” It’s an unapologetic and even romanticized account of a manipulative and narcissistic garbage dump of a person who hurts people without remorse and paints himself as a victim (which, by the way, is bullshit). This is not a story of a damaged soul who needs to find love. This is the story of a damaged person that chooses to hurt people in retaliation for being damaged, and wants you to feel sorry for him. Do not give this book to your sons or daughters. Or your friends. Or literally anyone.” 


Now that I`ve actually read the book, I wonder what makes people say that? Yeah, he acts like an idiot and hurts many people without realising how it might affect them. When it comes to that, I`m not at the same page as the main person (which is an anonymous man) when it comes to that. However, he describes how good it made him feel to cause others pain. He writes “all I know is, I felt better when I saw someone else in pain.” This sentence might not make sense alone, but to me it already explained that something must have happened for him to think and feel that way. And perhaps I wasn`t wrong, because he writes somewhere else in the book that “I see now that I was in pain and wanted others to feel it, too. This was my way of communicating.” I`m not sure I understand the purpose of the book, but according to the writer he doesn`t want sympathy. I don`t feel like judging him, because let`s face it: this is something many humans do. IMG_2270

Later on in the book he tells how he met a woman who pretty much did what he used to do to girls before, to him. I`m not 100 % sure, but I`d like to believe that was a wake-up call for him. He realised what it`s like to care about someone who doesn`t care about you. He realised what the pain he used to place others in, was like. He tells his story in a humoristic and honest way. I`m not sure what exactly I read and maybe I need time to digest it, but it`s not like I wouldn`t recommend this book. It turns out that there`s a second book written by the same author, which goes on with the story. Perhaps reading that one will make the first book make more sense.

There are consequences for all of our actions and this story portrays that with honesty. Hurt people hurt people. It might not make sense, but then again; there`s so much in the world which doesn`t always make sense. I can relate to how pain can cause more pain. Some people feel like hurting other people when they`re hurt. Maybe because it makes them feel better to be in control, maybe because it`s their way of protecting themselves and their souls, or maybe it makes them feel good to “take revenge” by making other people suffer too. Complicated, I know. Maybe that`s why I sort of liked the book, but I`d like to read the second book to find out more about what happens.

Have you read the book? If so, let me know what you think of it below! And if you haven`t read it: like I said, I`d recommend it. It contains quite a lot of swearing and it might not make sense to everyone, but I believe everyone can get something out of this book.



I told you I`m going to tell you more about the books I`ve read and want to read, and here we go! ♥ I`ve borrowed quite a few books lately, and have read some of them. I try not to read as much as I prefer during the exams, but I can`t help it – I love reading, especially when I`ve found a book I`m enjoying. Anywho, here are books I`ve read recently. Two of the books are as of today only on Norwegian, thre three others are in English.


I borrowed this book a while ago, but had to get it again since I had to hand it back before I actually could read it. It`s  Norwegian book about a girl living between two cultures, between two worlds and how she deals with it. It`s about negative social control, how expectations and (social) norms structure your life in various ways. I could relate, especially since it`s about a Pakistani girl.


This is the Norwegian version of “Burned alive”, written by the Palestinian woman “Souad”. It`s sad that she felt like she had to be anonymous. The book is about her story – she was extremely controlled as a little girl in many ways. As a teenager she was set on fire by a family member. Afterwards she moved to Europe and began a new life there. This book was interesting, but very sad to read. I can`t imagine what it must`ve been like for her. While reading it, I also looked up the book and found a lot of people criticising the book, as they doubt the complete story is true as apparentely, no once can survive something like that. Also, these people believe some of the descriptions in the book are not based on the reality of the society (at that time), but seriously… I don`t really care about whether they actually ate couscous back then or not.  And stating that the book is a false story, won`t change the reality. I do know there are girls out there that have been through something like this. Last year, a 17-year-old girl in Pakistan was set on fire by her own mother. “Souad” survived a huge trauma, and it`s not that unusual to try to forget such encounterings. I recommend you to read this book, it`s translated into several languages and can be bought on Amazon for a cheap price.


I`ve mentioned this one before and shared several poems from it. I quite love this collection of poems – her poems are so easy, relateable, pure and raw. I`m sure anyone can relate to at least some of the feelings described. Rupi Kaur knows how to write and another collection of poems was published this year. She writes about breaking, healing, love, relationships, family, pain, loss.. you get it. I definetely recommend this book! I`ve read it both in English and on Norwegian.


I started watching Zoellas videos on Youtube a while ago, and realised she`s the writer behind the “Girl Online series”. I had heard about it before, but when her first book was published it was more of a thing in the UK than here in Norway. Anywho, I got my hands on the first book and just had to read the next two straight after. I won`t say these are the best books I`ve ever read, but I enjoyed it and it was sort of a break from all the more “darker” books I tend to like these days. I`d recommend this if you`re young, enjoy fiction, and want to read something “chill” and easy.


This is the book I`ve been mostly reading the past few days and I managed to finish it just today. I found this book very interesting. It was published last month and is currently only on Norwegian. The title means “shameless”, it`s an informational book about negative social control, honour culture and shame culture. I could relate so much to it and I`m sure many of you can too. You are most likely to relate to the part about honour if you or your parents are from a more collectivistic culture/society, in which the conecpt of honour plays an important role. But, I know there are many girls and boys out there that are shamed for who they are, who they want to be, what they are and even some of the decisions they make. The book is going to be translated into Swedish, but for now you`ll either have to already be able to read Norwegian or you`ll have to learn the language if you want to read this. 😉 I might share something from the book or write down some thoughts I had during/after reading this book in a future post. We`ll see.


I saw a Norwegian Journalist recommending this book and ordered it right away, as I wanted to see why the Saudi Arabian regime has arrested and sentenced Raif Badawi. Well, let`s just say I don`t understand why the country even is in the “United Nations Commission on the Status of Women” (CSW). Badawi is convicted on several charges, sentenced to ten years in prison, 1000 lashes and a fine. Why? He was arrested in 2012 because he had “insulted Islam through electronic channels”. Reading some of his texts and blog posts and keeping those things in mind, is surreal. You can unagree as much as you want to with someone, but sentencing someone to 1000 lashes? I can`t even imagine the pain. If you`re interested in human rights, activism and even how Saudi Arabia is doing, you should give this little book a go!

So, I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know if I should do this more. 🙂 Also, what are you currently reading? Any books you`d recommend? Let me know!


Ramadan destroyes my good routines. Today I woke up 09.15 AM, but somehow fell asleep again and woke up 12.30 PM. I don`t like waking up that late at all. Let`s just say thank God it`s summer and vacation. We have some of the longest fasts in the world, as we break our fast about 22.40 now. Since there`s not that much space between Iftari (when we break our fast) and Sehri (“pre-dawn meal, the meal we have before we start our next fast) I don`t sleep between these two meals, but stay up instead. I eat Sehri early and go to bed between 1.30 and 3 AM. Also, maybe it`s just me, but even though I fast for about 20 hours, I don`t feel that hungry when I break my fast. Some people think that`s insane, but I prefer to think I`m just not the kind of person to starve (at least not yet). 😉

Apart from fasting and sleeping I`ve been reading a book about Norwegian-Pakistanis, and yesterday I started a book about anorexia. The writer is a quite well-known journalist and social activist here in Norway. She had anorexia for several years, and she shares her story. I`ve just started it, so I can`t say that much about it, apart from that it`s an impressive book written by a strong person.