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At this day and at this time last year I was standing inside the Anne Frank Huis. A dream come true, forreal. I had been waiting for years with frustration, sadness, happiness, hope, belief. I knew that I`d get there someday, but I just didn`t know when. So, when my mum told me last year we`re going, I was thrilled. I was beyond excited. It was an amazing experience and it was worth the wait. I made the most out of my visit in the Museum; spent more than two hours there. I was also very excited to finally be in the book shop. I ordered something from there a few years ago, but being there was amazing. Being in Amsterdam was amazing. It was my first time in the country and in the capital and I loved it.

Definitely going back there when I`m off to Netherlands later this year. Can`t wait to be there. Once Again.



The past few years I`ve been travelling a lot, and a lot more is yet left to do! There are so many places I want to go and the crazy part is that there are so many hidden gems out there that I don`t know about. So, here are some places I want to visit!


I went there last summer, mainly to fulfill a huuuuge dream of mine, which was to visit the Anne Frank Museum. I spent about two days in Amsterdam, so the hope now is to visit Amsterdam and have at least five days there. I want to see the canals again, take a boat, visit Utrecht, the Van Gogh Museum, visit Westerbork camp, eat a lot of croissants and of course visit the Anne Frank Museum again.



I have no particular places in India I`d like to go to, but I just want to encounter the Indian culture and see for myself what life there is like. My parents are from Pakistan and I`ve spent some time in Pakistan so I do have an idea, but India is also different in some ways. The fashion, the streets, the food, the people… Seems really fascinating! And this might sound weird, but I want to see the poverty and the struggles people are facing there. Hopefully I can help at least someone.

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Le Paris! We were planning to visit the capital of le France 2-3 years ago with my family in Germany, but the plans went out the window. I want to see the Eiffel Tower, eat a lot of croissants (who doesn`t love them), get my hands on French fashion and hopefully learn a little French. And let`s not forget Disneyland!


Sara`s been to Rome and she loves the city and the country. I`m very interested in history, so this is another destination I want to go to because of the architecture and the buildings there which bring you back to the old days, and because of the atmosphere. I have an aunt who lives in Italy, so I`d also like to visit her one day!

Bilderesultat for rome streetsBilderesultat for rome colours


I`ve been to Prague before, it`s such a harmonic and beautiful city! It`s almost six years ago since I was there, so first of all I want to visit all the places I went to then plus see more of the historical places that I still haven`t discovered. Plus, everything is so cheaper here!


I`ve heard a lot about this country. It looks beautiful. I mean, look at the markets and the deserts there? I think this would be another country with a very interesting culture.

Bilderesultat for styleconnection marokkoBilderesultat for styleconnection marokko


Another capital I went to back in 2012. I still remember walking around and looking for things I wanted to buy. What a new experience it was to be out of the country and buy things for my own. Krakow is a very beautiful city, with a lot to show. I want to visit the consentration camps again and the salt mine. I also want to do a lot of shopping here, and see the parts of Krakow that I didn`t get to see years ago!

Bilderesultat for krakow blogg.noBilderesultat for krakow blogg.no

So, that are some places I want to visit! Where would you like to go? Do you have any favourite destinations? Or maybe you have any trips booked already? I`d love to hear about them!



I don`t want this blog to become a place where I all the time tell you guys about my travel sickness, but bear with me, haha… Who doesn`t love travelling?! I keep longing for Germany.  The past years I`ve been travelling somewhere every year, mostly Germany. For now I`ll have to stay where I am, but hopefully I`ll be on a plane soon! My travel sickness wasn`t like this when I came back from Amsterdam, even though I really enjoyed my time there and it was a dream come true. I think it`s “worse” this time because after all, I spent time with my family there and it was chill. Today I called my male cousin and asked him about a song he had been listening to while I was there. I`ve already been listening to it five times, so no way I`m going to forget the time I spent there anytime soon.


I feel like I`ve been more annoyed lately, especially since I`ve been in Germany and Norway needs to learn certain things from the Germans, haha. Anyways, I thought I`d share some of the things that have been annoying me lately, as it might be fun for you guys to read!


