❤️ Try to let everything that`s been happing in May and June sink in. The summer vacation began in a way I never had imagined, but then there`s so much with life that we`ve never imagined.

❤️ Begin my first job ever. Yep, this girl is going to work for the first time this summer! I`ve got a job as a phone-seller. Not the best job, I know, but it`s a start. I`m glad I`m going to gain some experience. Hopefully it`ll make it easier for me to get a job when I`m back from the Netherlands next year.

❤️ Get everything fixed when it comes to the exchange process. I still need to find out where I`m going to live, which is the biggest “worry” for me right now. I also need to sort out the learning agreement and renunciate my Pakistani nationality. AND of course book the plane tickets!

❤️ Try to sell the clothes I don`t need/use. I`m going to give the clothes that don`t get sold away to Fretex, which is a thrift shop. I`ve already sorted out 50 % of my wardrobe and it makes me happy to it much cleaner now. I think I`m going to put them on sale on an international page, but not sure yet. If you`re interested in buying cheap clothes, let me know!

❤️ Meet up with some fellow students. Well, two of them used to study social anthropology, but dropped out and joined psychology after the first year. I`m not sure if I even want to meet people during the holidays, I sort of wish I could just pack my stuff and go to the Netherlands pretty much right away. But perhaps meeting others will be good for me, even though my mind is somewhere else.

❤️ Read at least 5 books. I went to the library the other day and had told myself not to go, but how could I resist… I borrowed quite a lot of books during April/May, because I thought I`d start reading them when the holidays began. So, I borrowed three books and I can`t wait to start reading them after I finish the one I`m reading now.

❤️ Try to learn some basic Dutch. That was also another plan I had for this summer vacation. If you know about any online courses that are free and that teach basic Dutch, let me know!

❤️ Try to reply to all of your comments. I`ve been replying to comments here and there the past months, but I haven`t replied to everything and I want to. So I`ve told myself that by the end of the holidays I should of have had replied to all of you.

❤️ Wear Pakistani clothes. I wore them all the time in Pakistan and right now I feel like I`ve got a “thing” for them, so why not. It`s also summer now, so definitely appropriate too!



Check out that weather! It`s almost +20 and it`s already too much for me. And yeeeeeah, I know I applied for an exchange semester in India but I would`ve handled that… I think. That`s not happening anytime soon, but it gets me thinking. The weather here is very nice, though (when it`s windy). When I walked out of the building today, people were sitting outside on the grass, chilling. That`s when you know summer`s here. Who knows what happened to spring.

IMG_2395IMG_2396By the first, it`s beginning today, guys!! I really like Eurovision (as you perhaps can tell) and I`m so excited. I`m a little nervous on the behalf of Belarus, they better make it to the final!! IMG_2391

The book I`m reading right now – “let me come with you” by Rita Paramalingam. I`m halfway through it, and so far it`s just okay. Not a book I`m that impressed by. I had a period in which I wanted to read non-fiction books, but now I want to read fiction books. I like books that I can relate to, in one way or another. Easy to read. If you have any recommendations, do share them!

I`ve told myself to do revision for two hours before the semi-final, so I better get to that now. Hope everyone`s having an amazing day! ♥


Hellooooo, guys! Hope your weekend has been good so far! I`m not sure if I`ve had any “weekend vibes” this weekend, because I`ve spent most of this weekend cleaning up the house. Nice to have it clean, but oh, so much work!

The course at Friday went fine. I`m a “buddy” next week for some of the international students (an experienced student who helps new students), and I`m so excited to meet them tomorrow! I wonder what they think of Norway and why they chose this country. The next days are going to be busy, but hopefully very fun! Great to start the new school-year with socialization – right now I`m not looking that much forward to the seminars and lectures, haha.


Since I`m missing Amsterdam waayyyy too much, you guys will have to deal with photos from Amsterdam. 😉 Also, I haven`t been able to finish the post about Amsterdam, but hopefully it`ll be up very soon!


Good morning, guys! How are you doing this Friday? I`m pretty much “back to business” today – I`m off to school very soon. Since I`m going to be a “buddy” next week (an experienced student who helps new students), I`m going to a course today where we`re going to get all the information we need, in order to be great buddies. I`m excited, as I`m going to be a buddy for international students. I met some last year and find it so cool to get to know people from other countries and other experiences! Hopefully I`ll find someone to stay in touch with. 🙂

For days it rained here so much, that I started to understand what it must be like to live in the UK and encounter rain pretty much all the time. Not that I`m complaining – it hasn`t really been cold outside. However, it`s sunny today. I`m wearing my new skirt and new sweater, which is making me so happy. Amsterdam vibes, haha.


Summer in Amsterdam. Crazy how I`ve “already” been there and how time passes by.

