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Thank you so much to those of you who`ve shared your experiences on the post from yesterday. I`m glad I`m not alone and hopefully I`ll figure it all out. 🙂 I just need to keep believing in myself.

I mentioned “Baaghi” (the Pakistani drama serial I`ve been obsessed about lately, in case you didn`t know) and I thought “they must be thinking “why does she mention it in every post”, haha. Well, turned out I was right as someone said “what is this Baaghi, every post has it!” That`s how it is when you`re addicted, so by now you should get used to it. Anyways, what`s new? Nothing much, it`s Saturday, I`ve studied a little, went to the shops, relaxing, had a great dinner AND watched two episodes of “Baaghi”. Told ya to get used to it. 😉

Now I`m going to study a little more, and then go to bed. Hope everyone`s had a great day!



I`ve been thinking and feeling a lot today. I have some days like that, where I feel so inspired, but also sad because of everything that`s going on in the world. Everything would`ve been so much easier if we were nice to each other – it`s so simple, but somehow we`ve made it so damn complicated. And now I started thinking why some people can be mean – because we wouldn`t get stronger if there weren`t any ups and downs in life. Who knows.

Also – thank you so much for the response on the poetry from yesterday. I`ve been enjoying poems more and more lately and have been writing some too. I wrote that one late in the evening and I`m glad you liked it. I`m sure some can relate. 🙂

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Even though it`s getting colder and colder, the sun`s shining. And it`s Friday. Another thing to be happy about, in this chaos of thoughts.


Thank you for your response on the post about studying abroad. I`m still unsure, so I`ve booked a meeting with a councelor who`s hopefully going to help me out and sort things out. If you have studied abroad or know someone who`s studied abroad, do share your experiences here (link). Or if you think you know something I should know, do share that too. I need all the advices I can get!

It`s Wednesday, which I`m happy about, because that means I have no lecture or seminar tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow – tomorrow they`re airing the LAST EPISODE of “Baaghi”. I`m so sad about that. I mean, not only did I start watching it this month – I`ve fallen in love with the drama serial. Aaaah, I`m excited and sad about it ending tomorrow. Good thing I haven`t watched the first episodes!


Now I need to do some studying, blog ya tomorrow! Hope you who`re reading this, are doing okay. 🙂


Thank you so much for the nice comments on my last post. I`m lucky to have such lovely friends. I want to show people that you might not have friends today or maybe you`re lonely, but have patience and great things will happen to you. Just hang in there. Years ago, when I was being bullied and people tried to make me feel bad, it was easy for me to think “things are never going to get good again”, BUT things happened and here I am, stronger than I`ve ever been and I have some people in my life that accept me for who I am. 💞

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Today`s been okay – I had a great breakfast and then video called with Sara. So nice to see her have a good time down there. 🙂 We just had dinner now, it was pizza like usually. Now I`m going to blog a little and then I better sit down and tackle the history book. Hope everyone`s having a great weekend!



Vacation is over. It`s Monday and everything that comes along with it.  School today was okay, but I miss Germany and my family quite a lot. I miss playing Ludo with my cousins. If it was possible to do a bachelor in that game, I`d pass with full marks. I forgot what it`s like to come back from a holiday in Frankfurt. Let`s not forget the expensive prices here either… Ah, well, pros and coins with everything. At least I have my new things, which I get happy by just looking at.

Also, thank you so much for all the kindness and support I`ve been getting on my blog while I`ve been in Germany. I haven`t been replying to anything, but I`ve been reading everything and I appreciate it so much. I`m going to finish cleaning up my room and then go through your comments. 🙂 I also need to share a little more about my time in Frankfurt and show you more pictures!


My birthday was great. My brother made me a carrot cake and we ordered some pizza, which we enjoyed while watching the first Harry Potter movie. I must say I love Harry Potter, and it was amazing to re-create memories from our childhood.

But, today was great too. Perhaps even better? I spent several hours with Thea and Sara. We went to this park, where we talked, had some great food, they gave me two books (they`re A-M-A-Z-I-NG!!) and this card that I`ll keep with me forever. Really, it was so sweet and I was close to crying when I read it. Sentimental me, you know. I`m going to keep that card with me till the day I die. And even after that too. We also played “Cards Against Humanity”, which was very fun. Ah, it was a very good day. Thank you so much, sweeties. Also, I love daylight, but isn`t there something charming with the cities at night? We walked around in the park in the darkness and it was just beautiful. I need to do more of that.

Thanks to everyone whom made my birthday great. My family (especially my brother), Sara, Thea, everyone else – thank you so much. Thanks for making the first two days of 19 great. Oh, God. I`m 19. When did that happen?best-friends-bestie-besties-bff-favim-com-4059640


First of all.. I`ve blogged for one year now!! I realised that some days go, buuuut as you perhaps now, I haven`t blogged much lately. It`s hard to find the motivation to do so, when you know you have many other things to do. Being a student for the first time is hard. I`m the boss of my own days and I have to discipline myself. It`s going to take a while, but I`m sure I`ll figure it out soon. 🙂

Anyways, I can`t believe I`ve been blogging here for more than a year now?! I started this blog during my third and last year of high-school. It feels like that was a life ago. Whenever I see people who`re younger than me and “still” are in high-school, I feel like they`re living a completely different life than me. It`s still weird to not see Sara and Thea every day. I mean, I went to the same school for 3 years and no matter what – the fact is that I was used to showing up there pretty much every day. Now as I`ve joined university the routines are different, my days are different and I`m just not used to it.

I`m sorry for not blogging as much as I thought I would. I`m still getting used to my new chapter, so bear with me please. For now: Thanks a lot for hanging out with me for one year. Thanks for all the comments, the likes, thanks for the time anyone of you have spent on reading my posts. It really means a lot to me. I hope you still want to follow my journey and keep hanging out with me.. ♥tumblr_nihgkhddsq1r5bkvko1_500