⚡️ People on the plane. I`m not the kind of person to get annoyed by lille babies crying, because that`s just how it is. But, it annoyes me when people don`t listen to the messages from the cabin crew. When I arrived Oslo, we were told to “be seated”, and yet some had to stand up and get their baggage out, as if they were going to get out anytime sooner than the rest of us.

⚡️ Speaking of travelling – you when you`re all about to get on the plane, but there are some (many) people who just have to stand in the way, make sure their baggage is safe and put it away and spend a million years doing that and then sit down, just for the next one in the line to do the same. Some people seriously don`t seem to have the word “effectivity” in their dictionaries.

⚡️ How Norway don`t seem to handle the snow very well. It`s almost as if it`s snowing for the first time ever here. It was chaos pretty much everywhere on Tuesday, and I spent about two hours on getting home.

⚡️ This brings me to something that has been annoying me for a while – the ticket prices here. They keep increasing them, even though they`ve been saying they want to make them lower. They did that last year and here we go again. And then they expect people to leave the car at home. What a great logic.

⚡️ What to say about the collective transport`s schedule… I mean, the train here comes once a hour, apart from four hours from Monday to Friday, when it departures twice each hour. If you miss a train, you have to wait for the next one or go home and send a complain to the people who`ve decided that this is what it`s going to be like. It`s better in Oslo, but not good enough. Learn something from Germany, The Netherlands or Spain.

⚡️ I feel like this is becoming a post called “the bad things about Norway”, but trust me, that wasn`t the intention. I`ve got a last one (for now), though. The prices. I mean, I do get we have high payments here and that`s why a lot of stuff in other countries is cheap for us, but some things here are too much.. Taxi, a lot of food, clothes, tickets, books,  to mention some things. If I buy one of the syllabus books from this “cheaper” bookstore, I`ll have to pay 1127 NOK. That`s about 117 Euros or 143 American Dollars. I`d rather visit Amsterdam with that much money, thank you.

That was it for now! Now I`m going to watch some TV and have some food.



What is there not to miss about Germany? I miss my family and I miss being in their house, but there must be something else. Maybe I miss it this much because of the air there, because of the more chill weather. Maybe I miss it because I don`t live there – if I did, I would`ve had joined an university there and live my life there and not here, in Norway. Maybe it`s because of the cheap prices and how the trains go more often there. Now you might be thinking why someone would miss that. I guess the answer is that we miss everything we don`t have.

Anywho, here are some pictures from the last days I spent in Frankfurt. I stayed in Russelsheim, which is by car only a few minutes away from the airport. IMG_1942IMG_1943

I went to Russelsheim “Stadt” (centrum) two days, once with my female cousin and once with one of my male cousins. It was so fun and I bought some stuff from the different shops here.


The neighbourhood.


One of the days I had “aalo ke parathas”. They made me full very quickly, but they were quite tasty! Now I wish I had said yes to eat them the second time my aunt made them, haha…


An outfit from the day I went out with one of my cousins. Chill clothes because they ain`t got any snow.


A walk outside, in the evening. Yes to more walks like that.


The weater was quite sunny one of the days I was there, which I loved! This day we went out to visit a Pakistani family my aunt loves, and I and my cousin wore the same dress…


… while this is what met me, when I came back in Norway. What a difference.


I hope you`ve enjoyed the travel posts on my blog lately. I`m anyways going to miss writing them, but hopefully I`ll get the opportunity to get on a plane soon! Thanks to my family for giving me a great time and thanks Deutschland. I`ll see you before you know it.



Yesterday was a great day. We`ve got used to the workers coming in the morning. They`ve been making less noise yesterday and today, so it`s been easier to get some sleep after 8 o clock. Weird how you value something more when you don`t have it, though. Now as I`ve had to go out of the building to brush my teeth or have a shower I`ll value my bathroom more, haha.

IMG_1911IMG_1894IMG_1907IMG_1919 (1)

Yesterday evening was very nice. I played some rounds Ludo with my cousins. Also, I`ve started watching a Pakistani drama serial (which is based on a true story) about Qandeel Baloch, so yesterday we watched the newest episode. Before that we went out for a walk and bought some candy (they`ve got vegetarian candy in the shops here!), chocolate and drinks we could enjoy while watching. The serial is SO exciting, I can`t even. Both I and my cousins are going crazy about what`s going to happen next week.