I better get running now, talk to you later! Have an amazing day. ♥



Ramadan destroyes my good routines. Today I woke up 09.15 AM, but somehow fell asleep again and woke up 12.30 PM. I don`t like waking up that late at all. Let`s just say thank God it`s summer and vacation. We have some of the longest fasts in the world, as we break our fast about 22.40 now. Since there`s not that much space between Iftari (when we break our fast) and Sehri (“pre-dawn meal, the meal we have before we start our next fast) I don`t sleep between these two meals, but stay up instead. I eat Sehri early and go to bed between 1.30 and 3 AM. Also, maybe it`s just me, but even though I fast for about 20 hours, I don`t feel that hungry when I break my fast. Some people think that`s insane, but I prefer to think I`m just not the kind of person to starve (at least not yet). 😉

Apart from fasting and sleeping I`ve been reading a book about Norwegian-Pakistanis, and yesterday I started a book about anorexia. The writer is a quite well-known journalist and social activist here in Norway. She had anorexia for several years, and she shares her story. I`ve just started it, so I can`t say that much about it, apart from that it`s an impressive book written by a strong person.




Today I realised how I haven`t updated you guys for quite a while. I`ve been in Germany as you know, and I wanted to spend my time with my family. But, now I`m back in Norway. Am I happy or sad? Both, I think. It`s nice to be back to everything I know, but I enjoyed my time in Germany and I miss my family. Not to mention the cheap prices, haha.. I started missing them the second I entered the shops at the airport here. I understand that people here earn quite a lot and that everything is priced according to the payments here, but Germany`s very cheap for us Norwegians and that`s perhaps why I did a lot of shopping. But that`s another story.

This is perhaps the longest I`ve been away from Norway, which was quite nice. We went out to Frankfurt once and did a lot of shopping there. I couldn`t wait to visit Primark, which we did. I don`t get why we don`t have that shop here in Norway?? I spent a lot of time with my cousins, joking around, playing Ludo (which has become a tradition now). This is the third time I`ve been there alone and I`ve always noticed how they live their lives there in Germany and how I have my own life here in Norway. They have their own ways of doing things and their own routines. For example: Here in Norway we don`t have to buy water – we get it straight from the tap, but my family in Germany has to buy water. To me that`s not normal, so each time I`ve been there, I`ve went straight to the tap to drink water, haha. This is a little thing, but there are several things that I could`ve mentioned.

Anywho, I had a really great time in Germany. Did a lot of shopping, spent time with my cousins which made me laugh all the time. When I was in bed every night, I told myself life`s weird. There I was, lying in my cousins` room. They made a lot of noise while getting ready for bed, which I enjoyed, haha. And now? I lie all alone in my room at night and it`s so peaceful. The contrasts. I miss Germany so much – I miss hugging my cousins and I miss them being annoying, because behind their crazy behaviour there was kindness and I guess that`s what you call love.

I came back this Friday and thought everything would go like usual. I was about to pick up my baggage, but it never showed up. I asked the workers at the airport about it and they told me some of the baggage hadn`t been transported on the scheduled time. I have no idea how that`s possible, but I had to wait for the next flight from Frankfurt which was arriving in about 2 and a half hours time. So I and this other girl waited together. Thank you for being my company, girl. I have no idea what I would`ve done there alone. My brother went home as I didn`t want him to wait for that long with me. I was so happy when I finally got my baggage, but I missed the train. So I had to wait about 25 minutes for the next train. I live on a hill, so I had to drag my baggage up and God, I was so frustrated and couldn`t wait to be home, but I was also so tired and I just wasn`t fast enough, haha.

But now I`m finally home. I wish I could go back, but I`m thankful for having the opportunity to visit my family and another country. It`s going to take some time for my mind to get back on track, as I  miss Germany (that`s me in a nutshell..), but at least I`m back on track here. I hope everyone`s been having an amazing summer!! Let`s make the days that are left amazing too. 🙂


It`s summer! ♥

BeFunky Collage.jpg

A graduated Anne is blogging right now. Can you believe it? I can`t wrap my head around it. I know I graduated this Monday, but it`s still weird. Anyways. More about my graduation in another post!

Yesterday was a very great day. In the evening I went to Østmarka School to spend some time with lovely people. Going to the summer shutdown is always better, as the tenth graders graduate and it`s way more “personal” then. As it`s three years ago since my graduation, it was JK`s turn to say goodbye to his students. I loved his “speech” and I loved what the students had to say about the teachers. I hadn`t laughed as much as I did yesterday for quite a while – it was that hilarious. Thanks to all the people I met that made my day this good and thanks for all the nice comments. It`s nice to know people appreciate what I write and my voice.

This vacation started off very great and I`m excited to know what else it holds for me. Even though I can`t believe it`s summer already.