HEY GUYS! I`m done with anthropology for this semester! Imagine that? Now that I`ve finished, I realise the worst part is waiting for the result – not writing exams.

Well, how`d it go? Let me tell you. First things first: I slept about 3 hours tonight, woke up 5 to do some more revision and was out of the house 7. I reached the examination hall about an hour before, so I read like crazy while I could. 5 minutes can be very productive – just saying.

Bilderesultat for reading 5 min before exam gif

When you`re waiting for the teacher to barge in and say the exams have been cancelled – at least that`s what Dumbledore did…

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About half past eight it was time to walk in and it became more nerve-wrecking. What are the exam questions?! And will it be like last year, when they wanted us to answer 3 of 5 questions? The clock was ticking and we logged into the computers. Yeah, you heard right. I had my exam today digitally and it was 5 hours long. Lucky me, I know. Even though I`d have nothing against writing by hand.

The exam started nine o clock, and exactly at time the exam paper was available. This was me when I clicked “open the exam”..

Relatert bilde

The questions weren`t that bad, so I calmed down and tried to stay focus.

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But I`m not the kind of person who can focus 100 % for a long period of time on tests of exams, so of course I looked here and there, to know what everyone else around me was up to, haha. I handed in my answer ca. one minute before the time was over. I didn`t want to, I felt like something (=everything) was missing and this meme describes how I felt that moment…

Bilderesultat for exam funny memeSince we`re already on it – here are some more memes! Because why not? They are hilarious and way too true, haha. Do let me know if you can relate to any of these! I know I can 😉

Bilderesultat for exam funny memeRelatert bilde

Bilderesultat for exam funny meme

Relatert bilde

I think I did well today, but like always I realise there are so many things I forgot that might have been of importance. Note to myself for next semester: Waiting for the results is worse than having exams.

Oh, well. I`ve finished my exams and all I`ve got left now is that test I mentioned in last post. Hopefully I`ll pass. Wish me good luck! Vacation is just around the corner.


Okay guys, so some time ago I had this test in a course I`m taking this semester, and since I had one mistake too much, I didn`t pass. Don`t you think that was disappointing?! The teacher told us that those who dìdn`t pass the first test, have to take a second one in the beginning of Juny. Well, I got an e-mail yesterday. I`ll be taking the second test is 1st of Juny – the day after my last exam. My reaction was something like this…

Bilderesultat for oh no gif

I wish this was a joke. As if I`m not enough worried about this exam, I have to go straight to the library after the exam and revise like crazy..

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… because if I don`t pass this one, my exam paper won`t be evaluated, which means I`ll have to take this course again next semester. This one will, by the way, be harder than the one I failed.

Bilderesultat for hitting my face gifBUT if I can fail, I can also pass. I need to be positive and do my very best! It`ll be hard for some hours, but after that? I`ll be enjoying my vacation! You know what they say: No matter what happens, the sun will always come out. So I`m wishing myself and everyone else good luck on their exams! Summervacation is just around the corner, and if that`s not motivational enough, then I don`t know what is. We can do this!

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AHHH, hey guys! I`m finally done with my third exam and I really don`t want to say much about how it went, because the more I think of it, the more flaws I find, haha. “Oh, maybe I should`ve included that in my long answer, what if I fail because my answer isn`t 100 % correct?!” It goes on and on, so I`m just going to say it went okay. 😉 God knows how the cencors think, though.images (7).jpg

Anywho, how are you guys doing? And did anyone watch the second semi-final?? I didn`t, so I`m going to do that tonight. BUT first I really need to clean up my room – it was a mess yesterday and I don`t want it to remain that way, so I`m going to clean up now and then catch up on yesterday`s semi-final. Hope everyone`s enjoying this Friday – I know I`m excited about this weekend.


Hey HELLO guys!! How are you doing? Ah, I rarely stress , but if I`m stressed I`m REALLY stressed. Take today for an instance, because of the exam. I`m so glad I`ve handed it in, but I`m so insecure about it. I noticed some few stupid writing mistakes that shouldn`t really affect my grade, but God, where was my brain when I was reading through the exam? It is what it is, I can`t do anything about it now apart from pray that everything works out well. But seriously – I couldn`t even print out new examples, so I had to stick with the ones that I already had. I just hope I had enough theory and examples – that should do. Note to myself: Be a little more effective and make sure everything with the printers at home and school are okay and working because you never know!

