“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, pity those who live without love.”


I`ve been watching four of the Harry Potter movies this Easter, and ever since I heard Dumbledore say that to Harry, it`s been stuck in my head. Why? I find it so damn true and I can`t help, bu think of Severus Snape.

He`s one of the few characters in Harry Potter, that amuse me so much. Yesterday I read a post on Tumblr, written by someone who believed no one should long for a love like his. According to this person, Snape`s love for Lily (Harry`s mother), was unhealthy and “creepy”. Can I just say this person doesn`t seem to quite understand the complex love? Snape is a mysterious character in the movies – it`s hard to understand him, especially in the first three or four movies. At least it was for me. You get to know him way more in the last movies – and that was the case for Harry Potter too. All along it may have seemed like Snape was a selfish man – he only cared about himself and had no mercy towards Harry Potter and his friends. I can understand why Severus can be analyzed as a creepy and bad character, but I believe that he did what he did, pretty much because he loved Harry`s mum. He might have had a strange way of showing his love, but everyone has different ways of showing love. We also need to keep in mind that Severus never really let anyone, apart from Dumbledore, know about his affection and love for Lily. He never really spoke about it and maybe because he tried to “hide away” these feelings, he acted the way he did. I don`t believe everything he did was right, but knowing that he, deep down has positive feelings too, makes what he did somehow more bearable.

Sometimes you hurt people you love. Not because you don`t love them, but because you really do love them. The person who`s hurt might not understand that – at least not in the beginning. That doesn`t mean the other person`s actions necessarily are justified, but everything`s not as it seems and usually, there`s more to a situation than a person can see. Sometimes you do what you believe is the best for the people you love. That was the case for Snape. He hurted Harry Potter and his friends many times and Harry did misunderstand Snape several times, but in the end he understood why he did what he did and why he killed Dumbledore. It was because of his past. Because of his love for Lily. Because when Dumbledore asked him “after all this time?”, Snape said “always“. There`s a reason Harry named his son Albus Severus Potter. 

And at first one might pity Snape, because he acts like a creepy and cunning man, but the more one moves towards the end, the more one realises he`s actually one of the lucky ones. Everything is not always as it seems and there`s more to people than eyes can see. Not all “mean” people (in this case Slytherins) don`t know love.