Speaking of next week – today`s my last day here. Time passes by so fast and at this time tomorrow I`ll be in Norway. Oh, God. I`m going to miss these chill days. 


Two days ago in a post I wrote that the plan was to be in bed by 1 AM. Well… we were in bed before midnight, but spent more than two hours talking about farts (God knows how that happened), school, bullying and the terrorist attacks which happened in Norway back in 2011. While talking I heard an explosion, my cousins believed it was fire crackers (5 days too late), but a while later we saw the police not too far from our building. I wonder what happened, but hopefully everything was okay.

Anyways! We woke up around ten o clock and left the house one o clock, because a family my aunts knows had the bus pas (they share it), so we couldn`t really leave before that. We spent several hours shopping in Frankfurt, the time passed by so fast. I wish I had more time, there are toooo many shops I want to visit every time I`m in Germany. Don`t get me started on the prices once again, haha. So many things are much cheaper here, I keep being taken over surprise by the prices here, even my mum wants me to get some things from here, for her. It was raining a lot in Frankfurt, which wasn`t that of a good thing for my hair. So, I covered it with my scarf all the time, haha. What a girl gotta do to keep her hair straight.


We went to various shops and the only ones I remember the names of, are HEMA, Primark, C&N and H&M. I barely do any shopping in Norway, so it was very nice to finally get some done with my aunt and my cousins. Especially my male cousins never let me get bored, which is something I already know I`m going to miss. They`re dramatic, have these silly and weird jokes in store all the time and can hardly sit still for one minute.


Later on we went to eat at a restaurant which isn`t too far away from Primark. Our “starters” was pommes fries . All of were hungry, so it went down our throat quite fast, haha.

IMG_1811.jpgIMG_1819.jpgIMG_1822IMG_1823 (1)We ordered pizza and something called “donners” and three pizzas and ate all of it (even though we were full in the end, haha). Afterwards almost all of us had to go to the bathroom, and when my youngest cousin was in the toilet he shouted “there`s no toilet paper here!”. One of the workers came downstairs to get some and he went inside the toilet my cousin was sitting at. I hope that wasn`t too awkward for him, haha…

IMG_1840After eating, we went to do some last shopping. The shop we bought most stuff at, was Primark. They had quite a lot of great stuff, but I have a lot of clothes and this time I want to buy mostly winter clothes, as I don`t feel like I have enough sweaters and jumpers. However, I controlled myself and told myself to only buy the things I really liked, wanted and actually could imagine myself wearing.

After a lot of walking, we were thirsty so we went into this shopping mall and got ourselves something to drink. Seriously, water tastes more good when you`re really thirsty. I wish it tasted that good all the time, especially since I`m not good at drinking enough water every day. After a short break, we decided to visit some shops inside the mall. I saw a hat I`ve been wanting to buy for quite some time in “Accesorize” and we were supposed to visit the shop on our way out. Well, we ended up spending way too much time inside an electronics shop (that means my aunt did, not I) and suddenly we realised they were about to close the shops so we hurried to the shop, but it was already closed. Oh, well, hopefully I`ll find that hat somewhere else during my time here.


Nine o clock we decided to go home, but somehow we ended up at the wrong train. Fortunately we realised that early, so we got off at “Grisheim”, waited fifteen minutes for the next one, went to Frankfurt and caught the right train. We weren`t home until eleven o clock, but I don`t think anyone really minded that because we had spent some great time together in the city. We`ve done this each time I`ve been here (this is the fourth time), and it`s always been fun. IMG_1844IMG_1845

And in the very end… yesterday`s outfit! Just thought I`d show you guys, because I liked it. I`m loving my boots. I borrowed the coat from my aunt, which was very comfortable and soft.


I hope you like travel posts like these. Also, thanks a lot for the recent support. I read everything, but I`m going to reply everyone when I`m back in Norway. 🙂