Phew, okay. Just as I handed in the exam, I could relax. Breathe. And guess who said she prefers “home-exams”? Haha, now I`m kind of looking forward to the last two school-exams that I have – one`s already next week and I`m a little nervous, but also a little excited.



Hey, guys! How are you doing? I`m okay, just a little worried about the exam I`m writing right now, because I don`t really know where it`s going. I`ve realised that even though you think your exam is very good, the examinators don`t think the same as you. It`s kind of weird, though. I`m 19 and my exam will be judged by people who`re at least 40++ and they expect me to know how to write academically and all that, like how and why? We haven`t even really been taught how to write a proper exam – I just feel like the teachers speak in codes whenever I ask them what you should do to get an A or a B. Well well, I`m sure I`ll learn but it`s just nerve-wrecking to know you`re doing well, but it might not be good enough for the examinators. Does anyone else feel the same way about exams and the evaluation? Can`t wait to hand in this “home-exam” – afterwards I`ve got two exams left and I can focus on one at a time.

I bet some of my followers are revising too these days, because it`s that time of the year again, and are nervous/excited about exams. Good luck, everyone. Give 100 % – I know you can. 🙂 tumblr_moux9jyZQ91svc7fpo1_500



I`ve always known that I want to help people and I`ve always wanted to become a writer. And so I will. But, what else? I`ve applied for university, and today I`ll reveal what I`m going to study from next month of.

Social anthropology.

Why? I don`t have one answer to that. Some people have told me to think of jobs. I might end up jobless because of what I`ve decided to study. But, I think there`s ALWAYS  a chance for that, right? We need all kind of people whom study different things – everything from medicine to psychology to nano-technology. We need doctors and psychologists. Now I don`t know what I`m going to do with the degree(s) I`m going to end up with, as I can end up with anything and get an offer I never thought I`d get. People who have a master in history work with TV. So I`m not thinking too much of what I`m going to do later on, as a person never really knows.

I wanted to learn something that can help me become a better citizen and understand the conflicts that are going on in the society. It`ll also help me with understanding the different socities we have around the world. I had sociology & social anthropology one year in high-school, so I have a litte idea what it`s about, but I`m excited about what the future holds for me.
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Right now I`m in Germany – I arrived here yesterday and I`m going to spend the next two weeks with my family here. Sorry about not blogging much lately, but now you know why. 🙂 I hope everyone`s having a great holiday!


“What do you want to become in life?? What are your next plans?”

A typical question. It`s a question I`m used to, especially now as I`ve graduated. Many people`s answer is “I don`t know” or “I`m not sure.”

I`ve applied for university. Exactly what is something I haven`t told many, as I want to keep it to myself for now.

I think most people think of jobs and further studies when people ask them what they`re going to do after high-school. Someone wants to become a doctor, while someone else wants to become a business man or woman.

But what if my plans involve never dying? What if the first thing that pops up in my mind, isn`t a specific studyline or job. What if my answer is “I want to help people, I want to be someone to someone else.” What if I never want to die, what if I want to do something which involves telling people stories they`re perhaps never going to forget? What if I want to become who I actually want to be? What if I have plans like that? Is that alright?alone-sad-girl-waiting-someoneNow as I`ve graduated, I realise the whole big and great future is in front of me. I feel like everything was safe until now. Now I have to get out there, get a degree or even two and get a job. I need to start earning money and actually do something about myself and my life. I need to explore myself, the world and people around me. The future scares me. I don`t want to be any older than I am right now. A huge part of me wants to stay right where I am, while the other part is excited for what the future holds for me.

I think every person needs dreams that don`t involve studies or jobs and I think it`s okay to dream big. So, no matter what degree I get or what I end up studying, my wish will always be to never die. I don`t want to live in vain. I want to be someone to other people. I want to live on, even after my death.